Wednesday, 23 January 2013


Morning lovely crafters and dear WOYWW friends.

So another week has flown by in a swirl of snow and sledging, shovelling and gritting, hotwater bottles and extra layers. I bet our American and European friends must be laughing their soaks off at the way us British deal with cold weather & snow. Even we laughed at the extra news programme that was slotted into the TV schedule last Friday night  to make sure we knew how bad the snow was. Bearing in mind that at this stage, here in West Yorkshire, we didn't have any!!!!

I've stayed cocooned in my craft room and here is my desk as of yesterday afternoon. It hasn't changed since I took the photo!!

As you can see I am working in my usual state of mess surrounded by everything I need and lots I don't.The sun was out and it was lovely and cosy. Sun is such a rare sight that I had to prove it was out and it also gives me the chance to prove the rest of my room is still tidy!!

I am in the middle of a Valentine card making frenzy. I always struggle with the traditional reds as it is not my favourite colour but I've found that by keeping them quite simple I am actually enjoying the process this year. Here is one of the finished ones. I never make very many as I only manage to sell a few but I thought if I don't make them too Valentiny (is that a word??) they could be used for Anniversaries too.

So that's my desk this week. I can't wait to see what the rest of you have on yours.

Wednesday is always my favourite day of the week. If you want to join in then don't forget to pop over to see our Desk Headmistress, the lovely Julia, HERE. 

I couldn't go without at least one snowy photo so here's one I took last Saturday before our very big fall came yesterday. We didn't have much at home but out on the hills there was plenty.

Before I finally clear off I need to get something off my chest. My DD had some art homework last week where she had to trace a copy of an abstract picture and then colour it exactly as it was on the original. They are learning about shading. She has only been doing art since September and has so far drawn her shoes and some keys!! Anyway, she spent hours doing this particular homework and after initially struggling with it  I gave her some really good colouring pencils. The ones in her pencil case were quite hard. She was so proud with it and got it back from being marked yesterday. The teacher has given her a good mark but then shot her down in flames by asking her whether her Mum had done it because it was much better than her previous work and if I had then she was marking my work and not DD's. DD is now upset when she should have been really proud of what she's created. When confidence and creativity are being developed this seems a good way of destroying both in one fell swoop!! I am not a precious parent but I know how arty DD is when she puts her mind too it, it's a pity her teacher of a few months doesn't!!!!!!.
Sorry to bend your ear and thanks for stopping by and I'll be by after work to see what you are all up too.

Stay safe and have a crafty Wednesday.


Jill said...

Morning Lisa. Your desk is fascinating as usual! Oooh sun, lucky you haven't seen that for a long time! I am going to try to do WOYWD as often as I can!

How horrid teachers can be I still have memories of my physics teacher calling me names because I didn't understand.

Hope you manage to get outside soon! My garden is on a slope and we have had so much rain that I am sinking into the soil if I tread on it, so I am not gardening at the moment. Jill x

Annie said...

My heart goes out to you Lisa about your daughter's art teacher...My daughter was put of art at college because her art teacher wouldn't allow her to be creative [how daft does that sound?] She insisted on pencil drawings and was amazed when for her A level M did silk and glass painting for her final pieces [taught my yours truly at home!]....she got A* of course :-)
A x #47

jill said...

How unfair the teacher has been in the remarks made to your Dd , & a knock to her confidence that must have been. I hope your Dd can move on from this & continue to create mini master pieces. Jill #56

Beryl said...

That's an appalling
accusation/question coming from that teacher. No wonder your daughter is upset.I do hope it doesn't stop her enjoying her art in any way.
After finally clearing the car and steps yesterday and getting out for some shopping - we've been graced with more snow this morning and it's still falling. Grr.Your card is lovely and as you say - not exclusively Valentine. Did I mention I couldn't resist the 4 day deal? Just waiting for it to arrive and have a play now.
Beryl xx

JoZart said...

I agree over our reaction to the snow. Life goes on as normal even when it's far deeper and much colder in Europe and other countries. We really must be the object of derision!
Your snow pic really is beautiful, I must say.
I'm really irked by F's teacher. She should not have said what she did. If she really had doubts she could have asked you. It really was awful to bring her down that way and surely she will have observed the quality of her art work in class. That will always be a bad memory but could also make F do poor quality work so she isn't accused. I'm steaming!
love jo x

JoZart said...

