Wednesday, 6 May 2020


Morning Gentle Deskers from a very sunny Yorkshire. I hope I find you well this Wednesday morning. I don't know where the weeks are going. Despite not having much of a routine they are just flying by, that must be a good sign, the sunny weather helps. I hope you are not struggling too much. Personally, I think this might be the easy bit, what comes next will be much harder and more scary. I've been into school for a few days these past couple of weeks to get things ready for the little new starters in September and you realise how things are going to have to change in schools, even down to the everyday things such as dinner time and sticking a plaster on a bumped knee.

Anyway, that is for another day. Here is my desk today.

I am still on with my journal. A bit behind, when the sun shines I'm outside so not crafting. This page is the day we fetched DD home from Uni with all her stuff.

I also have several other desks today, well why be content with just one!!!!!

On the dining table my sewing machine is set up for face covering production. I have several orders from family and work colleagues and have been waiting for a delivery of elastic, which arrived yesterday, so it's all systems go now. I have lots of pretty fabric, don't look at the boxes of chocolate, they're just a figment of your imagination!!!!

And here's my outside desk. This is very much a WIP. I'm sowing very old seeds with the hope that some might germinate as I hadn't got round to buying many new packets when the garden centres shut. I take the attitude that if I get one to come through, that's one plant I wouldn't have otherwise. It's quite rewarding. I did buy the tomato plant though.

And just to finish, I have also been having a go at painting. I'm very much a beginner but really enjoy having a play. This little puffin was fun and I like the colours.

Well that's me today, if you want to join in with this lovely desk hop each week, pop over to see Julia at WOYWW headquarters and join up.

Enjoy your Wednesday, Happy Crafting and Take Care.

Wednesday, 22 April 2020


Morning gentle deskers. I hope I find you well and happy this beautiful Wednesday morning. Here we are going through week 5 of staying home and staying safe and I have to say, thanks to the amazing weather, I'm quite enjoying it now. As long as I can get in the garden and feel some sunshine I'm a happy bunny. I think a lot of this has to do with the awfully stressful 6 months I had previous to lockdown and to have the outside world removed for awhile is what I needed.

Anyway, here's my desk today.

I've been doing some scrapbooking, something I love to do and don't always find the time normally. This is my second page in a week of our trip to London last year for DD's 18th birthday.

I've still been taking photos during the week of things we have been doing to put in my lockdown journal.

We planted some lettuce, pea and carrot seeds. I even managed to persuade DD to leave her tablet for an afternoon to help.

I made a Simnel cake for Easter, For once I was organsied and had bought marzipan weeks ago.

And these Thalia daffodils came from my Mum's balcony and have been flowering for weeks. They are beautiful and I remember her every time I look at them.

Well, that's me this week. If you want to share your desk with a group of lovely people then pop over to see Julia at WOYWW. 

Happy Crafting and Stay Safe

Wednesday, 1 April 2020


Morning gentle deskers and Happy 1st of April. I hope I find you well, staying safe and getting used to this strange life we are leading now.

Here's my desk this morning.

It's now become my work desk in the morning as Hubby is at home too for part of the week and is using the dining table so I've retreated to my craft room. Although school is still open, there are only about 3 children in each day so the office has been closed and our office manager and I are both working from home. I'm looking after our website. The parents are sending photos of what the children are up to during their home learning so I am putting them onto the website everyday so that they can see each other. It's a lovely job to have. I'm enjoying it.

The days are going by well and I've only managed one afternoon of crafting so far. We've tried making some bread and have caught up on a few jobs and I was in the garden last week in that lovely weather.

I did manage to finish my mop up piece I was working on the other week though. Here he is.

My secret weakness are the AALL and Create stamps. I just love them and intend to really have a play with them during this lockdown.

Just to give you a smile today here's our cat, Tibby chasing bumblebees in the garden and also enjoying sitting in the back of my t-towel drawer in the kitchen. Why do they do this?

Well that's me today. Don't forget to share your desk with us over at WOYWW headquarters.

Take care and Happy Crafting!


