Thursday, 21 May 2009

Tempted Again

Like so many crafters I love buying new stash and just looking at it planning what I will do with it when I've finished all the other things I want to do and slowly running out of room to put it all. I only have a corner of the living room for crafting and I seem to spend more time reorganising to fit it all in than actually being creative with it.

So this year I decided to try and not buy more but use what I already have. Up to now I've really enjoyed looking through stuff to find what I want or trying to be creative to come up with the things I want to use and have found lots of things I'd forgotten about.

Unfortunately, though, there is an awful lot of temptation out there and I have succumbed a few times, especially with new stamps, but then Jill at The Stampman started showing techniques with moonglow mica powder and offered it at half price. Now that is TOO much temptation. I've been dying to try this for ages and this seemed too good to miss out on so off went the order and the lovely powders duly arrived and I have not been disappointed, they are really lovely to work with. It is like magic watching your stamped design appear when you apply the powder. My sort of crafting.

This is my first attempt. I decided to start small and used a set of free Papermania stamps that came with a magazine. This was then mounted on pearl paper. I edged the dark paper with the powder and then did the vellum the same. The whole was then put on a plain white card. I don't like things to be too dark and thought this just showed the shine off a bit better. The vellum was attached with a couple of brads.

I shall definitely be having another go, it is quite addictive and is another way of using all those stamps I bought!!!!

Thank you for looking and I hope you stay dry whatever you do today. It is absolutely pouring down here again this morning!!!!


Jill said...

Wow Lisa what a beautiful card.

brenda said...

Looks lovely Lisa, not got those colours but might be tempted.

B x

The Stamp Man said...

WOW Lisa, that is a beautiful card, it looks so elegant! Well done you!! See, it was a good temptation wasn't it:)

I'm really pleased that you enjoyed playing with the powders, and not so bad when you can use all the stamps you have to see how they turn out with this effect.

Thanks for buying one of our special offers and for letting us all have a look at what you've made with the powders.

Jill x

Sally H said...

Really beautiful! The effect is stunning, and I bet the shimmer is even more beautiful in real life.

brenda said...

Lisa, should have asked what co;oures they are ?

B x

Beryl said...

If that's your first attempt I think we'll be in for a real treat when you've got to grips with them. It's really fab. and those stamps are lovely. Freebies too - now that's a bonus.
Beryl xx

Michelle said...

Hi Lisa
I'm fortunate enough to live near the Stamp Man and Jill often lets us have a play in the shop - this is one of my favourite techniques and you've made a fabby card using it. If you've got any silhouette stamps it looks fantastic!
x Michelle

lisa said...

Thanks for your comments guys. I'll try the silhouette stamps Michelle. They weren't quite freebies Beryl but a really good price, check out The Stampman web page. Jill is offering this set for half price, it is called The Outback Brenda and I just used two of the colours on this card, Billabong Blue and Outback Golden Sunset, what great names!!
Thank you for your inspiration Jill.


Kim Piggott said...

Oh this is just so beautiful!
Have a great weekend!
kim x

Enfys said...

Looks fantastic Lisa, I have those powders hidden away somewhere, you have enabled me to go and dig them out, this card is lovely
En x

Debbie Dolphin said...

this is lovely lisa.jills card did the same to me and made me dig mine out again!