Me again... love you Valentine... classy! Wanted to add that you should look on line at Home Bargains as they sell on line but they have over 200 branches and there might be one nearby to you.
Many moons ago, I signed up the owner for electricity when he opened his first shop which was across the road from the electricity company where I worked. He is a lovely man and I'm pleased he has done so well. The shops are a haven of quality bargains.
jo x

Di said...

Hi Lisa!

Laughed at your desk - don't we all work ourselves into a square of workspace and then when it gets too small have a good old put away of stuff!

Then I got angry about your DD's treatment. Teachers can be sooo cruel at times, there's one from my own teenage years I'd STILL like to meet at one of our reunions - she damaged my self confidence for quite some time.

I bet loads of folk will be hopping in here to add their support - I'd be inclined to take it up with the school, although I know we don't want our kids to end up being picked on which could the the next step.

Take care, and Happy WOYWW, Di xx

Di said...

Di again, I got so steamed up about your DD I forgot to say how lovely the hearts card is! Remember, if you use scraps or snippets you can always bring it to the Snippets Playground - the gates are open, take care though 'cos there's a fair bit of snow out there!

Hugs, Di xx

sandra de said...

Nice to see the sun shining in on your desk and the little card is very sweet. I like your take on the hearts and not using red as the focal colour. Your snow pic is gorgeous and I have been so impressed at how beautiful everything looks with a layer of snow. Sad when critical words can just stamp out a child's creative spirit.
Sandra @67

Jaki Morris said...

First of all, how very rude of the teacher and if I were you, I'd complain to the head. All schools should have a published marking scheme and marking should be about praising what has been achieved and then advising how things could be done better in the future. It really annoys me when teachers make stupid comments which aren't helpful in the least.
I'm a teacher BTW, but not in a school!

Anyway, your desk is lovely and I love those cards. And SUNSHINE? How very dare you!

Jakix #90

Karen said...

How cruel of your DD teacher, surely she should be encouraging someone who has talent, not knocking her down in flames. Hope she realises what she's done. Apart from that, I hope you have a Happy WOYWW! Karen 94 x

Alison Scott said...

Love the desk. Busy busy with lots of lovely stuff. The valentines card is so simple but cute too. Live the snow pic. It hasn't got to Glasgow yet. Had a hard frost this morning though.
What a shame for your daughter, all that hard work wasted by an unthinking teacher. I hope her confidence is not too dented.

Samantha Elliott said...

Hello Lisa
Love that key on your wall and the picture you have hanging from it! Your card looks pretty too and yes, great for anniversaries too.
My heat goes out for DD. I had a (rotten) needlework teacher who did something similar and I could never trust her again. It took years for me to enjoy sewing at a machine again. I sometimes think they are now aware of how much damage a comment like that can make to a child!
Give DD a hug from me!

Ria Gall said...

Love the card I am on Valentines cards but am trying to stay away from the reds.
I love your large key hanger in the background.
Ria #92

Ria Gall said...

Love the card I am on Valentines cards but am trying to stay away from the reds.
I love your large key hanger in the background.
Ria #92

SueH said...

I don’t do Valentine’s cards at all Lisa but when I did do them for the shop I did the same as you, so that if they didn’t sell they could be used as anniversary cards.
It’s such a shame that the teacher has knocked your daughters confidence. I hope she realises the error of her ways and gives her the credit she deserves for making such progress. It just goes to show that having the right tools for the job always works best.

Happy Crafting!

Sue @ 111

die amelie said...

Love that picture of the winter walk very much! And your workdesk too - loads of inspiration to be found there!

Greetings from desk #70 in Vienna,

die amelie x

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Email the teacher, tell her she was 'mistaken'...chin up. DD, you're a good artist and they all get knocks sometimes....
Love that hearts card, it's so simple and the sentiment at the bottom is very understated, which I like. It's funny you know, I either go for the most simple or the outrageous OTT stuff..there's very little middle of the road in my appreciation of crafting, LOL!!
The boiler has had to be dumped, a new one is in its that's dried crusts and water for the rest of the year then!!
Hugs, LLJ 37 xxxx

CraftygasheadZo said...

Gorgeous pictures, love your card and that key hanger with the sunflowers! Sorry to hear about your DD, as parents we can only guide and try and help and encourage. I would be saying something to her tutor or that teacher at parent's evening! By using better tools she achieved better result to be proud of, not to be put down! Grrghh. I hope DD keeps up that fab work and show that teacher what for! I nearly didn't post today as am struggling, but didn't want to miss out, might suffer withdraw symptoms!! Take care Zo xx 139

MaggieC said...

