Thursday, 5 March 2009


Our house has always been a pet free zone and despite much nagging from my other half and our daughter has remained that way until last September. I caved in finally when I met what were to become our new family members whilst helping my Mum to choose a pussy from the Cats Protection League. A whole family were living together with a CPL foster mum who lived locally.

My Mum choose the Grandma puss and we fell for her daughter who had just had kittens. After much discussion Mum cat and one of her kittens came to live with us and after 6 months are now very much at home and ruling the roost.

They also provide me lots of photo opportunities and so more inspiration for scrapbook pages.


Julie said...

Hi Lisa, your pet story sounds similar to mine, however it's my husband who is against the furry critters. He caved in a while ago so we now have a house bunny but I would love a dog. I love your mother's day cards, really fab I haven't started mine yet, must get a move on!

lisa said...

Hi Julie

Keep pushing for that Dog. I am a pet convert!
Thanks for stopping by and your comments are very much appreciated.