Friday, 12 June 2009

More Cakey Creations

Hasn't the weather been lovely today. Oh I hope this is summer coming back.

Well I have lots of crafty things on the go but nothing finished to show you, I think it's a case of spending too much time in the garden again!!!

Anyway, while I was browsing today I saw a lovely cake some clever lady had made for her Gran. She'd made roses out of fondant icing following an online demonstration and this made me smile because I spent weeks at night school learning how to make sugar flowers some years ago and it just goes to show what you can learn online nowadays without having to leave the house. Although I did enjoy the social side of going to a class, it was great fun and I learnt lots of other things.

This reminded me that I hadn't shown any more of the wedding cakes I have made over the years and so I thought I'd share one of my favourites.

This one was made for the sister of a lady I'd made a cake for the year before. Her colour scheme was coffee and cream and it was a real joy. She brought me a picture of the design she wanted which was in blues so we changed the colours to suit.

The roses were made out of sugar paste and arranged with cream feathers and some curls of very fine gold craft wire. Each tier then had lots of little balls piped and gold dragee balls attached around the sides.

It was such a lovely cake to make and I think it's my favourite because the colours were so different from the usual pinks and whites.


Kim Piggott said...

Lisa this is totally awesome!
A brilliant sensational cake!
Wow you are mega clever to have created this beautiful cake. Those flowers are to die for!
What a lucky sister!
Have a great weekend.
kim x

Sue said...

Lisa this is absolutely devine, really beautiful. Its more than a cake its a work of art!!! I have always fancied cake decoration but would be too afraid I would eat everything before it actually became a cake. Im blown away Lisa this is gorgeous.

Jill said...

What a spectacular cake - it looks gorgeous. Enjoy the weekend

Sally H said...

Wow! This is a really amazing cake! You are very, very talented! I thought the roses were real!I agree it is a lovely colour combination x

Michelle said...

Amazing Cake Lisa. You still doing them?
x Michelle

Papoosue said...

Hi Lisa. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such lovely comments about my cake, particularly since I've been amazed by your beautiful wedding cake photos - how gorgeous it is. I really thought the roses were exquisite :-) I'd love to have some 'proper' cake decorating classes sometime and learn how to do work with sugarpaste. I'm glad I've found your blog - I'm off to browse through your other works of creativity! :-)

Lynne K said...

Wow, Lisa, what a beautiful cake, and the flowers are stunning. I too thought they were real. Definitely a work of art x

craftimamma said...

What a fabulous cake Lisa. My son and daughter-in-laws colour scheme was exactly the same with some very dark brown thrown in.

I have to say the cake wasn't up to your standard though. This is absolutely gorgeous.

Lesley Xx

Enfys said...

When I popped over and saw the title of the post, I was so thrilled, I just love seeing your cakey photos. I tell you what, when my Alex ties the knot, you are definitely getting an order from me (she isn't even dating seriously at the mo though, wish she would hurry up, I need a new hat..)
Back to the cake, it is a real work of art, you are so clever
En x

brenda said...

Morning Lisa

This was a gorgeous creation and takes me back a few years as I also used to make and decorate celectration cakes - isn't it stange how many interestes we apparently share ?

I had to give up the cake decorating when my MS really kicked in and unpredictability of agile fingers - a card can wait to be finished but a wedding can't.

I'm hoping for some teim in the garden today, but the colouds look as though they have other ideas.

Enjoy your weekend.

B x

lisa said...

I am really blown away by your comments guys, thank you so much.
I think crafters will turn they hands to most things won't they Brenda. I'd love to see some of your cake photos if you have any.
Yes Michelle, I do them whenever asked. One is currently on the go for July, pink roses this time. I'll post some photos when it's been delivered.
Thanks again you lovely lot.


Beryl said...

Thanks for your comments on the suspect card Lisa. It will probably end up in the bin cos I really don't like it. Unfortunately, the flowers were made from a strip of pink paper I had in the bit box and there wasn't enough to make any more flowers. I suppose I could take them off and make a few more that match. Oh. That idea just popped into my head as I typed. Think I'll try that tomorrow.
Beryl xx