Wednesday, 5 November 2014


Morning lovely crafters and dear WOYWW friends. Sorry I was absent again last week. We were decorating our lounge, which is our main room and took all week to strip, paint and re wallpaper but we are all done now and it looks lovely, so I am back and raring to desk hop.

Here's my desk this morning.

I've been trying out a project to teach my craft group on Thursday evening. On my mat is a Christmas hanger I found on Pinterest. When you have to come up with new projects every fortnight and not necessarily papercraft, I don't know what I'd do without Pinterest for ideas. Anyway, I'm quite pleased with this so need to start prepping it now. You'll have to excuse the tip of my desk.....just how many pots of glue does one crafter need???????

I thought I'd also share a photo of my garden taken last Friday. You'd think it was still mid summer wouldn't you. My favourite rose has started to flower again and smells wonderful and all the bedding is still going strong, whether it will be after this week is another story. I may have to pop it all in the greenhouse to avoid the frosts that are forecast.

If you want to join in the wonderful world of WOYWW then pop over to see the lovely Julia, HERE.

Well, that's me this week. I'm off to work now so will be round to see what you've all been up too a little bit later on.

Have a great Wednesday and Happy Crafting.


Annie said...

Hi Lisa. I think a lot of us would be lost without Pinterest...I know I would. Love what you've been making.
Annie x # 27

sandra de said...

Hello Lisa, your garden looks stunning and I wish I could smell your rose. What did we do before Pinterest.... I spend hours look at all the pretties! Your christmas hanger is gorgeous.... Lucky class to have you as their teacher.
Sandra de @21

scrappystickyinkymess said...

Pinterest is a godsend, isn't it? Just like YouTube - I would have never learned 100 things at east had I not been able to see the whole process in action. Love the hanger - bet the craft group does too... :)

Happy WOYWW!
Mary Anne (1)

Artatag said...

A girl can never have to much glue, hehe!
Yorkshire must be a fab place to live - when I look at your flowers, beautiful!
Gabriele 30

Lunch Lady Jan said...

The garden is bonkers isn't it? I've still got peas and lettuces growing in my veg patch, though we've just had a couple of really cold nights, so I'm sure they're going to turn up their toes soon! Your pots look lovely, still going strong :-)
I love that Christmas hanger, very pretty and with enough fiddly bits to keep your class of ladies happy! Good old Pinterest eh? At least you make stuff from your Pins, I haven't done much of that yet but it's good for ideas which I distort into my own mad blend of creativity!!
Hugs, LLJ 25 xx

trisha too said...

Well I was thinking how pretty your paper flower was, until wow, the photo of the real ones!

Happy woyww to you, Lisa!
#54 this week with
painty things

Sandy Leigh said...

Well that looks like fun for your crafting group. It's funny you mentioned Pinterest - the number one reason I'm on Pinterest so much is because of all the great crafty inspiration that's on there now. I'm stitching on a reindeer pattern I found there. Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #51

Sandie said...

Who doesn't love Pinterest?! ;)
Love the papery flower and the real ones - your garden is looking lovely.

Lisca Meijer said...

What lovely flowers! The weather is crazy isn't it! I too had a second round of roses. (They have now died).
The flower on your desk looks great too. Yes, Pinterest is a mine of ideas.
Thank you for letting me look over your shoulder.
Have a good week.

pearshapedcrafting said...

Got to love Pinterest - though sometimes one thing leads to another and another!! Love what's on your desk - including the glues, can never have enough!! lol! Love how the plants are still thinking it's Summer!
Glad you liked my holiday pics - reckon I've still got about 3 more posts!!! Thanks for visiting, Chrisx 57

Elizabeth said...

Hi Lisa, I think we've all been noticing flowers when there shouldn't be any ... it's all down to climate change, of course. That flower on your desk looks gorgeous and big! I find Pinterest a constant source of inspiration too - it's cushions at this week, wonder what it will be next week. Have a wonderfully creative week. Hugs, Elizabeth x #47

Shoshi said...

What a beautiful rose, Lisa. Such a joy to be having them still, even though it's November. Your Christmas hanger is beautiful too - hope you will show us a closer photo of that soon! As for glue, I think we're all guilty of that! You need so many different ones for different purposes, don't you. You must be glad that your decorating is now finished, because it's such a major upheaval.

Many thanks for your visit and your nice comment. Getting into my ARTHaven and shutting the door is a huge relief from stress, and I get so much fulfilment and enjoyment being in there. I am so glad you like my album. I agree, "All Creatures Great and Small" was a brilliant series - they don't make 'em like that any more! I think Uncle Luke will be disappointed if he's expectiing a Fortnum's hamper from us! We certainly don't move in the same circles as Mrs. P.

Happy WOYWW and welcome back to the fold.
Shoshi #44

itsamistry said...

You can never have too many glue pots just like scissors they accumulate and like to keep each other company. Love the look of the flower. Anita - Itsamistry Design Studio #42 woyww

fairy thoughts said...

hi Lisa what did we do before pintrest?.... love that decoration on your desk
janet #16

Katie Muck said...

beautiful flowers and where do you get such long tips on your glue bottles?


Angela Radford said...

Hi Lisa, you're not the only one that has so much glue Lol! but I do find that some glues work better on certain materials than others, that's my excuse and I am sticking to it Lol!
Thanks for the visit and happy crafting, Angela x 40

My name is Cindy said...

Hi Lisa -love that rose! I spend hours on pinterest - maybe if I did that a bit less and got on with things I'd get more craft done! Great hanger and I don't envy having to come up with projects all the time! Thank you for the earlier visit and the peek at your desk this week, Cindy #38

Robyn Oliver said...

i Lisa, you do very well to come up with a project each fortnight but yes Pinterest is a great source. Lovely garden pics too. Cheers and enjoy your weekend RobynO#35, thanks for visiting

Chrysalis said...

Congratulations on getting the room done so quickly! I love Pinterest, too, but am sometimes in danger of 'ideas overload' and end up confused, with too many to choose from! The rose is gorgeous and I hope you managed to save it - the moon was so bright last night, I haven't dared look out yet (6.15am) to see the frost situation. Hugs, Chris # 7

Neet said...

Gorgeous rose Lisa and I love the flower on your desk. Looks like a giant waterlily, hope we see a close up soon.
Hugs and thanks for visiting me earlier - I am so behind this week.
Neet xx

Hettie said...

Isn't Pinterest wonderful? Just great to flick through when you are laid up and can't be bothered to do anything specific like I was last weekend!
Your garden looks great. My red Rose which I called Angela is flowering too and last year flowered on Christmas Eve, Angela's Birthday!!
As for your question as to how much glue we need...ALL OF IT!!! A girl cannot have too much glue or glitter!

okienurse said...

busy desk. I don't see an issue with the glues and glitter...mine is usually always stacked full. Love your beautiful rose. It gave us a light freeze earlier this week and now all my tomatoes are laying on the ground too green to ripen up. I wish it was summer again! Have a great week. Vickie #68

voodoo vixen said...

Pinterest and YouTube... great for inspiration and also for losing hours of my life! LOL Love that flower on the side of your desk... it is beautiful! Sorry I am so late visiting, still plugging away at the list!! Annette #18

Marit said...

One can never have enough materials, including glue ;) The weather is indeed warm so enjoy and smell the roses... it'll soon be winter! Oh, and I avoid pinterest only to have hours to create in... if I go to pinterest, I probably would hang out there all day... such an inspiring place isn't it? Happy, belated, woyww and a hug from Holland. Marit #55