Wednesday, 25 November 2015


Morning dear WOYWW friends. Can you believe that it's Wednesday again? I shall be all confused this week as I'm working different days so excuse me if I'm slow visiting you but I will get there!!

Anyway, here is my desk this morning.

I decided last night whilst Hubby was watching his nightly dose of Star Trek....don't ask....that I'd go and have a play in my craft room but I didn't want to start anything messy so decided to do some colouring with my pencils, something I need some practise at. This then lead to organising my pencil tins into colour order and then I decided to do colour swatches for each tin, so not much colouring got done but I enjoyed myself immensely. Probably says a lot doesn't it?  Talk about OCD!!!!

I did do a bit of colouring and have done a bit more this morning but now I need to go to work!!!

You can also spot my guilty pleasure, I love Country music and it's always my choice of listening when crafting. I sing very loudly, not pretty! What music do you listen too?

Last week some of you spotted some painted hearts I had on my desk. Well, they've found themselves on cards now and here is the result.

I was just about to post this and looked out of the window and wow, just look at the sunrise this morning!

So, that's me this week. If you want to share your desk with the world then pop over to see the lovely Julia, HERE.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends.

Enjoy your Wednesday and Happy Crafting!!

Wednesday, 18 November 2015


Morning dear WOYWW friends. I hope you are keeping well this Wednesday morning. It's certainly been a wild week of weather here in Yorkshire, but today, although windy seems a little drier thank goodness.

Here's my desk yesterday afternoon. It was only about 2.30pm but I needed to have the light on it was such a dismal day.

I'm starting to make some Christmas presents, well it has to be done doesn't it?!! I made some coasters a while a go as a DT sample and had so many comments about them I decided to make them as presents so I'm just starting to cover some coasters I bought recently ready for painting.

This is what they should look like once finished.

Now back to the wild weather. We live not far from the River Wharfe which is usually very pretty but this is what it looked like on Sunday morning.

I had walked down the path that normally runs along that fence in the top photo the day before, but would need a snorkel on Sunday. Thankfully, it's all back to normal now although DD got a day off school on Monday as the road to the school was still flooded on Sunday night.

I hope where ever you are you are safe and sound and if you want to share your desk with us then pop over to see the lovely Julia, HERE.

Enjoy your Wednesday and Happy Crafting!

Thursday, 12 November 2015

A Floral Sneeky Peek

Afternoon lovely crafty friends. Two posts in two days, now there's a novelty!!!!!

I've just come in from the garden as the rain has finally stopped and I've managed to get outside for an hour or two, pure bliss, so I thought I'd give you a sneaky peek of some gorgeous new flower dies and matching stamps that the very talented Sheena Douglass is launching as a 4DD on Create and Craft next Monday at 9am.

Being a flower nut, these have been a complete joy to work with.

I've painted the flowers with H20's but the background is Spiced Marmalade and Dusty Concord Distress Inks that have been faux bleached.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Crafting!   

Wednesday, 11 November 2015


Morning dear WOYWWer's. Sorry I've been absent for a couple of weeks. Firstly it was half term and we were out and about and then last week I was locked away with lots of DT work but I'm free now and glad to be back amongst you all again, especially as it's such a  special day being Armistice Day. I carry a poppy with me all year round on my key ring. I think it's important to remember all the time, not just once a year, but I always feel 11th November is a special day.

Well, here's my desk this morning.

Not very interesting really.  I'm prepping for my Craft Club on Thursday night. This week we are making a box card and I am in the middle of cutting all the bits out and putting them in packs. It makes it easier on the night and hopefully means everyone has enough time to complete their project, although we often over run our two hours, perhaps we need to do more crafting and less chatting!!!!

This is what they should send up with.

While I've been off doing other things I was truly surprised and delighted to be the winner of LLJ's old bag draw and here it is in all it's glory.

I love it and it's going to be very useful to put all my shopping in now that we don't get bags with any shopping any more. I've always taken bags food shopping but I hadn't realised that one carrier is not enough when clothes shopping, lol.

Thanks so much Jan, you are very kind.

Well, that's me this week. If you want to share your desk with us then pop over to see the lovely Julia, HERE.

Happy a great Wednesday and Happy Crafting!

Wednesday, 21 October 2015


Morning dear WOYWW friends. I hope you are well this damp Wednesday morning.I so enjoyed being back amongst you all last week that I think I visited every desk (almost) last week which has to be a first for me. I aim to continue the good work this week.

So, here is my desk yesterday afternoon, it hasn't changed since.

Please excuse the toothbrush charging!!!! I have been playing with some Christmas ideas but haven't got very far as I'm now back to some DT work so it's a case of "hold that idea" until I can get back to it. I love that Christmas paper, it's so nice it's hard to cut into.

Just to give you another view, this is the view from where I sit at my desk. This cabinet contains all my loose 12x12 paper but as you can see there is much more piled on top including my bin, can you spot a theme here.

Lastly, Jan shared a beautiful photo of her Kaffir Lillies last week, which are one of my favourite flowers at this time of year. They flower forever. As well as the red ones, I have these beautiful pale pink ones.

And while I was out with my camera yesterday afternoon I snapped these beauties especially for Sandra who has been painting violets. I discovered the little perennial violas this year. These have flowered their heads off non stop since I bought them in March and their scent is amazing. I hope to add to my collection next year.

