Wednesday, 21 September 2011

WOYWW and Getting Organised

It's that time of the week again when we are officially allowed to be nosey and have a good rummage around each others desks under the watchful guidance of the Desk Leader, Julia so if you want to join in with all the WOYWWer's pop over HERE.

I felt an urgent need this week to organise my life which is not an easy task. I keep everything and have a huge pile of empty boxes of every shape and size under my desk waiting to be turned into something amazing but in the meantime fall on me every time I sit down. Stamps are shoved into my filing trays and my promarkers are in a wooden box and make a terrible noise when I rummage for that certain colour that is always at the bottom!!

First job was the stamps. I keep them in handmade books and so this is what I have in progress on my desk this week. The front and back is two pieces of thick card that were at the back of a pack of envelopes in a previous life. I painted them with acrylic paint and then made a panel for the front with distress inks and paint fusion daisies.

The pages inside are thin card which the clear stamp protectors are stuck to and I make a note of the make and name of each set for future reference and hey presto. Stamps organised and easily found.

Hubby made this fantastic holder for my promarkers out of a sheet of foam board from Hobbycraft which cost all of £2.50. It sits neatly in the box the pens lived in previously to keep it all rigid and it's light enough but strong enough to be moved about easily. Isn't he clever? I love the fact that they look so organised and I can get just the colour I want first time.

By the way, if you are wanting new promarkers, Hobbycraft are selling them at £1.49 each, which is the best price I've seen them at.

So I'm feeling much tidier now. There's just that mountain of boxes to tackle...... well maybe next week!!!

I'm off to see what all the other WOYWWer's have been up to so thanks for stopping by and I hope your week is going well so far.


Clare *Littlebear* said...

I am very impressed with your new storage Lisa.
Hugs, Clare x

Fuchsia said...

Nice busy work space lovley work

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I love tidying up - it makes me happy! Sad but true... The daisy card is very pretty and sweet :) xx

Marjo said...

Great Thanks for sharing, have a great WOYWW!

xoxo Marjo #36idea for your markers!

Jill said...

Everytime I tidy my room I can't find anything!! It's not the largest room in the house but there are so many possible hiding places!! Love the Promarker storage, what a clever DH! Jill x

Paula Jane Atkinson said...

It looks far too tidy to me, :0)
I actually work far better in a tidy space but hate the tidy part because you then spend weeks trying to find it all!!!

Di said...

Can you please come and organise my stamps for me? Great PM storage too - a lot cheaper than the custom made one I bought, although I do love it. Good to improvise and save pennies for even more stash :)) Di xx

JoZart said...

Such a lovely daisy card but it is certainly eclipsed, thanks to your DH, by the wonderful PM storage he made. Why can't my DH make things?
Thanks for your message and today we've had a great time with Neet.
Love Jo x

SueH said...

Loving the pretty stamp storage Lisa, it looks so much nice than the plain ring binders I started to organize mine into.

Fab storage for your ProMarkers too.
Mine are in a CD rack that’s laid on its side but it doesn’t really work that well because of the little wooden tabs that the CD’s sit between.
I find that it’s tilting the pens forward and when you have a lot in there they fall out. Think I might have to revisit that one at some point.

Happy Crafting!

Sam said...

Liking your new storage for your pens. Can he make something like that for my DIs please? I just need an extension on my craft room but I think BBNPA might want a word with me if we do!!

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Wow Lisa your organisation has me amazed and very envious all at once - how simply terrific is that? The hubby idea is great - and so easy to see well done! no more hunting for colours except when you put them down where you should not! like I do - but maybe you dont have that problem??!!
Happy WOYWW!
love and God bless, Shaz in oz.x
PS will have some good news for you soon I pray so anyway will email when I do. if I forget, remind me! :D

Artyjen said...

Wow Lisa! Your clear stamp solution is a marvel ;) I am so in need of clear stamp easy peasy storage LOL!
And as for the pen storage....that's a fabulous solution too....well done clever DH
xoxo Sioux

Emma said...

I'm jealous ~ LOL!! Oh my, I wish I was as organized as you, my work room is absolute chaos at the moment!! Too much crafting, not enough time to tidy up!! If you ever want to come over to my house, I would love you put all my stamps in some gorgeous books like yours!!
Thanks for sharing, Lisa!
Love and hugs, Emma xxx

Elizabeth said...

Great storage ideas. The covers of your stamp storage is so pretty and I think I like the way you store them better than mine. However, the ProMarker storage is ace - and so inexpensive too. Has he thought about going into production :) Elizabeth x #125

Lisa-Jane said...

Those storage ideas are brilliant! I'm reluctant to get into Promarkers because I know I will want every colour. I LOVE those daisies on the front of your stamp folder too.

Tertia said...

So nice when everything is sorted and stored neatly. Love it, but for me it never really lasts very long.
Happy belated WOYWW

Debs Willis said...

A bit late checking out the WOYWW posts, but love your daisy book covers, and your storage looks great too!

I love tidying and sorting, but resent spending money on storage, so this is perfect!

thanks for sharing