Monday, 13 April 2009

More Cake

Well what lovely people you are and what lovely comments you leave. The Easter cake is yummy and I am sending you all a slice through cyber space!!!!!

Because of the nice things you said and also because I haven't done a scrap of crafting all weekend, too busy finishing the decorating-hurray!!!! pottering in the garden and watching the golf-Good grief, did I actually say that. My hubby was watching it and I sort of got sucked in- I thought I'd show you another cake. Well you did agree it was still crafting.

I did this one last June for a friend of my sister. She told me she wanted daisies, the bridesmaids would be wearing navy and she wanted a bride and groom on the top but apart from that I could do what I wanted. I must admit at first I was a bit freaked by navy for a wedding but I think by adding the bit of silver to the ribbon to lift it, it worked really well with the freshness of the daisies. It was a lovely cake to do. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I think the bride was very pleased with it.

It was a lovely wedding, Freya and I went to have a peak as my sister was one of the bridesmaids and it was at the same church where we got married many moons ago so I could get all nostalgic!!!!

Now, before I sign off I need some help. I'm being a bit thick I think but I cannot for the life of me find out how to add your profile pics on the comments you leave me. Everyone I visit has them and I have searched and searched but cannot work it out. I now have brain ache so hope someone can help me. I want to see who is leaving me such nice comments.


Kim Piggott said...

Hi Lisa,
This is just magnificant!
Such a confection of loveliness!
You are so clever to have made this I am in awe!
Sorry I can't help you with the photo thingy. Is there an option to have pop up window for comments that might help sorry!
kim x

Sally H said...

Wow! that is a truly stunning cake! knocks spots off my Bob the Builder and Boo from monsters inc! The pics on the comments thing - if you click on settings tab and then comments it is near the bottom x

Enfys said...

more more more please Lisa. I am in awe of these fab cakes. I just love the daisies. I just emailed a link to my daughter and said how about daisies when you get married. She wrote back 'mum, I haven't even got a boyfriend'.
En xx

lisa said...

Thank you everyone you are too kind. I'm off to try to find the pictures thing now-thanks Sally.