Friday, 3 July 2009

Too Hot To Be Creative

I would like to take the opportunity tonight of just saying, yet again, thank you for the lovely comments you leave me. I am delighted on a daily basis reading them all.

Also while I am on the subject of comments, I have had a lovely time tonight reading everyones blogs but I apologise for the reams of comments I have left on a lot of them. I think I might have got a bit carried away with a burst of energy now the weather is a bit more refreshing! Sorry if I have sent you to sleep!!

Well, like a lot of people, it has been a bit too hot for me this week. We have not had the lovely sunshine, apart from yesterday. It has been cloudy, damp and very very close and by the time we have had tea I've had no energy left for anything apart from going to bed, how exciting is that! There has also been some men running about in shorts playing tennis, so I've been a bit distracted there as well. Come on Hewitt!!!!! If you don't follow tennis, I apologise.

So the upshot of all this is that I have done no crafting whatsoever, apart from print off my Ellie photos ready to scrapbook. I have lots of things in my head ready to do so hopefully some craft will appear soon.

I don't like to blog without photos and have been inspired by Anne's lovely photos of her garden tonight so thought I would show you some more of mine.

These were all taken yesterday in the lovely sun and I thought I'd show you a bit more of the whole of our garden. As you can see it is not very big but I like to pack as much as I can in. Probably too much if truth be told. It all seems to get a bit overgrown by the end of Summer. You can't see the weeds though!

Freya planted the Nasturtiums back in the spring and they are just coming into their own and look great with the dark blue Lobelia. I wanted something free and easy in my baskets this year that would really look after themselves whatever the weather.

All the Clematis' have been fantastic. I forget how many I have, they grow up everything that will support them, bushes, trees and trellis and I have several in pots too. This purple one is in a pot up the house wall and I can't reach the top to tie it into it's support so all the flowers are hanging down looking at us, which I quite like, you get to see them properly.

I adore the teasels. I know they are not really garden plants, but they are so statuesque and give interest right through the winter. The insects love them too.

The last photo is just of the patio and all the pots I have. I'll try anything in a pot so that I can squeeze just one more plant in. Most do very well, especially the maples and the grasses, both of which I have many.

On that note I will wish you all a lovely weekend and I promise to blog some craft next time.


Jill said...

What gorgeous photos Lisa. Our back garden is all vegetables so it wouldn't be anywhere near as pretty as yours, just delicious and eatable ... mmm !

Littlebear said...

Beautiful photos of your garden - thank you for sharing them.
Have a great weekend.
Clare x

Sally H said...

Your garden is beautiful! I know what you mean about the weather - I feel like ~I have been in a bad mood for days, but it is the heat and humidity that is the cause. Feeling a bit better today, as the torrential rain we had yesterday has cleared the air a bit, and I got a better night's sleep!

brenda said...

Evening Lisa, thank you for sharing some beautiful colours of nature. Our escalonias (not convinced the spellings right)are just beginning to show colour and I'm itching to get some shots of them and share.

And I never bore of your comments, they are so appreciated.

Have a nice evening.

B x

Karen said...

Oh your garden is beautiful Lisa!!!

Thank you for the lovely comments on my blog. I wish I could draw like that but its a Leonardo da Vinci self portrait. XXX

Rhonda said...

Hi Lisa - Ijust want you to know that I so appreciate you comments and encouragement on my blog. I am not always at a computer where I am able to post messages and feel sometimes like I have not responded to part of a conversation, my apologies.

I hope your weather has improved there, we are having a beautiful spell of weather in Vancouver, perfect for the Jazz Festival and walks on the seawall,not too hot or humid.

Love the pics of your garden and the delightful baby elephant! Have a great day. Cheers!

Dragon said...

Just loving your photos of your garden... I find gardens fascinating and yours is so colourful. have you seen the slide show of mine?? Thanks SO much for your comments on my blog this week. I really appreciate your kind words.