Well that's me this week. If you want to share your crafty space, then pop over to see the lovely Julia, HERE.

Have a lovely Wednesday and Happy Crafting.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015


Hello dear WOYWW friends. Yes, I know, it's been an age again. I didn't realise how long until I started receiving emails from desker friends checking if I was still here. I have been having a little break from my DT duties and have been enjoying playing in my garden and just crafting for myself so I've been loathed to waste my precious time on the computer and believe me I can lose hours when I log on!!!!!!! Does that make sense?

Anyway, you came by to see a desk and a desk you shall have.

I took this yesterday afternoon. I've got a couple of requests for cards that I needed to get done and I have been giving my cuttlebug a thorough work out. I don't know what I'd do without my trusty 'bug! I'm in the middle of a baby card here and this is how it turned out.

Just to show you how small my crafty space is and how full it is, I turned round and took a photo of the space looking the other way.

One day I will disappear under it all when all the piles piled on top of other piles all topple's only a matter of time. One day I will have a revamp and try to improve the storage I have. The daft thing is I know where everything is.

Well, that's me this week. I look forward to seeing what you've all been up too while I've been away.

If you want to share your desk with a lot of like minded people, then pop over to see the Desk Headmistress, the lovely, Julia, HERE.  

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Crafting!

Wednesday, 2 September 2015


Morning dear WOYWW friends. Wow, I can't believe it's been so long since I last posted anything. I hope there's still someone out there!!!!!!!

The summer holidays seem to have taken over, I can't believe they've flown by so quickly. We seem to have been very busy.

Anyway, I've managed to snap my desk this morning so I thought I'd share it with you at long last.

I'm in a painting frenzy having started out on a little new venture. I'm not going to say too much at the minute but I'll let you know how it goes, if it does!!!
I'm in the middle of altering a really old stool that my MIL was going to throw away. My lovely hubby base coated it for me and once I've painted it I will varnish it to protect it. I'm thinking it might make a good place to put a cup of coffee as it's quite a good height.

Here's a close up of the top which I've finished but I've still got the sides to do. A job for this afternoon hopefully.

We also had a fantastic holiday in Northumberland a few weeks ago. The weather was really kind and we totally fell in love with the area, exploring lots of castles and the fantastic beaches, there was a lots of kite flying and sandcastle building going on, well you're never to old are you?
Here are just a few photos.

                                                    Bamburgh Castle
                                                    Lindisfarne Castle
                                      And a beautiful beach with hardly anyone on it.

Well, that's me this week, if you want to share your crafty space with us then pop over to see the lovely Julia, HERE.

I'll be round for a catch up as soon as I've made a fresh cup of coffee so in the meantime, enjoy your Wednesday and Happy Crafting.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015


Morning dear WOYWW friends. It's been a while but I'm back again amongst you lovely people. It's the first day of the summer hols here and guess what? Yep, it's raining, just typical.

Nothing much on my desk today.

I had a big clean up after my last DT session and now just have the bits and pieces I've been getting ready for my craft club tomorrow. We are going to do some shaving foam marbling. Trying to find shaving foam has been interesting, but then yesterday I found 3 cans and at the same time my hubby texted to say he'd got 2, so I have plenty now thank goodness.

Just to prove I have been busy while I've been absent from the desks, here's a canvas I made for my last DT work. Yes, I know it's Christmas but I really enjoyed making it and I don't think it screams the festive season too much.

Apart from that, there isn't much going on crafty wise. The garden needs some attention when the weather allows and so does the house so the 6 weeks are going to fly I think.

If you want to share your desk with us then pop over to see the lovely Julia, HERE.

I'll be round in a bit to see what you've all been up to whilst I've been away so enjoy your Wednesday and Happy Crafting!

Wednesday, 24 June 2015


Morning dear WOYWW friends. Sorry I've been missing in action for a couple of weeks, I've been locked in my craft room amongst Christmas samples. Can you believe it in JUNE!!!!!! Anyway, I have now emerged back into the sunshine ready to share my desk with you all again.

Here is my desk as of last night. I have the day off today so hopefully I'll be back up there very soon to carry on with some painty fun.

I was watching some folk painting on the tv over the weekend and wanted to have a go. Can you see my practise sheet of card? Thankfully, I chose a wooden heart to paint so I had chance to sand it back and re do it to cover up the mistakes!!!!
This is the result.

I also had a lovely surprise last night when my daughter presented me with this fantastic miniature dress, shoes and handbag she'd made out of paper. Her Grandma bought her a book which has dress patterns in and it shows her how to piece them together as you would following a proper dressmaking pattern. Isn't it amazing?

Well that's me this week. If you want to share what's on your desk with us then pop over to see the lovely Julia, HERE.

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your Wednesday and Happy Crafting!

Monday, 22 June 2015

Don't Mention Christmas!!!

Afternoon lovely crafty friends. What has happened to our summer?? It's been another chilly, damp day here in Yorkshire but I've been playing in my craft room so I can't complain really.

Anyway, I just popped by today to let you know that the very talented Sheena Douglass is back on your screens on C&C this Thursday with a Christmas One Day Wonder. Yes, I know it's only June but you know what it's like in the Craft Industry. The glitter comes out every year around this time.

I thought I'd share a sneaky peek with you that isn't all snow and sleigh bells. This is my favourite stamp plate from all the sets being launched and I love that you can really play with the colours.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Crafting!