Sunday, 22 November 2009

A Hint Of Green

This weather is certainly perfect for crafting and not a lot else, although we did have a lovely morning shopping in Harrogate yesterday.

Lots of little bits of secret Santa shopping needed doing so plenty of sneaking into shops while creating a diversion was going on. Freya is very good, we can get away with buying things when she's with us and saying it's being sent away to Santa, although she will be getting plenty of surprises so don't worry!

It was thick fog and drizzly rain while we were out and by the time we got home the wind had got up and it was pouring. A perfect excuse for a crafting afternoon.

Freya and I had a play with alcohol inks, her results were better than mine, I was too heavy handed so I did them all again. Fancy being shown up by an 8 year old. Anyway this was all in aid of Frankie's Tag It On Challenge which was to use alcohol inks and faces. I have made my tag but you'll have to wait to see that one 'cos I had so many bits of inked paper left I decided to make a card and while I was putting it together realised it fitted the Tuesday Taggers challenge this week of red, gold and green. I have to confess to having to think hard how to get the green in but if you look closely you'll see the little green gems!!!

We made the background by putting the alcohol ink onto a craft mat and squirting it liberally with blending solution and then twisting some cheapy photo paper around in it and just kept going until we had something we liked. The gold ink was added in the same way at the very ink. I think I used Cranberry and Denim Blue for the card.

The Crafty Individual ladies were stamped in Brilliance Crimson and the background was a script stamp also from Crafty Individuals which was stamped several times and gold embossed. I gold embossed the chipboard swirls to match.

I was also honoured by receiving this lovely award from the very talented Rhonda who lives in beautiful Vancouver and makes gorgeous tags.

Apparently, I have to tell you 5 interesting facts about myself, how hard is that!!!!

Well here goes-

I'm very grumpy first thing in the morning until I've had my first cup of tea, which my lovely hubby brings me in bed every day, how lucky am I!!!!

I love to be outside in the sunshine, it just makes me so happy, which is why Spring and Summer are my favourite months.

I can't understand people with a handbag and shoe fetish, I only have one bag and a couple of pairs of shoes for Winter and Summer, but I absolutely love buying plants and craft stash instead.

I love my music. Music of all kinds, I don't really have a favourite. Some music makes me happy and want to dance (not very well I hasten to add) and some just makes me want to sit and listen. But I have music on all day!

I adore silly American dramas like Everwood, Brothers and Sisters and ER and cannot miss them, yes I know ER has finished now. I shall be in mourning for ever. If I'm going to miss an episode I'll go to any lengths to see it!!! Sad I know.

Blimey that was a struggle.

I don't normally pass awards on, it's so hard to choose but because I'm nosey and some blogs especially make me smile I'd like to pass this award to the following.

Jill (Mrs Stampman)
Sarah (In The Zone)
and Ei for her wonderful e-mails.

and everyone else who'd like it.

Well I hope you are all having a lovely weekend. I'll be back soon with that tag. I think I've wittered on enough for one day.

Thank you for stopping by.


Sally H said...

Beautiful card, Lisa! Meg and I went Christmas shopping yesterday too. I have to say it is lovely shopping together these days. We have such a laugh! We were lucky to be able to browse around the German market too. their doughnuts are to die for and were just the ticket on a cold and miserable day!

Basteltante Ursula said...


die Karte ist wunderschön geworden!

LG Ursula

lisa said...

Oh Sally. I love christmas markets, this sounds fab and doughnuts too!!


melody said...

what a beautiful card chickie! lovin those images..and nice touch with the *touch* of green

Rhonda said...

Lovely card! Hope you are surviving all the rainstorms, we are being deluged with rain on the west coast of Canada too! Cheers!

Avril Ann said...

Lisa Loving your card, and I agree with you ER, how could they, come January I am going to go into a deep depression.......thanks for joining us at TT this week, please come back soon. Hugs Avril xxx

Carolands said...

I really love this card, the colours are very subtle, good work.

Carol x

Jill said...

Really fab card Lisa can't wait for the tag!

Lynne K said...

Lovely card, Lisa. I've just bought that stamp but haven't got round to doing anything with it yet. I'm impressed you've done some Christmas shopping already. The thought of doing so hasn't (to paraphrase Douglas Adams) even had chance to speculate about crossing my mind yet!

craftimamma said...

Just back from holiday Lisa so I'm trying to get caught up with everyone.

I love what you've done with this project. I love messing about with alcohol inks too especially on acetate. Those ladies are quite lovely too.

You've posted some beautiful work while I've been away and the 'Funky Flower' ones are beautiful.

Lesley Xx

Clarky J said...

Beautiful work Lisa - hope you have mail from me xx Thanks for joining us again at TT this week x janet

brenda said...

Good Monring Lisa

Looks like I have missed some great projects this week.

Sorry not been able to visit due to this eye problem, but thanks for still visiting me, really is appreciated.

B x

Hope Jacare said...

Fab card - lovely effects and I'm with you on the plants and craft stash - much more fun than shoes!

Paula said...

Gorgeous piece of art, Lisa.
Im with you on the shoes & bags fetish, I just don't get it. I was a bit of a tom boy & worked on a farm & on a Hortivultural unit but these days I consider Im girly having nails :)

Beryl said...

Loks like you both had fun and made some great inked pieces at the same time. This is lovely - the text in the background just beautiful.
Beryl xx

Artyjen said...

I'm with you on your number 3 fact.
thanks for sharing.

Michelle said...

Hi Lisa
A great card and what fun to create it with your daughter. A great entry for the Tuesday Taggers challenge this week. Thanks for playing along with us.
x Michelle

Polly said...

Hey Lisa - thank you very much! Feel like have been a bit absent lately so also wanted to say thanks for your nice comments about planning Lizzie's wedding.

I'm actually making the cake myself so if you have any advice to offer me I's be super grateful.

P xxxx