Saturday, 9 January 2010

Just Checkin' In

Hello out there in Blogland. I thought I had better just check in and say Hi.

I hope you are all staying warm and safe. Is this weather just getting colder and colder or is it me. I've now taken to wearing a big cardy over my sweater and two pairs of soaks and that's just in the house!!!!

The week has been taken up with staying warm and keeping everyone going. Walking to school has taken twice as long by the time we've put on all the paraphernalia and then trudged through inches of snow, the first few days were like an adventure but by the end of the week I just wanted to stay under the duvet. Still, we are very happy that school is open when so many are shut.

Hubby got to work after his day off on Tuesday but has had some interesting drives home, managing to navigate the ice on one road just before it was shut altogether.

Then to top everything, I got a phone call yesterday from my Mum saying she couldn't get her 18 month old boiler to work. It had been making a strange noise and then stopped. We made sure that she had her spare oil heaters where she needed them and the Gas Man came today, how's that for service in this weather, although she is classed as priority. Anyway, he had a look and said it had frozen up and soon got it all working again. Huge sigh of relief.

We've been out to the shops today to replenish the food stocks, first time in a week. The car parks were tricky to say the least. I'm glad I wasn't driving and then went for a look at the river which is nearly completely frozen. The last time I remember this happening I think was in 1981 so it doesn't happen very often. There were loads of people taking photos so here's one that I took.

There were lots of birds footprints all over the snow covered ice, I don't think they knew what to make of it. Don't they look like little arrows pointing off to somewhere interesting?

Well, thanks for stopping by and I hope to get back to crafting again very soon. I have loads of ideas flying round in my head and just need a bit of time to do some of it.

Keep Warm.


Sarah xx said...

Fab photos Lisa - great for scrapping!!! nothing that pretty round here!!! keep warm xx

Lesley said...

Hi Lisa, your photos are great! I agree it is hard trying to keep warm, even indoors! xx

Sally H said...

brilliant photos! It isn't just me struggling to stay warm then! I bought some ski thermals from Decathlon. I wish I had bought 3 lots each rather than just one lot for me and one lot for Meg as when they are in the wash I'm freezing!!!

Carolands said...

Fab photo!

Jill said...

Love the bird print photo Lisa! Thought it was cold here but don't think we have had any rivers freeze. Mind you most of ours down here are tidal, so that's probably why. We still have very little snow, just occasional snow flurries. Mind you its chilly for us - being close to the sea makes quite a difference! Take care

Clare said...

Thanks for sharing the lovely photographs Lisa. I remember 1981 where we would go out and touch the tops of the telegraph poles while standing on the snowdrifts.
Have a lovely day.
Clare x

Zoechaos said...

Looks so pretty, know that is not how it feels but the pictures will look great in your scrapbooks. You can look back in the summer, we must be getting a summer as a reward for all this! and smile.

Stay Warm Stay safe.

Hope Jacare said...

Lisa I am so with you on the walk to school - we forgot a school bag one day - no way I was going back for it! Just realised yesterday our heating was still on summer wonder we were forever having to overide it!Stay warm....Cheers Claire x

Kim Piggott said...

Wonderful pictures Lisa!
Keep warm and safe!
kim x

Anne said...

Beautiful photos Lisa, it's thawing here at present, hope that carries on, my eldest has an A level in the morning and school hasn't yet opened after the hols due to the snow... ack

Beryl said...

Looks like you've got it far worse than us. It's cold here but we've been very lucky. Only marooned up the hill for a few days. Haven't resorted to wearing extra layers yet either. Lovely piccies of the river.
Beryl xx

Michelle said...

Beautiful Photo's Lisa, I think I'll have to remember my camers next time I'm over your way. Have often thought I'd like to stop and take a few pics of the river.
x Michelle