Sunday, 24 May 2009

Beautiful Sunshine

Well after all the rain, wind and cold we've had here in Yorkshire over the last few weeks, today has been totally glorious and hot and we had a rare day with nothing to do but enjoy it.

Freya had her paddling pool out and we had to drag her in for her tea. She's a real water baby and has spent the whole day jumping and splashing about. Oh to be young again!

I actually managed to get my summer bedding planted up and out of the greenhouse, which was fit to burst. Normally I am far more organised and pots are planted up ready just to be lifted out into their summer places, but this year everything was still in plugs getting very over grown and desperate to be replanted. It was a bit warm to be working but I'm so pleased it's all done and we can now sit back and let them do their thing and hopefully give us glorious colour all summer, if the sun continues to shine that is.

Because it has been such a lovely day and the flowers have sung out I thought I'd just show you some of the lovely things I have flowering in the garden at the moment. As you will see, the trend is blue although that is completely unintentional.

My favourite flowers of spring are Aqueligas, of which I have many, most of them blue!!

And for scent you can't beat Wisterias. I have a standard one which is truly beautiful and all day you get wisps of it's beautiful smell. We also have one over an arch but that is not at it's best yet.

The delicate Brunnera has done so well this year and has been flowering for over two months with it's little forget me not flowers. I have just bought a white one and I hope it will do as well.

These seed heads were from a very early flowering clematis which was fabulous this year and these heads give a second season of interest and last for ages.

The Alliums are just getting to their best.

Just to ring in the changes, I have lots of maples,can't get enough of them although they can be a bit difficult sometimes. This golden one has been lime green and is now tinged with red, just beautiful.

I hope it has been as good for you. Lets hope this is the start of a lovely summer!


lottie said...

Oh my goodness, what stunning colours. And your forgetmeknots are still in flower. I love Alliums - mine are in flower too.

You have inspired me to take some garden photos - too hot to do it today though

Sally H said...

Your photos are beautiful, and there are lots of colours! Glad Freya enjoyed the sunshine. Megan slept through most of it - I got the impression it was less of a sleep over and more of a wake over!

Jill said...

Really love your flower photos Lisa, I also love photographing flowers.

brenda said...

Hi Lisa, so enjoyd looking at your flowers and your aqueligas are glorious. I always try to photograph flowers as they spring into bloom and even better take my cards outside to shoot alongside them or even amongst them !

It's been glorious here last couple of days as well and you really feel you ahgve to make the most of it.

B x

Enfys said...

What great photos, I would love to see a photo of your whole garden sometime, it sounds stunning.
En x

Kate T said...

Great pictures ! I recognise some plants, but DH is the gardener ! I just like to sit and look !

Dragon said...

Simply STUNNING flowers and photography... thanks for your lovely comment on my blog... so generous