Friday, 16 September 2011

What Do You Think?

Morning lovely crafters. Is it really Friday already? After the gorgeous mellow Autumn sunshine yesterday it's a bit grey and gloomy here today but at least it's far.

I recently bought this lovely La Blanche stamp, there's just something about that hat that called to me. She looks like she's stood in a field of sunflowers which led me to this little canvas. I used the Fusion daisies to create my sunflowers as the actual fusion sunflower stamps are too big. The canvas is only 5"x7".

Anyway, I'm happy with it so far but after finishing all the foreground sunflowers thought my figure should probably have been further up the canvas and I'm now left with a lot of plain sky but I don't know what else, if anything to do with it so I'm picking your brains. What do you think? What can I do on the rest of it? I need someone to bounce ideas off.

While my little canvas sits waiting for it's finishing touches I'm off to play with some other new stamps I treated myself too. Why is it that when you've been deprived of crafting for a few weeks you go mad with the crafting pennies. I must be good now until Christmas!!!!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend whatever the weather.


Jill said...

Wow Lisa, what lovely sunflowers! Nice to see something summery as we haven't had a summer AGAIN! It's cloudyish with flashes of sunshine here! Need a bit more wind as I plan to go and watch some more America's Cup racing this afternoon! Have a good weekend - I have 2 scrapbook crops! Jill x

Claire Phillips said...

This is wonderful Lisa... I would live with it for a while befor you decide on the sky. Maybe some sunshine...but not sure I'm not good at deciding on the next step - I always just have to try things out!lo Cheers Claire x

Emma said...

WOW!! FABU~U~LOUS!! This is stunning Lisa and I can see why you wanted that stamp. Beautiful work and whatever the weather, hope you have fun playing with the new stamps and getting crafty!!!
Love and hugs, Emma xxx

craftimamma said...

Wow, that's definitely some biiiiig hat, Lisa, Ha! Ha! It's a lovely image though and I love your field of flowers. I'm a great one for quotes and if it were my canvas I would be searching for an appropriate one to add to the top right corner otherwise I would just add a bit of soft texture to the blue to add a hint of streaky white clouds. Oooh, or maybe a few teeny birds in flight?

Lesley Xx

JoZart said...

That is a gorgeous composition but in my mind's eye I see the wonderful wide brimmed hat as straw coloured then the focus above your lovely flowers won't all be blue. Make a separate cut out of the hat and place it over so you can see if it works.
I can just picture it as my little'un in Germany as she loves flowers, the garden and HATS!
I must look out for that stamp too.
Love Jo x

Sally H said...

It is stunning Lisa! I love it! I think it is perfect as it is. Sunflower fields need big skies!

mustavcoffee, Gay Peplow said...

Good morning Lisa, It's just so lovely when you visit, your comments always make me smile Thank you so much:0) Your card today is beautiful, I love the stamp and the fabulous sunflowers. I wonder if you were to decoupage the fabulous hat and give it some weight in the card it may balance out the flowers. I think the sky is simply perfect, unbroken blue what could be better:0)I hope you have a lovely weekend, hugs Gay xxx

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hullo there Lisa, thanks for popping over and love the fact you have tried to grow Aussie flowers in an English climate!... have a couple of bottle-brush, and will if I remember put some pickies of them next week. And you gum tree will shoot again as you said and if it was a snow gum would withstand your frosts too they have the most amazing bark features snow gums and quite tortured looking trunks - I really love them (Google it and you will get some pickies if you want), but dont grow them here of course, not on the coast. We had three big gum trees out the front but they came down and the Norfolk pine cos they grew too big and we put the small garden across the front.
Re. the sky totally agree with craftimmamma's idea - was going to say same about colouring of sky and my dad who is an artist puts a couple of birds in every pickie kind of a signature of his.. done hundreds of oils, also does pastels and watercolour.. might blog one of his one day. Shaz in oz.x

Lesley said...

This is totally gorgeous Lisa. What to do with it? I would be itching to add a touch of orange at the top and sides to hang it all together - but that's just me - maybe something in the sky - a mask or something to add dimension and depth?

Chilly wind today and heavy showers interspersed with sunshine :)

Paula Jane Atkinson said...

Love that image, Lisa.
You have done some nice things since my last visit. I have had a week in France and just before I went I found my mojo again :0)
My blog was full of scheduled posts and now Im back its time to get going again.
I do miss my blog rounds & creating but work got in the way far too much. France taught me to live my life, not live to work as I have been!!!

Sandra said...

So beautiful Lisa. That image really stood out for me too when I saw the La Blanche stamps. Your sunflowers are perfection!
Sandra x