Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Journalling December

How is everyone on this cold Tuesday.

We are up to our armpits in snow again. I don't think I've seen so much in many years. We've had about 5 inches this morning. School was open which was impressive. It's the highest building in the town but the teachers all walk and so do most of the children. They were allowed some play out time before home time so didn't miss out on the fun.

My DH set off and got less than a mile in over an hour so turned round and came back but then couldn't get back up our hill again and had to leave his car and walk. I think he's enjoyed his unexpected day off though.

I've been busy trying to complete my JYC book so that I can play with all my new goodies and thought it was about time I showed you some of the pages. I won't bore you with them all but these are a selection of what I've done so far. There are family photos too but as they are all shy, I promised not to post those so these are the more general ones.

My book should really be Journal Your December because I like to journal all the things that we do in the build up to Christmas.

My first page was what I intended to do with my book which was to do less of a diary (I did that last year) and more what other people wanted to remember so the journal cards on each page open out and include comments from friends and family and then I've written about each day on the front.

I've used a digital scrap kit from 2 Peas In A Bucket so that the pages all had the same colours to try and keep them simple and uncluttered, although I do get carried away sometimes. The glitter snowflakes were a sissix die and the titles have all been stamped with stickles applied here and there. The dates were done on photoshop and matted with silver mirricard.

I like to include all the special food we have, like the special marzipan that has to go on the cake.

What the weather is like, which dominated later in the month!! Freya wrote on this card about how her class sorted all the cards that were posted in the school Christmas post box and delivered them to each class every morning.

The Arrival of the Christmas Tree and what new decoration was bought for it this year.

And of course the snow and the Christmas cake.

I made a book for the first time last year and wondered then whether it would be interesting to look back because the photos I took didn't seem to be so interesting at the time, just day to day things, but I got it out this year and re read it and really enjoyed looking back so I will perserve and get this year's finished. After all the weather has certainly been memorable.

Thank you for stopping by and keep warm and safe. If you haven't had the snow yet I'm sure it's on it's way.


Hope Jacare said...

Great project Lisa and I bet it really will be interesting looking back on it in 10 years.....Have a cosy week indoors! Cheers Claire x

Jill said...

Love the colours you have used, it looks nice co-ordinated like that.
We have had a bit of snow today - not as much as 5inches though!

Christine said...

Super project Lisa and you will love to look back on it.
Snow is forecast for The Midlands overnight so I will be staying in and keeping warm
Christine xx

craftimamma said...

Wonderful project Lisa. You'll all enjoy looking back in years to come.

We've had 6 inches of snow so far today and it's still falling but only icing sugar flakes at the moment. Very pretty but soooo inconvenient.

Lesley Xx

Lesley said...

Your JYC looks great Lisa! I completed mine the other day, although I didn't stick to the prompts this year as I have done those before, mine was more of a December Diary! Glad you like my Garden Journal idea and I will look forward to seeing yours! Yes I saw the tags and other things people made on Tim's blog, I might do a book next year or something different other than tags for a change!

Beryl said...

This is a brilliant idea - I've only been thinking today that I have no records of my past life except a few photos on the pc and some of the children when they were young in a plastic bag. I really should take a leaf out of your book (no pun intended) and start some sort of scrapbooking.
Beryl xx

Kathy said...

Your book will be such a lovely memento of all the celebrations - well done on keeping it going - I'm so uselsee at that sort of thing!

Last time my hubby left his car on a hill in the snow it got pranged during the night - probably one of the reasons I'm so paranoid about the snow - I hate the stuff - so, thanks for the offer, but no thanks!!!

No, we don't have sugar on our Yorkshires! I do remember visiting some friends of my folks who were from Durham one Sunday when I was quite little and being very surprised to be presented with a first course of Yorkshire Pud and gravy.

Sally H said...

Fabulous project! One day I will find the time... We seem to be missing the snow at the moment. They've well and truly got it just 14 miles away, but we have only had a small amount today. My worry is if it freezes I'll not be able to get the car off our road tomorrow. It is sheet ice out there

Michelle said...

Hi Lisa
Some wonderful work here, fab layouts and amazing photography. Love those photo's of the frosted greenery. Cake looks amazing too.
x Michelle

Paula said...

Fabulous pages Lisa. Love the Guilty pleasures page best. I just adore cats.
Im on lunch hour at work & doing a bit of blog hopping as the staff kitchen is freezing!!

brenda said...

Hi Lisa

What a great idea, as Claire said it will be intersting to look back at in the future.

Looks like you have a lot more sow than us, funny how no matter how much warning we get, the gritters etc., are never ready in time.

B x

Kim Piggott said...

Oh these are fabulous Lisa!
Such a beautiful way to keep your memories!
kim x

Enfys said...

Fabulous project Lisa, gorgeous colours as well, really subtle.
Keep warm,
En xx

Anne said...

Lovely project to keep for your family Lisa.

Is that blue icing on the cake? I remember the terror I had as a Mum when my two boys had blue nappies - till I remembered the Thomas the Tank cake I made LOL!