Friday, 22 May 2009

Problems With Internet Explorer

I've been having a panic tonight because a lot of blogs I've tried to visit have been coming up with a warning and then aborting the blog.

Luckily, one of the blogs I visit has been experiencing the same problems and found out that this is due to an Internet Explorer problem.

If anyone else has been coming across the same thing, you need to access the Internet through a different browser. I'm currently using Firefox, but if you have Google Chrome that works too. Any of these can be downloaded free.

Hope this helps. Now I'm off to catch up with what everyone has been up too!!

Have a great weekend!


Jo said...

I had this problem too but after a bit of research discovered I just needed to upgrade to IE8. Have done that now and can now access the problematic blogs. Phew!

lisa said...

I'll try this, thanks Jo.

Debbie Dolphin said...

mines the same lisa.At home and here (lakes)and im on my daughters laptop now and its still doing it!!!!!!!!!!

lisa said...

I've just installed IE8 and although better I am still having the same problem. The other browsers do seem to behave better but it's more difficult to navigate, they seem sooo strange!!!!
Hope IE sorts their problems out soon.

Beryl said...

I get problems with IE quite often and have to give up for the night. I use Firefox on my laptop with no problems at all but this pc for some reason doesn't like Firefox and the pages take ages to load or not at all. I'm thinking of taking it off and maybe re-installing it. Might look into your other recommendation though.
Beryl xx

Sally H said...

I'm doing everything on Google chrome at the moment, as it was really annoying me. Blogger buzz says they are aware of it and trying to fix it