Wednesday, 25 March 2020


Morning gentle deskers. I hope I find you well, staying at home or social distancing if you are one of the amazing key workers looking after us all in this strange days. Although I work in a school, which is open, I do part time admin in the office, not teaching so nothing essential and therefore I'm staying at home. The teachers are in 2 per day looking after the few children now coming to school and doing fun things. I have found out today though that our Office Manager is staying home from tomorrow so I may need to go in and answer phones and send in the attendance stuff, I'm just waiting to hear.

Here is my desk very early this morning. I haven't been near it since Sunday so it's a bit of mess as things have just been dumped amongst the bits and pieces that I was doing on Saturday.

The pieces from last week's WOYWW are there, no further than they were and my journal is the WIP I was working on. I intended to do a layout for each month and this was January. With the way things have changed in just a week though I'm now going to do a daily diary taking some photos each day with what's going on and what is good about the day. We are living through history at the moment and it'll be done for GSCE no doubt in 50 years time.

So here are my photos from yesterday.

Washing drying outside.....DD came home from Uni on Sunday with all her stuff so I have mountains of washing but it's so good to have her home I don't care.

A make my T Bags last as long as possible. I got 3 mugs out of one bag yesterday morning.

And the first new blossom on the cherry tree.

Well that's me today. If you want to join in with this lovely, friendly bunch of Deskers, then pop over to see Julia, at a safe distance of course, and join up HERE.

Stay Safe and Happy Crafting

Wednesday, 18 March 2020


Morning gentle Crafters. I hope you are staying healthy and looking after each other in these strange times we find ourselves living in.

I have a Training Day today, something we usually look forward to but not knowing how long school will stay open for, going to work feels a bit of a luxury at the minute and the kids are such a joy they make you smile when there isn't much joy about. Watching them washing their hands on mass is amazing. They do it without being told now.

Anyway, here's my desk this morning, well it's the dining table.

I was having a play with a gelli plate and some Lavinia stamps I had for Christmas and was using a piece of card to clean my brayer on. I liked the scrap so much I decided to make something with it using some new AALL and Create stamps. It's still a work in progress, I've got some bits and pieces cut out to add. It might be finished by next week.

These are the pieces I made with the Lavinia stamps, waiting to be made into cards.

Well, that's me this week. If you want to share you desk with some lovely people then pop over to see Julia at WOYWW headquarters HERE.  It's a lovely way to keep in touch with people  now we have to keep ourselves apart.

Look after yourselves and stay well.

Wednesday, 4 March 2020


Afternoon lovely deskers. I'm a bit late to the party today but at least I'm here and what a lovely sunny day it is. Maybe Spring is just round the corner.

Here's my desk today.

A bit of a mess I know but I'm in the middle of a marathon card making session. My stocks are seriously low so it's all go at the minute.

I did manage a bit of a play at the weekend though. Hubby gave me a piece of hardboard he didn't want so I had a play with some Stamperia rice paper, which I've had for ages. The lady is also on rice paper, but I wanted to keep the original so this is a traced image that I then painted. I had no idea she would end up with blue hair, but I like it.

We've had so many different seasons over the last couple of weeks. The river flooded the immediate area, which is mostly just a play park but was impressive.

And then we woke up to a covering a snow, which was a surprise. It didn't last too long but caused a bit of rush hour disruption.

Well, that's me today. If you want to share your desk, then pop over to WOYWW headquarters and see what it's all about.

Happy Crafting

Wednesday, 19 February 2020


Morning dear Deskers. It's been awhile but I'm slipping quietly back amongst you and it's really lovely to be here.

My thoughts go out to all those who are caught up in these dreadful floods and I hope you are all safe and dry today.

It's been a roller coaster of a couple of years here in The Craft Garden. I started working full time 12 months ago along with caring for my Mum, our darling daughter when off to Edgehill University near Liverpool in September, a day I had been dreading for a long time, but she is having an amazing time and loves it, thank goodness but I do miss her.  Then sadly my poor Mum passed away in December after a short illness. Since then I have been caught up in paperwork and clearing her house, along with work, which doesn't leave much time for anything but it keeps me busy which is what I need at the minute.

However, drum roll please, now it's Half Term, I actually have a desk to share with you.

My hubby bought me the Elizabeth Crafts planner and some dies for Christmas and it's perfect. I don't have a lot of time at the minute but this is small enough to enable me to get creative and also scrapbook at the same time but quickly. I made 3 sets of pages over the weekend.

