Wednesday, 19 November 2014


Morning crafters and dear WOYWW friends. Here we are at another Wednesday. The weeks are just flying aren't they?

I took my desk photo yesterday afternoon when there was some very welcome sunshine . We haven't seen that for a few weeks here in Yorkshire. Most days have been dark and dismal, typical November but not cold.

I'm working on some cards for my craft club ladies, yes it's that time again. My desk is full of stuff as always. There is a paper book tree I've been trying out and in front of that it a little wooden birdhouse I picked up for 42p. I'm planning to alter it and make it really pretty. You might also spot some decoupage amongst the debris which is the beginnings of a Christmas card. There I've said it, yes I've made a start at last.
These are the cards I'm working on, not sure what the style is called, no doubt someone out there will be able to tell me, but I decided to do a small one with just a sentiment on and a slightly larger one with a stamped and coloured design. Not everyone likes the same thing so I try to make sure they can choose what they make.

Well, that's me today. If you want to join in this lovely weekly desk hop, then pop over to see Julia HERE. 

I'll be round to have a look at what you've been up too just as soon as I've made a fresh cuppa.

Thanks for stopping by, have a great Wednesday and Happy Crafting.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014


Morning to all my WOYWW friends from a dismal Yorkshire. It's been typical November weather this week, but then it's perfect for crafting so I'm not complaining.

This was my desk as of yesterday.

We have been Nuno felting at night school and as always I never get finished, story of my life, so here I am finishing off my scarf. If you haven't heard of nuno felting, I must admit I hadn't until recently, it's wet felting fibres onto a piece of silk and we have been making a scarf. My bamboo blind isn't long enough so it's a bit fiddly to get the whole length properly felted but I think I got there in the end. I'm happy with the results anyway.

You may remember that I was prepping a hanger for my craft club ladies last week. Well, this is it finished.

Don't look too closely as it's a bit wonky and I did find that using scrapbooking card from a paper pad was too thick to roll properly so I took thinner stuff for my ladies and they did a lovely job of theirs and were very pleased with the results which makes me one happy bunny.

Well that's me today. If you want to share your desk with some lovely people then pop over to see the lovely Julia, HERE.

I will be round later to see what you've been up to so have a great Wednesday and Happy Crafting.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014


Morning lovely crafters and dear WOYWW friends. Sorry I was absent again last week. We were decorating our lounge, which is our main room and took all week to strip, paint and re wallpaper but we are all done now and it looks lovely, so I am back and raring to desk hop.

Here's my desk this morning.

I've been trying out a project to teach my craft group on Thursday evening. On my mat is a Christmas hanger I found on Pinterest. When you have to come up with new projects every fortnight and not necessarily papercraft, I don't know what I'd do without Pinterest for ideas. Anyway, I'm quite pleased with this so need to start prepping it now. You'll have to excuse the tip of my desk.....just how many pots of glue does one crafter need???????

I thought I'd also share a photo of my garden taken last Friday. You'd think it was still mid summer wouldn't you. My favourite rose has started to flower again and smells wonderful and all the bedding is still going strong, whether it will be after this week is another story. I may have to pop it all in the greenhouse to avoid the frosts that are forecast.

If you want to join in the wonderful world of WOYWW then pop over to see the lovely Julia, HERE.

Well, that's me this week. I'm off to work now so will be round to see what you've all been up too a little bit later on.

Have a great Wednesday and Happy Crafting.