Friday, 27 March 2009

My First Blogging Month

One month ago today I started my blog and took some very tentative steps into Blogland not sure whether it was for me or whether anyone would actually read it.

All I can say, one month later, is Wow! I love it and get so excited when I sign in and see that some kind person has left me a comment. I can't wait to read them and Freya was delighted with her own comments the other day. Thank you so much to everyone and can I say a special thank you to Sally who was the first person to comment and my first follower

I have discovered so many fantastic blogs out there and so many nice people. In these days when all the news seems to be gloomy it is so nice to discover a world out there of very talented crafters who love to share their work and their worlds and have time for a chat.

I have totally got the blogging bug and it makes me do far more crafting as I feel I need to have something new to post. Good job I have such an understanding Husband.

Well, after all that, I don't have anything to show you tonight-still decorating!!!! so I will send you all a bunch of spring flowers out of my garden.

Have a lovely weekend

Love Lisa x


Sally H said...

The feeling is mutual! I've only been blogging since October and I can't believe how many lovely people are out there (including you) who seem to like what I do! Happy blog-month and may there be many more!

Kate T said...

Hi Lisa, I know exactly what you mean, it's fab ! almost as addictive as crafting ! love the flower piccies too, I'm no gardener ...leave that to my Hubby who does it for a living !
Kate x

Enfys said...

Happy 1 month blogoversary. I feel the same about blogging, I have met so many lovely people out there, our worlds would never have met without blogs. Continue to have fun
Enfys x