Wednesday, 29 March 2017


Morning lovely WOYWW friends. Here we are at Wednesday again, where do the weeks go? It's a bit of a damp one here in Yorkshire this morning but after the gorgeous weekend, I'm not complaining. I hope any WOYWWer's who are in Queensland have come through that awful storm safe and sound.

Here's my desk this morning.

 A bit of a mess after a crafting session yesterday. I just finished and walked away, which is unusual for me as I like to tidy up between projects. I guess that'll be the first job today. I was asked to make a leaving card for a lady at work and was just finishing it off with some ink and gilding wax last night, listening to some music. I escape for an hour every evening while my other half has his daily dose of Star Trek after tea!!

This is the finished card

I found so many half done things during my recent craft room spring clean and am determined to finish some of them now I have a bit more time. This was the first one that finally got completed last weekend. A little felt cushion I did as a Craft Club project last year. It now sits on our bed, a much better place than in bits in a drawer. One down, many more to go!!

 Well, that's me this week. If you want to share your desk with us, then pop over to see Julia at WOYWW Headquarters, HERE.

Enjoy your Wedensday and Happy Crafting!

Wednesday, 22 March 2017


Morning lovely WOYWWers from a chilly Yorkshire this morning. What happened to Spring? We had four seasons in one day yesterday, snow, hail, wind and brilliant sunshine!!!

Anyway, it's just grey and cold this morning so here's my desk.

I am in the middle of making Easter cards. Nor something I used to do but after someone pointed out that although I don't send them, plenty do, it's now one of my busiest times. I sold all the ones I've made up to now and have an order for 4 more so it's keeping me busy. As you can see lots of cutting out happening.

Here's one I made yesterday.

Along with my Mother's Day cards

I had a snazzy new camera for Christmas and have had little chance to try it out so I took it in the garden yesterday when the sun was out to capture the cheerful colour that is appearing.

The happy Tete a Tete daffodils nodding their heads in the wind.

My white Camellia for once unblemished by frost and turning brown. It was looking lovely but that might not be the case after the cold night we've just had.

Tibby was keeping a eye on what I was up too and enjoying the fresh air.

Well, that's me this week. If you want to share your crafty desk with us, then pop over to see Julia at WOYWW headquarters HERE.

I have a morning of appointments with my Mum so hopefully will be round to see what you've been up to this afternoon.

Have a great Wednesday and Happy Crafting!

Wednesday, 15 March 2017


Morning dear WOYWW friends. I hope I find you well this Wednesday. It's a lovely morning here in Yorkshire. Spring is definitely in the air.

Here's my desk this morning.

At last I have managed to do a bit of something crafty. I have long wanted to have a go at art journalling and saw many pages being created on your desks last week so it kick started me into having a go. It's definitely a work in progress but it's been fun learning what works and what doesn't. I have done a double page and like one side but not the other, but hey, that's the whole point of playing isn't it?

Someone asked last week what the green jar is on my desk. It's my water jar that has had powertex put on it and then painted.

Well, that's me this week. If you want to join in with our WOYWW desk hop, then pop over to see Julia, HERE.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Crafting!

Wednesday, 8 March 2017


Morning dear WOYWW friends. It's so good to be joining in with you today. I've missed my Wednesday desk hop and keeping in touch with you deskers. I've been working full time since Christmas and so had little or no crafty time and so nothing to share with you but things are back to normal now, back to part time, which is lovely and means I've got time to craft and to desk hop again.

Saying all that, there's not much to show on my desk this morning, apart from the new Shabby Chic papers from Sara Davies. I couldn't resist them, they are gorgeous. I've left them to have a play with later..

I decided to have a Spring Clean, not that you can see much sign of it, but believe me, the fact that you can see the floor is huge!!!

I still have a bit to do, but moved on to the rest of the house. We have cleared so much rubbish from the loft, cupboards and under beds, it's unbelievable. I am determined to hoard no more!!

So that's me today, short and sweet. Hopefully, next week I'll have some actual craft to share with you too, so I'm going to get a fresh cup of tea and then come round to see what you've all been up too.

If you fancy sharing your desk with some like minded people, then pop over to see Julia HERE.

Have a great Wednesday and Happy Crafting!