Wednesday, 2 September 2015


Morning dear WOYWW friends. Wow, I can't believe it's been so long since I last posted anything. I hope there's still someone out there!!!!!!!

The summer holidays seem to have taken over, I can't believe they've flown by so quickly. We seem to have been very busy.

Anyway, I've managed to snap my desk this morning so I thought I'd share it with you at long last.

I'm in a painting frenzy having started out on a little new venture. I'm not going to say too much at the minute but I'll let you know how it goes, if it does!!!
I'm in the middle of altering a really old stool that my MIL was going to throw away. My lovely hubby base coated it for me and once I've painted it I will varnish it to protect it. I'm thinking it might make a good place to put a cup of coffee as it's quite a good height.

Here's a close up of the top which I've finished but I've still got the sides to do. A job for this afternoon hopefully.

We also had a fantastic holiday in Northumberland a few weeks ago. The weather was really kind and we totally fell in love with the area, exploring lots of castles and the fantastic beaches, there was a lots of kite flying and sandcastle building going on, well you're never to old are you?
Here are just a few photos.

                                                    Bamburgh Castle
                                                    Lindisfarne Castle
                                      And a beautiful beach with hardly anyone on it.

Well, that's me this week, if you want to share your crafty space with us then pop over to see the lovely Julia, HERE.

I'll be round for a catch up as soon as I've made a fresh cup of coffee so in the meantime, enjoy your Wednesday and Happy Crafting.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015


Morning dear WOYWW friends. It's been a while but I'm back again amongst you lovely people. It's the first day of the summer hols here and guess what? Yep, it's raining, just typical.

Nothing much on my desk today.

I had a big clean up after my last DT session and now just have the bits and pieces I've been getting ready for my craft club tomorrow. We are going to do some shaving foam marbling. Trying to find shaving foam has been interesting, but then yesterday I found 3 cans and at the same time my hubby texted to say he'd got 2, so I have plenty now thank goodness.

Just to prove I have been busy while I've been absent from the desks, here's a canvas I made for my last DT work. Yes, I know it's Christmas but I really enjoyed making it and I don't think it screams the festive season too much.

Apart from that, there isn't much going on crafty wise. The garden needs some attention when the weather allows and so does the house so the 6 weeks are going to fly I think.

If you want to share your desk with us then pop over to see the lovely Julia, HERE.

I'll be round in a bit to see what you've all been up to whilst I've been away so enjoy your Wednesday and Happy Crafting!

Wednesday, 24 June 2015


Morning dear WOYWW friends. Sorry I've been missing in action for a couple of weeks, I've been locked in my craft room amongst Christmas samples. Can you believe it in JUNE!!!!!! Anyway, I have now emerged back into the sunshine ready to share my desk with you all again.

Here is my desk as of last night. I have the day off today so hopefully I'll be back up there very soon to carry on with some painty fun.

I was watching some folk painting on the tv over the weekend and wanted to have a go. Can you see my practise sheet of card? Thankfully, I chose a wooden heart to paint so I had chance to sand it back and re do it to cover up the mistakes!!!!
This is the result.

I also had a lovely surprise last night when my daughter presented me with this fantastic miniature dress, shoes and handbag she'd made out of paper. Her Grandma bought her a book which has dress patterns in and it shows her how to piece them together as you would following a proper dressmaking pattern. Isn't it amazing?

Well that's me this week. If you want to share what's on your desk with us then pop over to see the lovely Julia, HERE.

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your Wednesday and Happy Crafting!

Monday, 22 June 2015

Don't Mention Christmas!!!

Afternoon lovely crafty friends. What has happened to our summer?? It's been another chilly, damp day here in Yorkshire but I've been playing in my craft room so I can't complain really.

Anyway, I just popped by today to let you know that the very talented Sheena Douglass is back on your screens on C&C this Thursday with a Christmas One Day Wonder. Yes, I know it's only June but you know what it's like in the Craft Industry. The glitter comes out every year around this time.

I thought I'd share a sneaky peek with you that isn't all snow and sleigh bells. This is my favourite stamp plate from all the sets being launched and I love that you can really play with the colours.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Crafting!

Monday, 8 June 2015

All A Shimmer

Evening dear Crafters. I hope you've had a lovely weekend. The weather here was lovely if a bit windy!!!!

I've just popped by to let you know Sheena Douglass is back on your telebox tomorrow at 8am and 3pm and she has the gorgeous Dyna paints back in stock.

Here is just a peek at how lovely they are, especially on black card. I teamed up the stamps with some of the stencils too to give a real fantasy look.

Right, I have a pile of ironing waiting so thanks for stopping by and Happy Crafting!!

Wednesday, 3 June 2015


Morning dear WOYWW friends. Well, what a lovely week it's been with happy post falling through the letterbox, much better than bills anyday. I'll share the lovely ATC's I've received in a minute, but first things first, here's my desk as of yesterday evening.

