Thursday, 30 April 2009

Lost Treasures Found

Goodness, I've been so busy visiting all my blog friends and chatting I haven't got round to posting a blog in days, that's terrible, I must do better.

I've just discovered that Jill (Mrs Stampman) has just started a blog and has lots of photos of her wonderful creations on it. I have been a customer of the Stampman since they had a tiny shop in Ilkley at the very beginning and I bought my very first rubber stamps and ink pads from them, so the blame for my crafting addiction can firmly be laid at their door!!!! I shall be eternally grateful. Anyway, if you love messy crafting, splodging, spritzing etc, Jill is a master so please give her visit, you will not be disappointed.

While on the subject of my favourite stamps Glenda Waterworth is giving away some of her new fab bird stamps on her design team site, definitely worth a look.

Now a trip down memory lane. Does anyone remember these things?

My Mum has been clearing out her loft and we found these in a box. I was absolutely thrilled, assuming they had been thrown away long ago.

What are they you might ask, they look a bit grotty and strange!!!!

Well, you put a pin in the middle, draw a line at the top and move the numbers round to that line drawing the corresponding shape as you go and you end up with a lovely drawing of a Disney character. These were mine when I was Freya's age and so are quite ancient now, but they still work perfectly and although I've looked many times you can't buy anything half as good today. The new ones are poor imitations of the original as with many things.

As you can see you don't need any artistic talent but the little pictures are perfect.
Does anyone else remember these or have them? I'd be interested to know.

I have now passed mine onto Freya and she has spent ages using them. She likes the mystery of guessing what she is drawing because it doesn't tell you on them what characters they make.

Before I go today I must just say a big thank you to the lovely Sally at Sal-utations for yet another award. I am totally over whelmed by them all at the moment. You are all such lovely people.

Have a lovely day.


Kim Piggott said...

Congratulations on your award Lisa!
What a find too!
kim x

Jak Heath said...

Oh Lisa I love your find, I had sets of these too, I remember playing for hours on end with them.

Sue said...

OMG!!! I remember those, vaguely, but I do remember them. The kids nowadays wouldnt have lasted 10 minutes back then. No wimpy ipods for us we had to carry huge stereos if we wanted portable music and the list goes on. Thanks for taking me down memory lane, lovely stuff on your blog by the way

xx Sue

Enfys said...

these are such fun Lisa, my kids never had these, they were obviously poor deprived children whose mum never bought the right toys. Hope Freya is having fun x

Sally H said...

I too had some of these! We had the set with the disney version of Robin Hood! I remember Robin being particularly intricate and difficult to line up!