As an ex-teacher, what that teacher did was unforgivable. If he/she had doubts, there were ways of checking by getting some similar work done in class with the same pencils. Does she use her wown pencils or does she have to use what the school provides. I think even young children w=should be provided with f=good quality things to work with - that way they have a chance to not be put off by poor tools not giving good results. I would certainly ask for a quiet word with the teacher. OK rant over. Thank you for your visit, and I hope you can soon get out and about. As Jill said, our garden is also totally waterlogged and we cannot even put a toe on the so-called grass - more like mud.

okienurse said...

great looking desk Lisa and I would have a great time playing there. I feel so bad for your daughter being upset by her teacher like that. I think it warrants a going to the school and talking with her about it. How old is your daughter? I would take DD with me so she could see and participate in the conversation so the teacher could see how she had hurt her feelings. My daughter substitute teaches and her best friend (my other daughter by another mother) teaches full time and their chief complaint is they get so fed up watching other teacher shoot down students then complain in the break room about how they did. Hope you can get her confidence and creativity back to her. Darn teacher! Thanks for stopping by my desk! Have a great week and thanks for sharing. Vickie #35

Lisa Jane said...

LOve looking at your desk.. and that valentines is fab.. my kind of valentines .. the teaacher is soo wrong and should be delighted that with the right tools your daughter has flourished.
I used to get this all the time at my daughters old school.. just told her the teacher was jealous.. or just dowright miserable lol
Lisa x

Redanne said...

Your lovely DD has learned a very hard lesson in life, not everyone is generous and the teacher certainly was not. I would be inclined to ask to meet with said teacher and ask for an explanation. I can still hear the words my Latin teacher said to me many, many years ago....and it was not nice. I still went on and did well in school.....

On a happier note, love your Valentine/Anniversary card, it is beautiful and I love that key on the wall with the canvas too! Happy WOYWW, Anne x #57

Julia Dunnit said...

Aw Lisa, that's not fair on DD and I don't think it would be AT ALL 'precious parent' if you rang the school and had a word with the can keep it relatively light and point out that the difference is extra times pent, extra effort and some really fab quality materials that the school don't supply. Meanwhile, I love the valentines..I agree about the shmalzy valentiney ones..especially if you're sending to a man, they're difficult to get right, so I thinknthe hearts card really hits the spot.

Sandy Leigh said...

Oh my goodness! I don't think her teacher had a right to even ask that! Won't she be surprised when your sweet daughter keeps the creativity going with her awesome pencils! I love seeing the hearts start to peek in on your desk this week. And your snowy picture is absolutely stunning--I think it needs to be a poster with a wonderful saying printed on it! I just keep looking at it! Hugs! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #112

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Lisa,

Oh, I feel for your DD. Bless her heart. Sometimes teachers can be so insensitive to delicate little souls. I'm sure the quality of the pencils also helped in her creative coloring. Give her a hug for me.

And it gives me an idea for the shower curtain..... although I think people usually use area rugs (to wrap the bodies in). Sorry, I couldn't resist. I use the shower curtain (once it's cut to desk size) to protect my table when I'm getting messy - really messy! Usually I can just wipe it off and re-use the pieces over and over.

Oh, I almost forgot -- love the Valentine card. I need to get with the program and get some made!

Thank you for visiting.

Kay #126

Shoshi said...

Hearing that about your daughter and her teacher makes me very angry, Lisa. When they don't know the facts, why do people so often jump to a negative conclusion? A wounding remark like that can destroy one's joy in art or music or whatever and cut off one's development at a single stroke. You'd think a teacher would have more sense!! I am so sorry this has happened, and I do hope that you are able to rebuild her confidence. She sounds so talented, just like her mum!

What a lovely busy desk this week. Nice to see another Ink Duster fan! Brilliant, aren't they.

Thanks for your lovely comment. I am so looking forward to the show tomorrow, and am prepared to put up with the inevitable payback afterwards - I can collapse and have a good rest, and it will be so worth it! I so rarely get out that it is a very special treat for me. I've got my list ready, and my new spoke guards are now in place, ready to take my art with me wherever I go!! As soon as I finish working on the video I'll be uploading a post about the project.

Happy WOYWW,
Shoshi #147

Hammers said...

