Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Tags, Bags and Flu Jabs

I am so relieved that I'm at least a bit normal, thank you all those folk who agreed with the handbags and shoes thing!!!

My friends all think I'm nuts!! To me bags are just for stuffing all those things in you can't leave the house without, purse, camera, tissues, keys, wet wipes, phone, pen, tub of mints, carrier bag and many other assorted necessities. I then end up with Hubby's keys and phone when he's got nowhere else to put them and that half drunk bottle of juice we invariably seem to have after having a coffee out. Why can't children ever finish their drinks!! It's no wonder I need something the size of a suitcase that always weighs a ton.

At the end of the last post I promised you the tag for the Tag It On Challenge, the original reason we made the alcohol ink background,(the theme this week is alcohol inks and faces)... so here it is.

I cut the tag shape out of the photo paper and stamped all over with the same script stamp using Brilliance Galaxy gold. The ladies were stamped in Brilliance crimson as with the last card.

I stamped the swirl in the corners, covered the ladies with a mask and sprinkled gold embossing powder over the rest of the tag and very very carefully heated it. Photo paper buckles and bubbles really easily under heat but I got away with it... just!!!!!

I've really enjoyed playing with the inks and these stamps, they are something a bit different for me but I will definitely play with them again soon. It's been nice to get away from the Christmas thing for awhile. I've still got those cards to finish!!!!!! Keep finding more interesting things to do!!!!!

I hope your week is going well so far. Mine has been stressful, have you ever tried to get a flu jab appointment from a doctors receptionist. It's harder than getting into China!! My Mum is on the list of vulnerable people and has the flu jab every year but her surgery didn't contact her and she forgot this year. I also said it was a good idea if she has the Swine flu jab. She's on medication which means she has no immune system. Anyway, to cut a very long story short, when she rang to get an appointment yesterday, they said the earliest appointment she could have was for the next flu clinic in 2 weeks time!!!!
This is not good enough me thinks!! She could very easily catch flu in this time. After several telephone calls I ended up speaking to the practice manager who told me they hold flu clinics every day but these were totally full of chronically ill people. I appreciated they were very busy but pointed out the differing stories I was being told. She then said she had just noticed they had an appointment today at 9.30am!!! What is all that about!!

Anyway it's all done with now. Sorry to rant. I don't get upset often but when I feel an injustice is being done I can't leave it alone.

Thank you for stopping by.


Basteltante Ursula said...

Hallo Lisa,
ist wunderschön geworden gefällt mir.

Liebe Grüße


Sally H said...

I love your tag. You have such a gift with pastel colours! Our Doctors sounds much the same as yours. I rang to get an asthma clinic appointment back in October for myself and Meg, and was offered one in December which we booked. Two weeks later they sent me a letter to say I was overdue for an asthma clinic appointment and should book one!

Carolands said...

Very nice tag, I love it, especially the colours


Michelle said...

Hi Lisa
What a brilliant tag. Love this type of play around you're doing at the moment. I might have a go at this technique, you have some stunning effects on this and your card.
x Michelle

Jill said...

Love that tag again Lisa. Mmm... sometimes I think doctors just think of people as 'numbers' to be counted rather than as human beings! I try to avoid going - I have to be really ill before I go.

Beryl said...

This tag is gorgeous - I wouldn't have dreamt of trying to emboss on photo paper - love the sublte colours and all that fab stamping.
Beryl xx

Dragon said...

You were right to rsnt... not good enough!!! However the tag IS !!! Fab work and so delicate. Have you tried the kromacote paper from Stamp Addicts? It is shiny like phot paper but does take the heat!!!! Not sure if I spelled it correctly but it is very good to use!!! Thanks for dreaming with me this week.

brenda said...

Hi Lisa

It's good to have a rant now and then, helps the mind settle to more important things - like crafting for example and of course I adore your tag.

Your flu rant amused me actually as it's a bit of a 'sore' point with me right now. As an "immune compromised" person - they say it at the surgery as if it's news to me, I always have the regular flu jab.

Of course this year I got the 'invite' for the swine flue one as well. I thought long and hard about it then at the last miute thought I had better keep the appointment.

Warning bells astared when the nurse gave me a list of possible and likely side effects - enough to amke you run a mile - then needle poised asked which arm I use the most. Odd I thought, two days later I know the reason for the question - twice the size and will hardly move.

And the latest instalment, I need to have a second one. Hmmmm ! Oh that's right - Im immune compromised, must remember that bit.

Told you it was good to have a rant didn't I !

B x

Hope Jacare said...

Great tag - really beautiful. Your Mum is lucky to have you - goodness know what would have happened otherwise....Cheers Claire x

Kathy said...

wow, Lisa! this is fantastic

Paula said...

love this tag - so soft and feminine

Clare (Littlebear) said...

I love this tag Lisa. The colours are gorgeous and the embossing looks lovely.
I hope you are having a great weekend.
Clare x

craftimamma said...

Beautiful tag Lisa and such lovely colours. Wow, you were clever embossing on photo paper. I've tried it - what a disaster, lol!

Lesley Xx