Monday, 19 October 2009

Embossing In A Power Cut!!

I got home from doing my shopping last Thursday to find we had a power cut. I don't know about you but you don't realise how much you use power until it's not there.

I threw my shopping in the fridge and freezer as quick as I could so that the doors were not open too long, made a sandwich and thought I can't sit in silence and eat it so I went hunting for my battery travel speakers and hooked up my Ipod. Music, great!!!!

I then decided I'd make a birthday card for my blogging friend Lynne and it was all going really well, one of those cards that just flowed, which is rare for me. I stamped out the birds, applied the embossing powder, got out the heat gun and do I plug this in I thought!!!! Now what do I do. Think Think Think. Mmmm I wonder if I can emboss it on the gas ring. After hunting round for a lighter to light the gas, I put the smallest ring on the lowest setting and held the card over and hey presto the powder melted. I did keep checking I wasn't setting fire to the other side!!!! Just shows what you can do when you have to!!

Anyway, this is the end result. The birds (from Crafty Individuals) were stamped onto moonglow spritzed card and embossed with clear powder. I stamped the hearts onto a scrap of card I'd used to wipe up some overspraying of glimmer mist from another project. These were cut out, decoupaged and glossy accents applied.

The cuttlebugged background had matching colourbox inks swipped over and I must say I was quite pleased with the results. The greeting was from a Kay Carley Flitters and Flutters stamp set.

Thankfully the power came back on after about three hours so I could have a much need cuppa!!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and I hope you enjoyed your special day Lynne.

Thank you as always for visiting.


brenda said...

How very industrious of you Lisa, would never have thought of that, mind you we are not on mains gas so may ahve been difficult.

It's a great card anyway, I am very into birds right now and loving the image.

B x

Jill said...

What a fabulous card Lisa, never mind if there was a power cut, you know what to do!!!

Linda said...

Well improvised - it's amazing what we take for granted isn't it? I love the colours of this card - really pretty.

Lynda said...

you're "definitely cooking on gas" with this one lol. Fabulous card Lisa and great "technique".

Love Lynda xxx

Polly said...

That's the sort of committment I like to see! And what great results.

You're right how much you don't realise need to be plugged in until you can't do it.

The Stamp Man said...

I had the same problem last week Lisa, you certainly miss electric when it goes! I've heard a number of improvisations for embossing over the years, maybe next time put a baking tin on a very low heat and put the card in the tray so it away from the flame! A lovely card, I bet your friend was pleased with it.

Jill x

Sally H said...

Gorgeous! I too have embossed without electricity, by holding the card against the metal panel above the gas fire. I was crafting whilst the house was being rewired!

Anne said...

Lovely card, and quick thinking on the embossing front!

Beryl said...

How ingenious - I'm sure I wouldn't have tyhought of that. I'm glad you managed to finish to card and show it on here. The colours are amazing. Very beautiful card.
Beryl xx

Sarah xx said...

Well done Lisa, what a lovely card- gorgeous colours, and clever thinking! xxx

craftimamma said...

Very inovative Lisa, well done. You came up with a beautiful card inspite of the difficulties.

Lesley Xx

Lesley said...

Hi Lisa, I've just found your lovely blog and have enjoyed my visit. Your work is fabulous!

Kathy said...

It's a lovely card - you did well to stay creative in a power cut!

Michelle said...

So beautiful Lisa and what a brainwave embossing on your cooker! A lovely card ot made too!
x Michelle

Kim Piggott said...

Oh your card is so very beautiful Lisa!
You are so inventive brilliant idea definitely need you around when I am in a crisis ha ha!
Just stunning!
kim x

debby4000 said...

Oh this is gorgeous, love the colours.

Lynne K said...

I loved the card, Lisa, and it's even more special because of the way you had to make it. Thanks again for making my day. xx

Jo (Boots the Monkey) said...

Did you used to be a Girl Guide by any chance ? !!! Amazing what we can put our hand to in difficult situations. Your card is absolutely gorgeous !


Jo xxx