Tuesday, 12 May 2015

I'm a Plantaholic and Proud Of It!

Afternoon dear crafty friends. I hope I find you well this breezy Tuesday afternoon.

I had a lovely day out with my Mum yesterday plant shopping, my favourite kind. You can keep your shoes and handbags, just give me plants and crafty stash and I'm a happy girl. I now have some lovely new additions for my garden, but I've no idea where I'm going to find space to put them....oh well, it's a nice problem to have.

Thank you for all your lovely comments lately, I really do appreciate them, especially as I've been such a poor blogger lately. I'm surprised you still remember me but I'm mighty glad you do.

As I'm in a flower mood and really enjoyed making this last batch of cards for Sheena I thought I'd share a few more with you.

Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday and Happy Crafting!!


Kathleen said...

These are gorgeous and beautiful flowers, funny I am not a lily fan in RL but these are my favourite of the ones you have used here (well I think they are Lily's)
Very wild here today too.

Kath x

Elizabeth said...

My name is Elizabeth and I'm a plantaholic too, Lisa! I always say that this form of holicism is okay because it harms no one and takes care of the bees :) Went plant shopping on Monday and now have to find space for the latest acquisitions. My husband keeps me asking where I'm going to find the space ... of course there's always space :) Spotted some of your cards on TV - they are, as usual, fabulous. Elizabeth xx