Firstly, I love your heart card, I love working with hearts. I feel for your Daughter. I had something similar happen to me and I am 'kind of' over it, but I always wonder why when I decided to apply myself I got accused of 'cheating'..not nice. My also not precious mother was furious too :) Anyway, I got the last laugh as I am crafter and much encouraged by my friends and family. Happy WOYWW. Cx #84

April Story said...

I really enjoyed seeing the artwork around your room. I'm not a big Valentine card fan either - although red is my favorite color. The picture of the snow was absolutely beautiful.
Your daughter's teacher should be ashamed of him/herself. Why in the world would your make a comment like that to a young person who is still developing their self esteem. :-(
April #110

Darnell J Knauss said...

I'm sorry that the teacher saw fit to say that shizzy thing to DD, Lisa. She should have privately had a talk with you if she thought you had a hand in it. And I hope you tell her that. If you don't want to make things hard for DD, then perhaps wait until the term is over. That should not be tolerated! IMHO.

Now I forgot what the rest of your post was about. I'm getting too old for this, LOL!

Thanks for coming by the Playhouse earlier! Have a wonderful week!! Darnell 131.

cyndee starr said...

I'm noticing a pattern here, we all like to face a window. Happy woyww

Helen said...

Love the desk, and the shelving behind it! the valentine card is so pretty, I am sure that would sell! Boo to the teacher, hope you sort that out! Finally, I love your snow picture, how pretty it looks! Helen, 9

Laura said...

I never got good marks in art... don't let it stop your daughter from enjoying art.
Now I am of the opinion that you can't teach art, it comes from inside therefore there is no right or wrong.

trisha too said...

"everything I need and lots I don't," LOL, that's probably true for most of us woywwers, Lisa!!

Happy WOYWW!
:)trisha #164 this week
and a little late!


Ooooh Lisa, I have just spotted this message about F's art teacher. I think she (the teacher) deserves her knuckles rapping with a ruler. Teachers should know how to inspire and encourage - obviously this teacher hasn't got those skills.
Hugs to you and F - Sylvia xxx

RosC said...

Hi Lisa,

Just popped in for a look-see and to thank you for your snoop and bon mots. Glad you like the first Gelli attempts. And be assured, we're safe where we are at this stage.

Love the desk, the hearts and the fabulous snow photo - really lovely composition.

Pity about the teacher's comments. Maybe some supportive conversation about what she could say if she could re-run the tape. It would be like a 'rehearsal' for thinking on her feet another time. There's nothing like a calm statement about 'my Mum's pencils but all my own work' to take the teacher down a peg or two. I feel for DD I must say.

All the best,
Ros. #3

BJ said...

Love the pink hearts on your desk and also the 9 heart card. Perhaps I could adapt that one for my 15th anniversary next month? Thanks for stopping by BJ#27

Anonymous said...

I had some teachers at school who were excellent and all the kids loved them, then there were a couple who seemed to take pleasure in putting you down all the time, especially in front of others. It knocked mine and others confidence for a bit. I would definitely take it up with the teacher, if they've been really good in the past perhaps they just didn't realize how upset F was, although a good teacher should know how their pupils will react.

So you've got snow??! So Miss F won't be coming here anytime soon to clear my driveway, lol!! Hope she's having fun with it.

Great desk too, looks cozy somehow with all those supplies clustered around. Lovely cards, and I think you've got the right idea by not making them too Valentiney!

As to coping with the snow... I don't think people realize how much it costs to be prepared for the snow. Countries that get a lot of it can invest in the equipment knowing it will be used every year, countries that don't get much each year, or only get it infrequently, will have to divert funds from other areas in order to pay for it. It's really a double edged sword. The yearly bill for my area is close to $2 million dollars a year, and when you consider they already have the heavy equipment, most of that money is going on the salt and grit and the overtime for all the road crews who are often working around the clock. And we only average about 45" a year, other places in the US get a ton more than that, so I'd hate to think what their snow bills are!

Have a great weekend, sorry for the long comment!


Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hi Lisa just realised had not been over here for few weeks not sure who come except was snowed under with visitors (not snow) so guess that it why..

Mm as a former teacher think DD's teacher need a little (slight understatement) bit of discretion, and lot more wisdom.
if she really knew her students she would know those who are true t requirement ie do it themselves.. so she lacks true understanding of his/ her students it would seem. A noteworthy teacher would know her lass and their personalty well.
In a way we can use these unpleasant knocks as positives and let DD realise how capable she is in spite of negatives from her teacher.
God bless, Shaz in Oz.x PS love the hearts cards.. well done!