Monday, 10 May 2010

Don't Come Near.....

Just a quick post today to apologise if I'm not around much this week. A really horrible bug has hit The Craft Garden household over the weekend and I am currently the last man standing. I'm keeping everything crossed that I don't get it too, otherwise goodness knows what'll become of us!!! Sorry I'm being a bit dramatic now, think it's lack of sleep. I've been up for two whole days and nights now and things are getting a bit fuzzy.

I hope you all have a lovely week and I'll see you when I see you.


Kim Piggott said...

Oh no Lisa how awful!
Please don't get it too!
Hope everyone gets better very soon I really feel for you.
kim x

craftimamma said...

Ugh Lisa, poor you and your family. I have a touch of lurgy too but mine is the infected throat kind. It's very sore and painful at the moment but at least it's only me.

Hope you don't get it and your family are better very quickly.

Lesley Xx

Clare *Littlebear* said...

Oh no! I hope you don't succumb and I hope the rest of the household recover quickly.
Clare x

Debbie Dolphin said...

oh dear lisa.hope your feeling better soon.Im always the last man standing at ours!!!lol Think its the daily kiwi and blueberries i eat.havent even had a cold this winter!so it must be working
love debbie xxx

Jules said...

Hi Lisa

Sorry to hear things are not so good in your household.

Strange how it is always the female head of the household that ends up as "the last man standing". Must be our strong constitutions.

I hope your family soon recover and that you manage to escape contamination.

Love Jules xx

Sally H said...

You poor things! Hope you don't get the lurgy. If you were nearer I'd be round with some cake to keep you going! I'm looking forward to seeing Freya's cake - sounds wonderful. Hope she will be well enough to eat it. Big cyber hugs, Sal x

Linda said...

Hope you manage to avoid getting the bug and wish everyone in the Craft Garden a speedy recovery. x

Lynne K said...

Oh dear, Lisa! Must feel like a ticking time bomb there, wondering whether you're going to get it too. I sincerely hope you don't, and that everyone else recovers quickly. My grandma swore by chicken soup and Vic's Vapour Rub for lurgies, whatever the variety. They often seemed to work, so might be worth a try, lol! (Although I think most of the lurgies would have gone away on their own anyway!) Keeping my fingers crossed for you,

Hugs, Lynne x

Val said...

Hi Lisa

Hope your family gets well soon, and that you don't get the lurgy!!

Thank you for your lovely comments.

Take care

Jill said...

Oh heck Lisa, poor you sending you <<>>> (but not too closely!) Thanks for commenting on blog in between looking after everyone! Jill x

Anne said...

Lisa you poor thing!

Take care and if you get the lurgy, make sure the others look after you:)


Kay Carley said...

Keep well Lisa!!

Kay xx

Hope Jacare said...

Good luck ...there seems to be loads of horrid ones around at the mo! Stay healthy.....Cheers Claire x

Lynda said...

Think there's something in the air Lisa - not feeling too good myself and trying my best to keep going. Hope you manage to avoid whatever it is that the others have got and hope they all get well soon. Take good care.

Love Lynda xxx

brenda said...

Oh no Lisa, the last thong you need is a houseful of invalids to look after.

There seems to be so many things lurking at the moment, not suprising with all this odd weather, we had minus four frost afain this morning, what ever is that all about in mid May ?

Try adn keep well.

B x

Michelle said...

Hi Lisa
Sorry to hear your household is under attack, pretty grim when you're not well and havethe family to deal with. When you're ready I would love the address of the dolls house shop and your address too to send you're little pressie to. May even call in and deliver it myself!
x Michelle