Friday, 16 October 2009

For The Love Of Grunge!!

What a week.

People always say to me, oh you must have so much free time now you don't go out to work!! If only they knew. I think I'm far busier now than when I did work everyday and you don't clock off and relax at 5pm either. Not that I'm complaining, I love being at home, but this week has been mad.

I was a parent helper on Wednesday taking 50 children to the theatre in Bradford to see The Gruffolo which was fantastic. The kids loved it and joined in heartily and I think the grown ups enjoyed it just as much. It was so cleverly done, full of humour and catchy songs. We then went to the park for a picnic and a walk. The weather was cloudy but it stayed fine so was a lovely day out and the kids are great fun. I love helping out but it's really tiring. I was asleep in front of the telly by 8pm!!!!

Yesterday was a visit to the dentist, shopping and Parents Evening. I'm glad all thats over. Teachers (apologises to all you teachers out there) have a knack at making you feel inadequate as a parent sometimes. It may be partly down to the fact that Freya goes to the same school as I did many moons ago and some of the same teachers are still there. You never loose that feeling of being a lesser being I suppose.

Then to cap it all, we had to call the TV repair man out, we have a very fetching pink line down the middle of our TV and when he came this morning he said it has to be taken away to see if they can repair it which means we're back to watching a portable for a week. We don't watch it that much but I love my Strictly Come Dancing and it'll be weird to watch it on a a little TV. Still we'll manage, it's hardly a problem in the scheme of things.

Oh dear, I do seem to have had a moan this morning, I'm so sorry, some of you are having really difficult days I know so I have nothing to complain about.

So down to crafty things!! I've just discovered the fantastic grungeboard. What wonderful stuff. There is no limit to what you can do with it and it feels and smells just like leather.

I've started off with having a go at making some jewellery with it, inspired by the watch straps Sheena Douglas made on Create and Craft some weeks ago and these are the results.

The circles were cut using Nestabilities. They didn't cut right through so I finished off with a craft knife but you still end up with a perfect circle which is impossible to get with scissors. I embossed them with the swirls folder and then spritzed with glimmer mist and over sprayed with gold spray to get a lovely sheen. The swirls were highlighted with a matching gel pen. You can play to your hearts content, it was great fun. I punched a hole with a crop o dile and attached a brad to strengthen the hole.

For this one I drew round one of the leaf designs on the Elusive Images Diamante Delights sheet, cut it out, embossed and sprayed it in the same way.

The last ones were stamped with the same stamp and then inked with distress ink. I then overstamped the design and embossed to get a bit of a shine. The green one had copper cosmic shimmer sprayed on it.

I like the rougher surface of these, they look like leather in real life.

I have played with other things but I'll save these for another day. I've rambled on enough today and I don't want to bore you to tears.

Thanks as always for visiting and have a great weekend whatever you are doing.


sam said...

These are fabulous Lisa. Love them loads - must get me some grungeboard. And Sheenas shows are a must watch - even my hubby was taking notice of it the other day and said " You could do with some of that stuff" so when the bank allows I'll be spending it all on C & C.
Take care
sam x

Clare (Littlebear) said...

Wow Lisa, these are amazing. I've always wondered what use Grungeboard had - now I know. I haven't seen Sheena's shows but I will be looking out for them now.
Clare x

Sarah xx said...

Lisa these are stunning, you would never think they started out as Grungeboard. You will have to have a stall at the school fete and sell them! xxx

Jill said...

They are really great Lisa! Never thought of turning grunge board into jewellery!

Sandra said...

Wow Lisa sounds like you've had an amazingly busy week. Your grungeboard jewellery looks amazing!!
I love strictly too!! Hope you get your big TV back soon.
Sandra x

brenda said...

What great maked Lisa, nice to strat away from the norm sometimes.

Can identify with your comments about teachers seeming to be at school forever. Have been through some of ours with own children and the eldest grandchildren, but then it gets worrying when they start to retire because you know you are not so far behind them.

B x

Lynda said...

These are just fab Lisa and it's impossible to pick a favourite!

Love Lynda xxx

The Stamp Man said...

These are all lovely Lisa, you have been very busy! The smell of Grunge board reminds me of a holiday in Italy as a child, it is a certain leathery smell that reminds me of visiting a market there (lots of shoes and handbags on sale), I like the smell although I know some people don't. It is an amazing product, so versatile and your jewellery proves a great use for it. Looking forward to seeing more of your work with this.

Jill xx

Lynne K said...

Wow! Lisa, these are all absolutely gorgeous. I couldn't possibly pick a favourite - I like them all. Never thought of using grungeboard for jewellery. What lovely Christmas presents they'd make. xx

Sally H said...

Wow! Fab idea! I particularly like the first one, but they are all gorgeous!
I've been working in the same area for 15 years now, and it's only a matter of time before I hear ' you taught my mum!'It makes me feel old. I hope I'm not too scary!

Michelle said...

Wow Lisa these are totally stunning and what fantastic gifts, I keep thinking I must have another go with grunge board but struggling to find the wherewithall
You coming to Embsay tomorrow?
x Michelle

Beryl said...

Oh what fun you've had with these lovely pieces. You'll never be stuck for jewelry now will you. Great work.
Beryl xx

craftimamma said...

What lovely pieces Lisa. Anyone would love to wear those.

Note to self - must open that pack of Grungeboard!!!!!!

Hope your weekend is calmer than your week has been.

Lesley Xx

Kim Piggott said...

Lisa these are so gorgeous!
What a brilliant idea they look fabulous!
My Grandson loves me reading the Gruffolo it is a great story.
I too know just what you mean about having less time that when you were at work go figure! weird or what! ha ha
kim x

Linda said...

Oh no reduced to watching Strictly on a small screen - that would be my idea of genuine torture! Who's your favourite this year?

The grungeboard jewellery looks great - it's a wonderful medium to work with.

Anonymous said...

Wow Lisa, these are fantastic !