Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Busy Busy Busy

Morning lovely crafters. After the beautiful sunshine of the last few days it has spoilt itself today and turned grey and cold. Still, it means I can crack on and try and get all these half finished jobs done without the temptation to be outside all the time.

I'm not joining in with WOYWW today as it's half term here and I really am determined not to be distracted by other  things and whittle down the to do list but I'm currently half way through my second Lillybo quilt and  couldn't leave today without showing you the work in progress and my heirloom sewing machine.

It belonged to my Mum and is probably as old as me. When she upgraded to a sparkly new one about 10 years ago she passed it on to me in the vain hope that I may do more sewing I think. I have used it for turning up curtains and very simple things but it has sat in the cupboard for years very much unloved. I surprised myself when I got it out for quilt making the other week that I could actually remember how to thread it up and use it properly. The only down side is that it's soooo heavy that I have to have a strong man about to lift it onto the table for me.

Well, that me today so thanks for stopping by and I hope you are enjoying the week whatever you are up too

Happy Crafting.


Lisa-Jane said...

Funnily enough I'm just trying to fix mine now! Its lovely to use something that has brought joy to others before you isn't it?

CraftygasheadZo said...

Thought I'd pop by anyway, love your machine, I've not sewed but have recently bought a small machine. My plan is to add stitch detail to my crafty projects. Handy for trousers too! Take care Zo xx

Annie said...

I've still enjoyed my snoop today and look forward to seeing the finished quilt. Enjoy your half term.
A x

Samantha Elliott said...

Well done you on your second quilt!! I shall have to look back to see your first!
I am still on my first! However, I don't seem to be able to get to it in the evenings and weekends have been a bit busy lately! Never mind ey!
I too was hoping Spring was on it's way!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Lisa, I just love your heirloom sewing machine. I had one, in perfect working order but heavy, that was almost as old as my daughter - she's 42. I passed it on to her when the EM treated me to one that wasn't so heavy. Mistake! It's the machine from hell!?!? I'm slowly taming it but I think it's going to be some time before I feel competent enough to make one of those quilts. Good luck with the to-do list and have a good week. Elizabeth xx

PS: spotted your gorgeous projects being shown off by Sheena on C&C this week :))

brenda said...

I think lots of us go full circle without crafting Lisa and sometimes a long forgotten one gives us great pleasure again.

Your yellow/green/blue card with the Magnolia and lifted off-colour really inspired me when I saw it on C&C, and I've been having a little play with this week using my new PB's.

There thanks the inspiration, Mr Mojo has been a bit missing lately.

B x

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Hey there! Wales was fine, I had to be a big grown up girl for all sorts of reasons that I won't bore you with, so was very glad to get home and enjoy the rest of our half term (which was last week).
Your quilts are looking awesome, well done you! I wish I was nearer so I could pop around too but hey ho... Have a look at this for a really good cheats way of using the backing to make a border...
I might do this as a quick way as I've been doing I that the more complex way up to now, silly me.....
Hugs, LLJ 38 xxxx

JoZart said...

That's a good machine you have Lisa. I gave my Bernina to DD1 when I started working for Janome years ago and I got a huge discount on a computerised embroidery machine. Had to be proficient with the products!
so lovely to see your LillyBo quilt in progress...TYTYTY! it's so exciting and soon all the stories will start flowing when Eddie of CHICs is back after caring for his wife (post op),
lots of love Jo x

JoZart said...

ps, I meant to say that it is good for a machine to have weight as it will be stable. We live a mobile life now and expect everything to be portable unlike years ago when they would be in situ permanently with no need to be transported.
Jo x

Beryl said...

That's really weird that you've posted about and heirloom machine. I got my old machine back on Monday from my daughter who doesn't use it.
My mum bought it for me for my 21st in 1966. It wasn't new then but it was the model I'd used at school so wanted that one. My mum persuaded me to swap with her for her all singing and dancing machine when she got beyond doing fancy stuff (and I realy didn't get on with that machine).When she died my one got passed on to my daughter and now it's back with me. It's in the loft though as I am happy with the one I bought when I retired.
Beryl xx

Alison Scott said...

Hello there
Well done getting more sewing done. Your quilt was lovely.
My hubby thought something was wrong with me when I started squealing when I saw your work on a recorded show - how sad am I - fame by association will do me - ha ha ;-)
Good luck with half term.

Di said...

Hi Lisa, treasure your Bernina - it's a work horse and one of the best. So clever of you making quilts.

Could kick myself, missed seeing your work on C&C - serves me right for dodging doing the ironing with kitchen TV on, I'd have seen it then I suspect!

Belated Happy WOYWW!! Hugs, Di xx

Claire Phillips said...

Lisa - I see like me you love all crafts - I adore quilts but never made one myself.....who knows. I do have a new toy so you may see a finished project on my blog soon instead of piles of dyed wool,felt and suchlike! Hope you had a good half term! Cheers Claire x