Monday, 19 September 2011

With A Little Help From My Friends

How are you this Monday afternoon? I hope you are all doing OK. There are so many funny bugs and viruses about at the minute but I hope you've managed to avoid them and if not are beginning to feel much better. We've both been suffering silly colds recently but thankfully they have shuffled off from where they came now.

I have to say a big thank you to you all for your wonderful suggestions following my last post. I read and pondered them all and firstly took Claire's suggestion to sleep on it!!!

Lesley suggested a quote, white fluffy clouds and birds (Shaz also agreed with the bird idea) which I liked and Jo thought a straw hat would be good and Gay suggested decoupaging it. Both worked a treat.

I didn't want to add a quote to the front as I quite like the big sky look so added it to the edge instead. It reads:

A garden of sunflowers beckoned to me,
Come join us, my lady and joyous you'll be.

So I now have a finished canvas I'm happy with. I knew you'd come up trumps and you didn't let me down. I feel like I've had a lovely crafting session with all my talented friends.

Today I've had to go back to card making for yet another Golden Wedding. We seem to be surrounded by Golden Wedding couples at the minute, how wonderful to reach 50 years of marriage. I hope we get there one day.

Anyway, here is the card I've made using the lovely Stampin Up medallion stamp. It was quite quick and simple but this is such a beautiful stamp I don't think it needs much else.

I raised up the main panel and cut the 50 using a Sissix die.

Well, I'd better go and get tea on so I'll just say thanks for stopping by and see you soon.

I've just looked at the photo of the card on the post and realised the bow was wrong at the top and it's now in the middle!!!!!


Elizabeth said...

Hi Lisa, the canvas, though lovely before, is now quite perfect and I just love the quote and where you've place it. How nice it is to be able to ask for suggestions and get so many helpful ones by return. The golden wedding card is beautiful ... as we are already well into our golden years and only been married 15 years, Alan and I have no hope of reaching that anniversary but we're fair chuffed that we've clocked up so many already ... that's what it's like when you get married late in life :) Elizabeth x

mustavcoffee, Gay Peplow said...

Hi there Lisa, Well this is a magnificent canvas, well done you, it's really beautiful. I love the sentiment going around the edge a brilliant touch! Thank you for the shout out:0)
Your Golden wedding card is lovely, great idea to put the 50 in the middle of the fabulous medallion. Hugs Gay xxx

Lisa Jane said...

I didnt comment on the canvas in the previous post - but i have to say i love the hat now .. it looks wonderful- and the Golden wedding card is so elegant
Lisa x

JoZart said...

It was lovely before but now it's just "Perfick" and I happy to have played a part in it's development. I do think it is good to get friendly constructive criticism as so often people are hesitant to make any suggestions for fear of offending.
Well as for the Golden Wedding... Dave and I aren't far off that milestone as we were 45 years married in July. We've been a couple for 52 years as we met 7 years before we married. I can recommend it but maybe we've just been lucky! Well we are that!
Love Jo x

Jules said...

Hi Lisa

Your sunflower canvass is stunning .. .. what a brilliant place to put your quote .. .. and what a beautiful quote it is too!!!

Your golden wedding card is fabulous too .. .. thank you for showing me another way to use my medallion stamp.

Love Jules xx

craftimamma said...

Hi Lisa, I agree with the others, the canvas did look lovely before but it's 'spot on' now and perfectly balanced. I love where you've placed the quote and a lovely one it is too. I wouldn't have dared to write on the sides or I would have ruined the whole thing. My writing is terrible even on the flat let alone a thin edge, lol!

Love the golden wedding card. It's very elegant and as you say, a beautiful image. We've still got a fair way to go to reach that milestone (married 39 years in November)but it would be nice to think we'll make it.

Lesley Xx

Emma said...

I loved the canvas as it was before but this is just simply stunning! A really beautiful piece of's gorgeous Lisa!!
Your Golden Wedding card is fabulous, as is everything you do! It's always such a pleasure to visit your blog and see all your fab work.
Glad to hear you've avoided the bugs and colds that are going around.
Love and hugs, Emma xxx


Ooooh Lisa - this is gorgeous, and I agree with your friends regarding the little bit of "tweaking", but to be honest I like the original version too!
The Golden wedding card is fabulous - that SU image is so versatile, and I love the way you've created an aperture in the centre.

Hope you're having a happy week - hugs, Sylvia xxx

Brenda Brown said...

Fabulous work Lisa.
luv and hugs {brenda} xoxox

Enfys said...

Hi Lisa, What a beautiful work of art your canvas is, I love it, and the way you placed the quote is inspired
Enfys xx

Enfys said...

Hi Lisa, what a gorgeous work of art, and the way you have placed the quote is inspired!
En xx

Anne said...

Hi Lisa the canvas looks great, the decoupage worked didn't it and LOVE that SU card, keep seeing this medallion used for so many things...

Kezzy said...

Beautiful canvas, the verse is lovely and I love how you incorperated everyones ideas. Gorgeous anniversay card. Kezzy x