Saturday, 23 January 2010

House Full Of Oranges

At last the sun has been shining today which made up for the awful wet, dark day we had yesterday although I'm not complaining, it was a perfect day for making marmalade, which is just what I did.

I don't know about you, but I love sharp, tangy marmalade on my toast, not sweet jammy stuff and I struggle to get really nice ones in the shops, so every January I try and stock up on Seville oranges to make my own.

The house was filled with a lovely orangey smell all day yesterday and I now have 8 jars stashed in the cupboard and a plastic container in the fridge as I ran out of jam jars!!! That should keep me going for awhile!!

Now I can get back to the important business of crafting again.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope your weekend is going well and as always, I must say a huge thank you for all the wonderful comments I get, you make my day and make me smile which is something I treasure.


Lynne K said...

Well, Lisa, your marmalade looks delicious, much better than shop-bought. My muffins weren't too bad, if a bit on the heavy side. There are so many wonderful recipes in the book, I haven't decided yet which one to try next.

Today started off nice and sunny here but then went cloudy. Tomorrow doesn't look too promising, but enjoy the rest of the weekend. x

Kim Piggott said...

Oh Lisa what a lovely sight!
You are so clever to make all these and what a little ray of sunshine on these winter months!
Oh I bet that smell was divine!
kim x

Lynda said...

Your marmalade looks delicious Lisa - there's nothing better than home made!

Love Lynda xxx

Sally H said...

Lovely looking marmalade there Lisa! I know what you mean about shop bought stuff. I found some in Tesco that was tasty, but they stopped making it about a year ago. I've not found anything that comes anywhere near the marmalade my Mum used to make. Lynne's muffins were lovely btw!

Clarky J said...

Oooohhh yummy lisa looks delicious x

Sarah xx said...

Oh I bet your house smelled lovely Lisa, nothing beats orange unless its a Terry's chocolate one!! xxx

Jill said...

Yummy, how gorgeous is that! I love the smell of oranges, sort of summer in winter!

brenda said...

Hi Lisa

It looks yummy.

I don't liek marmanlade, but still make ti for the family, I always find preserving and jam making really rewarding.

B x

Jules said...

Hi Lisa

I have never made marmalade - but my Mum in Law used to. Your photograph is lovely and reminded me of her.

The colours on your picture are gorgeous with the light shining through some of them.

I am nearly tempted to make some just for the smell.

Have a great Sunday.

Love Jules xx

Linda said...

Ooh I love homemade marmalade - always tastes so much better than the shops. The smell of oranges is nice too!

Beryl said...

It's making my mouth water just thinking about it. Home made is always the best.
Beryl xx

Carolands said...

The marmalade looks scrummy, I love home-made anything. I have a huge old Bramley apple tree in my garden and every year make apple chutney, my partner made delicous Chilli Jelly (Nigella Lawson), it was lovely on our cold turkey. If you have a special recipe for your marmalde would you consider sharing it?

Carol x

craftimamma said...

How I envy your love of cooking! I like the finished article very much but everything involved in getting to that point interests me not one bit and I really wish it did.

I can just imagine how your house smelled, Uummmmmm!

Lesley Xx

Anne said...

Delicious looking sunny jars :)