Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Typical Summer Weather

Well if anyone had seen us last night they would have laughed their soaks off. It was a beautiful sunny day but by teatime some very dark clouds rolled up and there were some rumbles of thunder. Both cats were mooching about the garden and I called them in just in case. Nerys (below) wandered in but Oscar (above), who always thinks there's a game in the off, just dashed off. I gave chase but he was having none of it so I gave up and came in leaving him to it.

We sat down to tea and the heavens opened. It didn't pour, it was a torrent. We called Oscar but no sign. Oh well hopefully it would stop soon, but no, it got heavier. In the end I put on a huge coat and wellies and went swimming down the garden to where I could just see a tail poking out from under a big seat we have in the corner of the decking. Poor puss was terrified and instead of coming out squashed down between the fence where I couldn't reach him. I had to retreat back to the house and hope he would come of his own accord.

Ten minutes later, it was still a torrent, so hubby opened the door and called to no avail and in the meantime Nerys sneaked through his legs and was out too. Oh this was too much, two cats out in a monsoon. We both donned coats and wellies and went out again. Calling and coaxing was no good with Oscar so I had to lie down in all the wet and get hold of this wet, frightened cat and drag him out. You have never seen such a bedraggled creature in all your life and the cat was pretty wet too!!!!!!!!!

Nerys decided that as we had rescued her baby she would come in of her own accord. The four of us just stood dripping in the kitchen. I don't think I've ever been so wet fully clothed in all my life. If any of the neighbours saw us they must think we have finally lost the plot!!!!

Thankfully tonight is dry and sunny, I don't think I could cope with a repeat performance.

Just to finish I thought I'd show you the card Freya made for her student teacher who left their class last Friday. She always gets attached to her teachers, whether it's her class teacher or one of the many student teachers who come and go, which is lovely. I certainly never have any problems with her wanting to go to school, long may it continue.


Sally H said...

Lovely card from Freya! We had a downpour too last night. Our pets would probably have loved it... bet you can't guess what they are!

Beryl said...

I'm sure your cats appreciated being inside in the end. I thought we were going to get a storm this evening - watched it travel across the bay towards us and even heard the thunder, but it passed us by. Freya's card is lovely.
Beryl xx

Anne said...

Animals! I think they drive me as insane as my teenagers do sometimes LOL. We had no rain in Lambourn, garden needs it but everyones cutting hay so I'd best keep quiet

Freya's card is gorgeous, love it.