Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Roses For Romance

For all you cake lovers out there, I think I'm safe to post the photos of the two cakes I decorated last week.

The first one was a wedding cake for my friend's hairdresser. She wanted it to be kept simple with just a spray of pink roses on the top to match her hand tied rose bouquet. The cakes were all fruit which my lovely Mum in law makes. Her cakes are delicious and always lovely and boozy. No one in the family can match her, as hard as we try.

The second cake was for the first Wedding Anniversary of my hairdresser, who is a regular cake buyer. She likes a plain sponge with jam and buttercream which I can make successfully. Luckily she was happy to have the same roses. I just added some rose leaves to make the spray a bit different.

We had plenty of buttercream and icing left over so Freya made fairy cakes on Sunday and had a lovely time decorating them so we got a bit of cake too!!!


Littlebear said...

Wow Lisa - these cakes are amazing! Your flowers are stunning, I am almost speechless - hubby has looked over my shoulder and said he thinks they are amazing too.
You are so talented.
Clare x

Lynne K said...

What beautiful cakes, Lisa. Truly works of art. The roses are so delicate it's hard to believe they are not real.

PS. I've left something for you on my blog!

Beryl said...

Fabulous cakes. Icing them as well as this is a real art.
Beryl xx

Jill said...

What amazing roses Lisa, they are beautiful - now that is really clever to do those!

Anne said...

Yes I see why you have pink cakes on your mind :). These are just stunning Lisa, you're very gifted

memory-scrap said...

OMG Lisa, did you make those roses?! They look so delicate and realistic, it's hard to think they're sugar! Shame you live so far away, I'm looking for inspiration for my wedding cake for next year and you are certainly very talented in that department! Infact with your creativity I bet you could kit out an entire wedding, making the cake, invites, place settings, taking the photo's .... You should consider wedding planning! Love Jane xxxx

Karen said...

OMG Lisa....you are amazing!!! Those cakes look so perfect...I bow to your icing skills XXX

Kate T said...

Both those cakes are fab, the roses are stunning. I have had a go at roses in the past - even did a class LOL, mine were rubbish - and you made them look so easy in a previous post !
love looking at your cakes !

Kim Piggott said...

Lisa these are just so beautifully stunning!
Your are incredible!
kim x

Papoosue said...

Oh, these are just gorgeous! I love the flowers :-)

Sally H said...

These are sooooo amazing! You are so clever. I can't believe those roses. They are so delicate and look so real!

Megan said...

Wow you are so talented! On the way back we stopped at Amerton Garden Centre, where they made some stunning cakes- really expensive though.