Saturday, 9 May 2009

More Birthday Cakes

Freya had a lovely birthday, the best ever, in her own words and thank you everyone for your kind wishes.

I had to drag her out of school on Thursday she was so busy seeing all her favourite teachers and telling them all about everything. We are very lucky and she goes to a lovely school where everyone knows everyone else. Anyway I eventually got her home and then we went for a delicious curry at out local Indian restaurant. Freya's choice. She wanted to do something grown up and go for a meal where Mummy and Daddy go . They made her feel very special and gave her balloons and a cake with a sparkler in. Fantastic.

To extend her big day we went bowling with some of her friends last Sunday so it's been a busy week and after all that excitement I haven't really had chance to do much crafting this week. We've been exhausted by 9pm which is usually my crafting time.

So I thought I'd bore you with some previous years birthday cakes. Freya always puts her order in a few weeks before which gives me plenty of panicking time. I tend to be better at traditional cakes rather than novelty ones although they usually turn out ok.

This first one was last years big flower cake. The petals were made out of modelling paste and left to dry over a rolling pin to give them their shape. The cake was baked in a mixing bowl and then I mixed up three different shades of orange buttercream and layered them up in a big piping bag to get the mixed colours on the flower middle.

The Ladybird cake was just a traditional cake shape and then I used different colours of roll out fondant to make it into a ladybird with some pipe cleaners for the antennas. Green fondant was put through a ricer to make the grass and then I made big flowers to decorate it.

Both these cakes had to be made on the biggest portable thing I could find to be taken to the party, hence the tin lid for the ladybird, not particularly pretty but a gaggle of over excited 6 year olds are not really bothered.

Well the rain has halted the gardening now so I'm off to do some crafting before tea.
Have a lovely weekend.


Kate T said...

That flower cake is absolutely gorgeous and the ladybug is cute too ! you clever girl !

Sandra said...

Oooooo your cakes are stunning!!
I like to make cakes for my kiddies birthdays too. When my twins were 2 I made a Henry Hoover cake... yes my little boy was obsessed with Henry and still enjoys playing with him :o)
Sandra x

Kim Piggott said...

Oh I am so pleased that she had a wonderful birthday she sounds just delightful!
Your cakes are just amazing you are so clever!
kim x

Sally H said...

Wow! These are amazing! I love them both! This is definitely art.

Enfys said...

Ooooh, I love seeing your cakes Lisa. These are both gorgeous. When mine were small all I could manage was a pathetic sponge cake with smarties on top. Freya is a lucky girl to have such a clever mummy.
En xx

Scrapbook Junkie said...

WOW! You are so talented. Those cakes are just awesome. I love the flower cake particularly - never seen one like that before!

Debbie Dolphin said...

wow and double wow i love the are soo clever
debbie xx