Thursday, 28 January 2010

Life Begins At......

Well, the day has finally arrived and passed by!!!!! I turned that funny age yesterday and although I've been dreading it for months, it came and went quietly really.

I was a very lucky girl and received lots of lovely presents. My dear hubby and daughter bought me a Slice and some cards to go with it, which I've been busy playing with. I also got some beautiful jewellery from my Sister and lots of other crafty bits and chocolate and some pennies to go shopping with so I feel very blessed.

The class I help out with on a Wednesday all came out and sang Happy Birthday which was wonderful but very embarrassing and one little boy summed it up when he said the best birthday present he said his Mum received was a big hug !!!! Well I got one of those too and I heartily agree with him!!

So, apologises for the lack of crafting this week, I'm sure you'll understand why. Normal service will resume shortly.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope your week is going well.


Kim Piggott said...

Oh Lisa wishing you a very Happy Birthday!!!!
So glad that you had a wonderful day and were totally blessed!
kim x


Happy 40th birthday Lisa - so pleased you had a wonderful day, and how fantastic to receive a Slice machine - Wow!!
Thank you so much for popping over and leaving a kind message today - what a coincidence that we both live in Leeds - who knows, maybe you live just around the corner!
Lots of belated birthday hugs, Sylvia xxxx

Sally H said...

Sending you e-hugs to add to your real ones! Hope you had a fabulous birthday, and hope my card arrived on time!

Sally H said...

Me again! Meg doesn't believe you. She guessed you were 31 x

Carolands said...

I thought 30 was worse than 40 and certainly didn't like 50, so make the most of the next ten years! Hope you had a good day x

Lynda said...

Wishing you Very Happy Belated Birthday Wishes Lisa (that's a right old mouthful lol). It sounds like you had a fabulous day and got lots of lovely presents too! Don't forget 40 is the new 30 so you're still a spring chicken!

I'm just checking up on you too - I hope you took the award from my blog but if you didn't I would very much like you to have it.

Love Lynda xxx

Zoechaos said...

Happy Birthday, its not the years in your life its..... sounds like you were given a wondeful day and 40 never hurt a bit.

Julie Ranae said...

Great to meet you and look forward to getting to know you, too!

My husband is actually from Manchester and we are planning a trip over to see his mum in the next few months.

chris said...

Happy birthday lisa 40's not so bad, I dont know that its begun though!
I like to think that people make birthdays last more than a day(I do) good on you girl.
love chris xx

Beryl said...

Many happy returns of the day for yesterday. Glad you had a good time and got loads of goodies.
Beryl xx

Sarah xx said...

Ah bless you - Many Happy Returns for yesterday Lisa, sounds like you had a lovely day and some lovely pressies xxx

Lynne K said...

Well, Lisa, I certainly felt that my 40s were my best decade - so far! (I'll let you know about the next one when I get to the end of it!) I really think you're as old as you feel. Alright, some days I feel 90, but not often! And of course, if and when you're lucky enough to get grandchildren, you can go back to your childhood again. So if I were you, I shouldn't worry too much about your chronological age. Anyway, glad you had a lovely day, and lucky you getting a Slice. Looking forward to seeing what you make with it.
Lynne x

Clarky J said...

Welcome to the 40s Lisa Im sure you will find its fab to be forty! Belated Happy Birthday from another Fortyish person LOL xx

Jules said...

Hi Lisa

Happy belated 40th birthday!!!

Sounds like it was very special.

Don't worry. It is only a number.

I am quite a bit older than 40 but inside I feel no different to how I did when I was 14! I think that is what counts.

Will be interested to know how you get on with your "Slice".

Have fun!

Love Jules xx

Enfys said...

Happy happy happy birthday Lisa, I wish I had known, would have sent a card. Sounds as if you had some great presents, and just remember, life has only just begun.
big hugs
En xx

Debbie Dolphin said...

oh my goodness you kept that very quite!!!Hope you had a fab day xxx
Its mine this year too!! yikes (though another few months yet!!!lol
debbie xxx

Jill said...

Oooh Lisa, happy belated birthday. No worries I wish I was 40 again, I loved being in my 40s, gosh that was a seriously long time ago! Glad you had a great day and your Slice proves useful.

Jo (Boots the Monkey) said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to yooooou (sorry, I have a terrible singing voice !!).

Happy 40th Lisa and I'm so pleased to hear you had a lovely day with lots of lovely pressies and especially a nice lovely slice to play with !

Thank you for always leaving such lovely comments on my blog, they always mean so much.

Enjoy your celebrations.


Jo xxx

Hope Jacare said...

Ooooo A huge Congrats - so glad you survived its mine later this year......not too worried about it as I still forget how old I am. Have a wonderful birthday week and make the most of having a fuss made of you - I am quite sure you deserve it!! Warmest Wishes Claire x

Kathy said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Lisa, it sounds like you had the perfect day!

Hope you enjoy all those pressies and can't wait to see what your new crafty stash produces!

Kay Carley said...

A very happy Birthday for yesterday Lisa. I reached that age in September last year and mine too passed quite quietly which I guess is no bad thing!!

I'm glad I've made you feel happier about your 'stash'!! I'm sure no-one has got as much as I have!! Just send all hubbies to my blog so that they know they have got nothing to moan about!!

Love Kay xx

Artyjen said...

Happy belated birthday!! Tra la la!
Have to agree with carolands....hold onto this decade if you can!!! LOL

Paula said...

Belated birthday wishes, Lisa :0)

Turning 40 was the best thing that happened to me, I woke up brimming with confidence & have done wonderful things ever since. They say life begins at 40 & I always thought it ws rubbish, but it really is true:)

Shell said...

Happy belated 40th Birthday Wishes Lisa glad you had a good day, well you must of after all you got a Slice :)
Let me know what you think of it when you have had a proper play...
Luv Shell x

Marcea said...

Happy Birthday hunny - so sorry I missed it .... send me an email with your address will you babe - will pop a card in the post

Lesley said...

A belated happy 40th Lisa! I loved being in my 40s it's a fab decade!!!
Lesley x

Anne said...

A Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you and may you recieve many more hugs :)

Have fun with the Slice and all your goodies, I'm interested to know what you think of it?