Friday, 10 April 2009

A Little Bit of Cake Crafting

I hope everyone had a lovely Good Friday. It's been a really wet day here but we had a surprise visit from some friends who live in Shropshire which was lovely. It made the day really special.

This morning Freya and I decorated the Simnel cake we made yesterday so I thought we'd share that with you. It's still crafting in my eyes. I decorate wedding cakes when asked (one day I'll show you some pictures when I've not done any paper crafting), which helps to fund my craft addiction.

We didn't have enough marzipan to make the traditional apostle balls on the top, too much got eaten by a little person!!!! so we used mini eggs instead which I think looks really cheerful and full of Easter.

Hopefully it'll be saved until Sunday, although one egg has already disappeared. I wonder how many will be left before we actually cut into it? I'll let you know!!

Have a lovely weekend.


sam said...

Well done you. My mum used to do wedding and special occasions cakes so I'd love to see them on your blog.
Have a great Easter
Sam x

Sally H said...

That looks delicious! Meg and I love to cook together, although these days she does most of the baking whilst I do the washing up and lining of tins! You are right, it is crafting too! Have a great Easter!

Sandra said...

Hmmmmm the amazing disapearing eggs!
Beautiful cake... save me a slice ;o)
Happy Easter!
Sandra xx

Enfys said...

Wow Lisa, this cake is fantastic. I'd LOVE to see photos of your cakey creations on your blog.
Happy Easter weekend.
Enfys x

Kate T said...

Talk about good enough to eat ! I love cake decorating but haven't done any for ages ! love to see more !
Kate x