This is the page I'm on today, I took some old photos off my phone that I'd forgotten about. I can't even remember when I took these.

And this is the one before it. We went to visit DD last weekend, it's a good excuse for a weekend away, and she took us into Liverpool on the train. I hadn't been before and although the city is much like any other, I did like the dock area. It was blowing a gale but sun was out.

Well, that's me today. I am looking forward very much to catching up with you all and seeing what you've been up to.

By the way, I've just noticed that it's exactly 100 WOYWW weeks since I last joined it....that must be a sign. I am determined to be here every week again from now on. Make sure you visit Julia at WOYWW headquarters and join in too.

Happy Crafting   

Wednesday, 21 March 2018


Morning lovely WOYWW friends. I hope I find you well this Wednesday morning. At least the sun is shining and the snow has gone again here.

Here's my desk as of yesterday.

It's been a bit chilly in my craft room so I'm back on the dining table in the warm and doing some scrapbooking. I took this photo of my DD during the first cold spell when she helped me walk through the snow to do my Mum's shopping and I liked it so much it just needed to be scrapped. I'm just procrastinating on what to put as a title. Always the bit I struggle with as it needs to be right.

Here's the finished page so you can see what I settled on!!

Well, that's about it for this week. I just thought I'd leave you with another picture of the snow, this time from last Sunday when we braved the cold to go for a walk and take some photos.

Let's hope that's the last of it for this winter. I'm desperate for some warm spring weather now!

If you want to share your desk with us this week, then pop over to see Julia and join up with WOYWW.

Right, I'm off to make a cuppa and then I'll be round to see what you've all been up to.

Have a great Wednesday and Happy Crafting!

Wednesday, 14 March 2018


Morning all lovely WOYWW friends. Wow, it's soooooo  good to be able to join you again this week. I've actually managed a bit of crafting so here's my desk as of yesterday afternoon. Look at that lovely sunshine.

I bought a couple of new Pixie Powder colours last weekend so sat down after work yesterday to have a look at how the colours looked when sprayed with water and ended up having a lovely couple of hours just playing and I ended up with a journal page. Don't you love when art just happens when you least expect it.

Here's the finished page.

And because I didn't see you during the big freeze, here's a photo I took in the blizzard while walking down to visit my Mum.

We had another surprise snow day last Thursday when nothing and no one got out until lunchtime as the snow fell on a thick layer of ice. Thankfully, when the sun came out there was a quick thaw but this was our road at 8am.

If you want to share your desk with a lovely bunch of crafters, then pop over to see Julia and join in with the WOYWW fun.

Right, I'm off to make a fresh cuppa and then I'll be round to catch up with what you've all been up to.

Have a lovely Wednesday and Happy Crafting!!

Wednesday, 10 January 2018


Happy Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Birthday dear WOYWW deskers. That should cover everything I've missed since I last joined in with the gentle desk hop.

It's been a bit of a time here at The Craft Garden. Surfice to say Life through us a curve ball mid November, my general fit and healthy 81 year old Mum suddenly became seriously unwell and off to hospital she was taken. Pneumonia was diagnosed but after responding to treatment we then had to break her out of hospital nearly 3 weeks later. I thought they were short of beds!!!!! I won't moan but she was desperate to get home and really depressed at being kept in but tests that were scheduled kept being postponed even though she was medically fit to be discharged. So, she discharged herself and is now going to do the tests as an outpatient. She is recovering slowly, good days and bad days but is glad to be in her own home with her friends popping in and out and my sister and I keeping a very close eye on her
So....... I have a bit of a desk to share with you at long last.

I took this last night hence the poor light although it was so dark all day I don't think it would have made much difference! A bit of gentle scrapbooking to try and get the old mojo kick started again.
I'm just playing with sprays and inks and seeing what evolves.

The last time I was with you I was making some scrapbooks for Christmas presents, which did get finished. Here are the end results and some pictures on the insides. There are lots of tutorials on line for these if anyone is interested.

Well, that's me this week. If you want to share your desk with us, then pop over to WOYWW and see the lovely Julia.

Have a great Wednesday whatever you are up too and Happy Crafting!