Wednesday, 22 July 2020


Morning gentle deskers. I hope you are all keeping well. Sorry I missed you last week, I can't remember why, but hey, we've broken up for summer now so there's no excuse not to join in every week. It feels a bit cheeky to say we've broken up when school has only been back 6 weeks but it's been a hectic 6 weeks and I think the teachers are definitely ready for a break, they haven't had one since February half term working through Easter and Spring Bank providing cover for the key workers.

So, my desk is the dining table today.

I've given you two views.

One is a bit of a painting experiment I'm playing with. I've been loving watching "Home Is Where The Art is" on the TV at the moment and there has been some amazing artists featured. I've particularly liked the Abstract Art. Who knew!!!! Turns out I would be quite happy to have it one my wall. So I'm just playing to see what happens. It might be painted over yet but I've covered the canvas with stencilled texture paste so if it doesn't turn into anything I like I'll just start again.

The long view shows how messy our dining table is. My sewing machine lives there permanently and is set up ready to quilt the piece I shared last time.

DD has also been having a play with pyrography and there are some bits of wood she has been practising on in the back ground.

I've also finished painting my powertex lady. I made her ages ago but never got round to painting her.

Well, that's me this week. If you want to share your desk with us pop over to see Julia at WOYWW headquarters.

I will be round later to have a look at what you've all been up too.

Take care and Happy Crafting!


Lunch Lady Jan said...

You dining table made me smile because mine rarely is used for eating either - usually jigsaws or something similar are on it, lol! I'm glad you're enjoying the abstract art, it's something that you think would be easy to do but so often isn't. Enjoy the holidays, I know you've been busy.
Hugs LLJ 4 xxx

Sarah Brennan said...

Love what you have been up to this week Lisa. Such a variety of cool artwork. Love the abstract painting too. Stay safe and happy WOYWW. Sarah #3

Sue Jones said...

my dinning room IS my craft room and the only time it is ever used is at Christmas. We broke up yesterday too , although i have only been in for a week - working mostly from home - lots of admin and telephone calls. Enjoy your art and have a fab week. Soojay #14

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Lisa. Loving your Powertex lady she looks lovely. I hope lots of people read your mention about teachers and how hard they've been working as it's been annoying me that so many people seem to think that they've stayed at home doing nothing and got paid for it. Although I'm retired now I still have family teaching and although one of them is working from home he has responsibility for a group of children, setting work for them, delivering and marking etc. checking they're okay by phone calls and the internet and looking after his own little girl too as his wife is also a Key worker but cannot be at home so in fact his life has been even busier than usual. So yes, I think you all deserve a holiday. Have a lovely creative woyww, Angela x11x

Annie Claxton said...

Hi Lisa, you have some beautiful things going on - the Powertex lady is beautiful and I love the abstract painting. That programme is brilliant isn't it, I've been binge-watching it on You Tube, very inspiring. That's what dining tables are for isn't it?! We have four tables - dining table, coffee table, garden table and a small one in the conservatory and as far as I'm concerned they're all crafting tables at least some of the time! Enjoy the summer hols, you deserve it :) Annie C #17

glitterandglue said...

Hi Lisa. Your dining table looks quite similar to mine... it's the trouble with having more than one interest, isn't it?! I do eat breakfast at the table - but rarely any other meals as I have usually filled it up with other stuff by then. Your powertex lady is lovely - well done. Enjoy playing with the canvas!!
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #7

Neet said...

Ooh, I love your lady. That is something I have wanted to do for ages. Only this bad back stopped me going away for a course or I'd have done it.
Up to a couple of years ago I used to demonstrate at craft shows so a lot of things I have are a result of that. Pan Pastels were because of that in many ways.
Good for you tackling the painting - I hope you do have it hung in your home when you are ready. I have a wall in the hall where I have lots of my mixed media.
Hugs Neet 6 xx
ps Hope your daughter has every success with her pyrography

Annie said...

I'm late in the day visiting this week but it's better than last week's effort lol.
I've spent the day replenishing my basket of face masks...but as soon as I fill them they sell so it's a bit like painting the Forth bridge :-)
I really love the lady you've finished...she's beautiful.
Annie x #12

My name is Cindy said...

I have to be honest, I am a bit of a stickler for keeping the dining room table clean. It does get used sometimes for craft but if I were to let it take hold there that would be a slippery slope! Pretty much every cupboard in the house has met craft bits in it! I discovered I quite like abstract art when I was in Lanzarote a few years ago and visited a gallery there. I just fell in love with the big textural canvases. Yours is looking very promising indeed! I have always wanted to have a go at a Powertex figure but it always seemed like one craft too many. Now It seems I will have less commitments going forward I might put it back on my list! Yours is beautiful by the way. Happy woyww, stay well, stay safe, Cindy #8

Helen said...

I keep meaning to make another powertex figure - have got as far as sticking the mount to the slate base.....she looks really beautiful! the artwork is gorgeous too. Helen #2

Lisa-Jane said...

Oh wow! I love that lady you created - I've not heard of powertex so I'll have to look it up. Have a fantabulous week! Lisa-Jane #1

Julia Dunnit said...

I see a theme.....beautiful blues! The power text figure is fantastic, wow! She looks gorgeous in her fresh colours too, how lovely. Our dining table is piled high with stuff from other rooms where we’ve been improving/extending and is the last room to be seen to because there’s a lot to piework in the walls, a whole wall knocked out to make entry into the’s never ending! would love to have a permanent home for my sewing machine but I’d think that would be a step too far at the moment, my Workdesk is temporarily in the lounge and I know I’m the only one enjoying it being there!! I think it’s great that you’re letting the paint and the canvas do the work...again it’s about patience and mood isn’t it. Some days you want a finished ‘something’ to show for your time, other days working on this unspecified type of project is just perfect. Lovely colours to work in too...I wonder if you’ll know when it’s finished? thats the skill, if you ask me.

Susan Renshaw said...

I always use our dining table when I get the sewing machine out...and use it when doing something big and messy (marbling for example). However if its really big and messy I move into the garage!!
Look forward to seeing how your abstract turns out.
Stay safe and keep well!
Susan #15

Shoshi said...

If the dining table works for you, go for it Lisa! We don't usually eat at the table but I am so blessed with my studio. The sitting room tends to get a bit taken over with my stuff, though. I used to be the tidy one but now I'm worse than my hubby for being untidy lol! Enjoy the summer holidays.

Happy belated WOYWW,
Shoshi #19

Lindart said...

Hi Lisa! I know what you mean by never thinking you would like abstract, I used to think that too, but that's all I do these days in my art journals! It looks like you have a good start on your canvas! The show you are watching sounds intriguing, but we don't have that show here. My hubby and I have been watching Escape to the Country, Grand Designs and The Great British Baking Show lately. Thanks you for your lovely comments, and thanks for your help with the pricing of my cards! Sorry I'm so late this week! Thank you for your earlier visit, Have a great week, Lindart #26

Shoshi said...

Thank you for your return visit, Lisa, and for your kind words! I meant to say how impressed I was with your Powertex lady - lovely delicate painting and so much beautiful texture, too. I am very fortunate to have such a lovely room but the more space you have, the more space for clutter lol! It's such a tip at the moment that my heart sinks every time I go in there... I need to set aside time to sort it all out!

Shoshi x #19