Some Brusho experimentation after seeing the fab article by Kay Carley in this month's Craft Stamper mag. I've still got some bits I want to add to these but as DT work has taken over my craft room again it might be a while before I can get back to them. I ended up spraying water all over the magazine so it looks well used now, even though I've only had it a few days!!!!

Now, back to those ATC's. Here's my lovely crop.

Thanks so much to Angela, Annie, Twiglet, Diane, Sam, LLJ and Sandra De. Aren't they all lovely?

I was also thrilled to receive an original watercolour pear from Sandra all the way from Sydney, Australia, which I will treasure.


 Well, that's me today. If you want to share your desk with us then pop over to see the lovely Julia, HERE.

I shall be round to see what you've been up to later after work, so in the meantime, enjoy your Wednesday and Happy Crafting.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

WOYWW 312-Happy 6th Birthday

Morning dear WOYWW friends. I hope I find you well this Wednesday. What an exciting Wednesday it is too, being the 6th Anniversary of this wonderful place that is WOYWW. Thank you Julia for making it all possible. I have met some amazing friends on our weekly desk ramble.  ATC swap week too. Some of mine are already winging their way overseas already but the others will be sent out today. If anyone else wants to swap with me then please don't hesitate to get in touch at with your snail mail addy.

Well, the weather has been so glorious here in The Craft Garden this week that I have no indoor desk to show, instead there are two outdoor ones.

This one shows the most important things when I'm pottering outside, my gardening gloves, fab new ones that actually fit, are comfy and best still are so thick they should stop my hands getting dirty for a good few years. Love the colour too. cuppa in my favourite mug.

And my second desk....It's half term this week and my DD got a set of watercolour paints for her birthday recently, so we have been having a play together in the sunshine with the help of youtube!!!   I am a complete novice and often admire other attempts around the desks each week but by just taking baby steps I have completed my first picture. It's very simple but at least you can tell what it is, so I'm happy with it.

Well, that's me this week so if you you want to share what you've got on your desk then pop over to see the lovely Julia, HERE. 

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Crafting!!

Wednesday, 20 May 2015


Afternoon dear WOYWW friends. Well, it's a lovely day here in Yorkshire after a very unsettled start to the week. Hopefully, the sunshine will stay for the Bank Holiday weekend.

Here is my desk as of yesterday afternoon. It hasn't changed since as I've been out earning a crust this morning but I'm off back up there after lunch so I thought I'd just pop by to share it with you first.

I'm in the middle of some DT work, nothing secretive, so I can show you. Lots of paint tubes everywhere and a glass of healthy orange juice!! Oh and yes, Sandra, my ornament is a Willow Tree lady. Isn't she lovely?

My craft room faces where the weather comes from most of the time, always a distraction, but then it doesn't take much and the clouds were amazing yesterday. Isn't nature beautiful?

Well, short and sweet from me today. If you want to share your desk with lots of like minded people, then pop over to see the lovely Julia, HERE.

Thanks for popping by and enjoy the rest of your Wednesday.

Happy Crafting!

Wednesday, 13 May 2015


Morning dear WOYWW friends. If it's Wednesday it must be time to share a desk with you again so here's mine as of yesterday afternoon. Nothing much to show as I'm in the middle of making something small and secret if you get my drift. I've hidden them from view so my desk looks remarkably tidy for once.

Just look at that sunshine though!!

When I'm not at my desk I'm in my garden so here's my other desk at this time of greenhouse, bursting with things just waiting for the weather to warm up a little. We are still getting frosts here regularly at night so I can't risk putting anything out just yet.

The garden is looking lovely though, so much is flowering and on the verge of bursting into flower. I love spring.

If you'd like to share your desk too, then pop over to see the lovely Julia, HERE.

Right, I'm off to work now so I'll be round later to see what you've all been up too. By the way, if you'd like to swap ATC'S with me to celebrate WOYWW's birthday, please send me an email with your address and I'll get one off to you.

Happy Crafting!!

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

I'm a Plantaholic and Proud Of It!

Afternoon dear crafty friends. I hope I find you well this breezy Tuesday afternoon.

I had a lovely day out with my Mum yesterday plant shopping, my favourite kind. You can keep your shoes and handbags, just give me plants and crafty stash and I'm a happy girl. I now have some lovely new additions for my garden, but I've no idea where I'm going to find space to put them....oh well, it's a nice problem to have.

Thank you for all your lovely comments lately, I really do appreciate them, especially as I've been such a poor blogger lately. I'm surprised you still remember me but I'm mighty glad you do.

As I'm in a flower mood and really enjoyed making this last batch of cards for Sheena I thought I'd share a few more with you.

Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday and Happy Crafting!!