Monday, 25 January 2010


I fire up my computer on a cold, dark, damp January afternoon and log onto Blogland and the warmth that comes out of my screen from all you lovely Bloggers is amazing. I know I say it often but it doesn't matter how I feel when I arrive, I always leave with a big smile and thoughts of just how nice this crafting world is that I joined almost a year ago. I just wish I'd done it sooner.

The marmalade recipe for those of you who are interested, and I promise it's not complicated or hard is from Delia Smith and it works every time. This makes six 1lb jars.

2lb Seville oranges
4 pints of water
1 lemon
4lb caster sugar

-Put the water in a very large pan.

-Cut the oranges & lemon in half and squeeze, adding the juice to the water.

-Cut each orange into quarters and thinly slice the skins adding them to the water. Wrap any pith, pips and leftovers in a muslin bag, tie up with string and hang over the side of the pan to release the pectin from it.

-Simmer gently for 2 hours or until the skin is soft. Remove the muslin bag, leave to cool and then squeeze well over a basin to get all the goo out and add this to the pan stirring well. It will help in the setting.

-Add the sugar and heat gently until it is all dissolved. Check the back of your wooden spoon, there should be no grains visible.

-Put a saucer in your fridge/freezer.

-When the sugar is dissolved bring the mixture up to a rolling boil and time for 15 mins.

-When the time is up place a dribble on the cold plate and leave to cool slightly. If it wrinkles when you push it, it's ready. If not continue boiling and re test.

-Leave the marmalade to cool for 20 mins before pouring into sterilised jars. ( Sterilise by putting in a warm oven for 30 mins)


Now down to crafty matters.

I was visiting my blogging buddy Sarah recently, who is a dedicated Scrapper and creates beautiful work and she has done a layout which almost mirrors one I did a couple of years ago. We'd even used the same photo of ourselves reflected in a Christmas bauble. It struck me as strange how people who don't know one another, who have never met and who have completely different types of lives can create such similar pieces of craft!!

This is mine and it was done after a particularly difficult year and I just wanted to remind myself that even when times are tough, there are still plenty of things that can bring joy.

Apologies if I've waffled on a bit today. I'll end as I started as what I said at the beginning reflects perfectly with this layout. Check out Sarah if you've got a minute. Her blog is well worth a visit.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your Monday has gone well.


Sarah xx said...

Hi Lisa, I'm so glad you have posted this LO - it's really lovely and yes, how odd that we both scrapped the same image after a tough time. (Still can't see what you look like though??) Thanks for the link to my Zone too - maybe I will meet some new crafty chums through it? As always your comments and good cheer make me smile too - thanks you xxxx

chris said...

Just stunning I love the idea with the bauble
with hugs chris xx

Anonymous said...

Glad you did join blogland, keep up the great work !

Lynne K said...

Wonderful layout, Lisa, very inspirational. I especially like the bit on the right which says "Get involved in your favourite hobby - time will just disappear." How very true! x

Jill said...

Its a great LO Lisa. The lettering just emphasises the reflections theme!

Lesley said...

Beautiful LO Lisa, and the marmalade sounds yummy too! xx

Sally H said...

Love your LO, Lisa and the wonderful bauble idea! Reminds me of a sculpture in Nottingham, but that reflects upside down, like the back of a spoon!

Lynda said...

Thanks for the recipe Lisa and isn't it funny how events seem to take people down the same path one way or another!

Love Lynda xxx

Kim Piggott said...

Oh wowzers Lisa your page is utterly amazing!
Such a fabulous layout and love your theme!
Thanks for the recipe!
kim x

Linda said...

Lisa you always give so much warmth to other peoples blogs it's only right you should receive so much in return.

Love your LO and thanks for the recipe for the marmalade - might just try it one day - I'll add it to that ever growing list of things to try!

Artyjen said...

Love your layout....and your marmalade looks scrummy on the last post

brenda said...

Hi Lisa

I pop to Sara for scrappy inspiration as well, but see I can come here as well, it's a great l/o. I am useless at it despite how hard I try it never looks like I hope.

And you thought on time spent blogging are spot on how it helps so many us us feel. I always think was a unique enviroment it is in this day and age.

B x

Biskit said...

Hi Lisa,

Just wanted to pop by and thank you for all the lovely comments you leave on my blog and wish you a Happy Birthday.

I have a few months until mine. eek.

Vicki x

chris said...

Hi Lisa just to answer your question: it was hat
love chris xx

Sarah Anderson said...

Hi Lisa, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a lovely comment.
Now, splooshing your paint, do a few patches of one colour, like you did with your cosmic shimmers, then wash your brush, change colour, and do more patches. Where the colours meet I sometimes use a baby wipe and dab the paint so it merges together easier, but to be honest, once it's stamped on, sprayed over etc the meeting points of the colours don't matter!
And there endeth your lesson ;)

Hope Jacare said...

Great layout!! That marmalade looks favourite! x

Julie Ranae said...

Really lovely work here....

I came by way of Sarah's blog, The Art of Moodling...she is one of my dearest friends, although an ocean separates us.

Would love for you to stop by The Open Window and say hello.


Beautiful layout Lisa - love the colour scheme and the bauble - fabulous!
Hugs, Sylvia xxx

Juls said...

amazing photo!! and very clever page! I love it!!