Wednesday, 12 November 2014


Morning to all my WOYWW friends from a dismal Yorkshire. It's been typical November weather this week, but then it's perfect for crafting so I'm not complaining.

This was my desk as of yesterday.

We have been Nuno felting at night school and as always I never get finished, story of my life, so here I am finishing off my scarf. If you haven't heard of nuno felting, I must admit I hadn't until recently, it's wet felting fibres onto a piece of silk and we have been making a scarf. My bamboo blind isn't long enough so it's a bit fiddly to get the whole length properly felted but I think I got there in the end. I'm happy with the results anyway.

You may remember that I was prepping a hanger for my craft club ladies last week. Well, this is it finished.

Don't look too closely as it's a bit wonky and I did find that using scrapbooking card from a paper pad was too thick to roll properly so I took thinner stuff for my ladies and they did a lovely job of theirs and were very pleased with the results which makes me one happy bunny.

Well that's me today. If you want to share your desk with some lovely people then pop over to see the lovely Julia, HERE.

I will be round later to see what you've been up to so have a great Wednesday and Happy Crafting.


Annie said...

Wow. I really love the colours of your Nuno felting. Don't forget to show us when it's finished please.
Annie x # 26

RosA said...

Hi Lisa,

The felting is gorgeous! Lovely colours! I did some felting ages and I will put some pics up when I get around to it :)
Thanks for stopping by,
RosA # 1

Georgie C said...

Look at those gorgeous colours on your scarf. Hope you finish it soon.
Georgie C (46)

Robyn Oliver said...

Loving your scarf Lisa, and that hanging flower is very clever. Cheers and have a great week RobynO#30

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Your hanger is beautiful! I like that script inside the petals! Have a great week! zsuzsa @InkyDinkyDoodle #33

Lunch Lady Jan said...

You're not's been grim down south too!
Love that Nuno felting, I've never heard of that before. The colours are gorgeous, my favourites, so I love the look of it. Nice to try a different craft!
The hanger is gorgeous too but I couldn't see the wonkiness at all :-)
Hugs, LLJ 32 xx

Chrysalis said...

Yet another lovely new craft to try! The colour of your scarf is gorgeous - do show when it's finished, won't you?! Great decoration - I've been looking at them on Pinterest, and wondering whether to have a go. Happy WOYWW, Chris # 7

Karon said...

Wow - the felt creating looks amazing and your hanger is fab! TFS and have a good week.

Karon #54
Karon's Krafty Korner

voodoo vixen said...

Never heard of Nuno felting but what you have looks wonderful indeed and such a pretty colour too! Your hanging decoration looks fab, would be great using book pages you think? Annette #31

Sandy Leigh said...

Wow - it's so adorable! Wish I could do that with scrapbook paper. Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #57

Robyn said...

I love the look of nuno felting, and not all the work!
Sweet hanger too!
thanks for visiting.
robyn 6

Angela Radford said...

Hi Lisa, thanks for the visit, love the felting, gorgeous colours. I don't think the hanging looks wonky it looks great to me.
Have a good week and happy crafting, Angela x 39

Lisca Meijer said...

Your scarf is gorgeous! Are you going to keep it yourself or is it a present?
Thanks for posting a photo of the hanger. It is indeed beautiful. Well done you.
Thank you for letting me look over your shoulder,
Have a good week,

CraftygasheadZo said...

Your felting is amazing and your hanging is lush! Take care Zo xx 80

Artatag said...

Your scarf is so beautiful, those colours are awesome!
Gabriele 28

Elizabeth said...

Hi Lisa, I hadn't heard of Nuno felting either but your piece looks beautiful. Your hanging decoration is every bit as beautiful as I thought it looked last week. Have a great week. Elizabeth x #70

Shoshi said...

Oh Lisa, I really really LOVE your nuno felting! You've done a lot better than I did. I haven't finished mine yet - in fact since the end of the felt class I haven't done any more, but hope to take it up again next year. I'm so busy at the moment trying to complete my album that everything else has to take a back seat for now. Your colours and the design are just gorgeous... I'm like you, I never complete anything at the class.

I've just started my soap making classes and will be blogging about that soon.

Thanks for your lovely comment, and glad you like my Scottish pages. We've got another couple coming for a cream tea tomorrow! This is going to play havoc with my diet... Fun though!

Happy WOYWW,
Shoshi #41

Laura said...

Your felting looks stunning
Happy Thursday! (sorry I'm late)

fairy thoughts said...

Love your scarf.... I have made a lot of felt but never done the nuno I think I must it looks gorgeous
Have a good weekend

Anonymous said...

The ornament turned out lovely - great colour combo! I'm like you - I seem to go to heavier cardstock first, thinking the weight will be better for anything, but often have to scale back to a lighter weight to get the roll or curve I need. I bet your "class" appreciated the testing and the right choice for their attempt :)
Number only verification has returned so I'm jumping on it!

Happy (late again) WOYWW!
Mary Anne (2)

okienurse said...

wet felting is interesting. I went to a class last summer where they were 'felting' around a winebottle. made an interesting cover. Love the ornament. I saw a tutorial from Stampin UP! using their ornament die to make the petals and folding them. Thanks for coming and visiting my desk this week. I am so late getting around but it seems something always gets in my way of desk hopping! Have a great rest of the week. Vickie #43

Neet said...

I never Nuno'd in my life but I do know what it is and I must say your piece looks rather gorgeous. Fabulous colours. Wish there was a class near me for that kind of thing.
Glad your ladies enjoyed the hanging star you made, it is really lovely.
Hugs & Thanks for visiting me. Sorry I am so very very late - Neet xx

Mrs.D said...

Fabulous felting there, and the paper flower looks fine to me, thanks for sharing.
And thanks for visiting my page yes the tomic die is fantastic, will put up a pic of what I made with it tomorrow,
Chris #8

Sally H said...

How beautiful!