Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Me And The Elephants

Freya had a training day yesterday and Hubby had got the day off work so we decided to go to Chester Zoo for a treat. I've never been to a zoo before, yes I know, I was a deprived child!!!!! but they've come such a long way since the days of animals in cages haven't they.

We had a great day. We set off early as it's just over 2 hours from here, but the weather was very warm and sunny.

The animals were superb, especially the elephants. We stayed for ages watching them cooling down under a big waterfall they had and the little baby was just loving it.

The butterfly house was also a big favourite. They were so active in the heat and kept landing on you.

To be honest it's difficult to choose a favourite, the cheetahs were majestic, the monkeys funny and there was no sign at all of the Spectacled Bear, which we were all desperate to see. A man said he'd been several times and still hadn't seen them!!!! They must be very shy.

We picniced with hundreds of school children. Going on a weekday misses the crowds but catches all the children having an end of term treat. Still it was all part of the day.

We got home extremely tired and hot but it had been a superb day out.


Enfys said...

What a great Elephant photo Lisa. I used to go to Chester zoo when I was a child - it was animals in cages then...
En xx

Jill said...

Gorgeous photos. I think cheetahs are my favourites!

Littlebear said...

I'm glad you had such a good day. Your photographs are great!
Clare x

Michelle said...

How lovely Lisa, I miss having days out like this, we used to do so much with ours when they were little and now they're not interested in spending time with us. Enjoy it. they are special moments in time!
x Michelle

Sarah xx said...

Love these Elephants Lisa, what great photos you have taken. You lucky thing to have had such a nice day out!

Debbie Dolphin said...

yeah its a great place isnt it chester zoo.The elephants are just great animals.love the photos

Sally H said...

Sounds like you had a lovely day. I want to join the elephants!!!

judith@poppy cottage said...

Thanks for your kind comments Lisa, your always there to support me. Such a good blog friend! Hugs, Judith x

brenda said...

Look like a real fun day, that's how I always think of ellies playing.

Yes, the promarkers are a bit of a mystery, still trying to fathom out all those grey ones - all 15 of them. Jules just said they will be good for PB hedgies, need to colour an awful lot of them if that's the case.

B x

Kim Piggott said...

Oh Lisa what fantastic photos!
What a wonderful day you have had!
Cooling down a bit today hopefully it will stay more comfortable now.
Have a great weekend!
kim x

Kate T said...

That looks like such good fun, the nearest zoo to us is Bristol and unfortunately when the elephant passed away they were not allowed to replace because of space restrictions ! aren't they adorable though ?