Tuesday, 16 October 2012

H20 Backgrounds

Afternoon all. I hope you are having a great week so far despite the Autumnal weather we've had today. I had to hang on for dear life when I ventured out earlier, all the beautiful leaves were tumbling fast, but the sun is out now and it's much calmer.

I've put the miserable weather to good use today and got round to bashing out some backgrounds with those little pots of lovliness called H20's. Yes, I bet you thought I'd forgotten!!!!

So here are 4 ideas for you to try if you've got some thrown in the bottom of a drawer long forgotten.

1) Just paint and spray with water as you would Distress Inks. The paint reacts much the same.

2) The Splodge.. very technical.   Spray a piece of thick card with water and then splodge on about three colours with a big brush, don't be afraid to experiment. Make sure the paint is good and thick. Spray the splodges again with water and either dry with a heat gun or leave to dry if you've got some time.

The results are lovely and soft with that mica shine.

3) Clingfilm. As in 2, spray a piece of thick card with water and splodge away again. This time after spraying with more water wrap in cling film and scrunch it around. This one you do need to leave to dry naturally.

All the mica collects in the clingfilm folds.

4) Salt. Prepare in exactly the same way as 2 & 3 and then liberally sprinkle with sea salt flakes. Leave to dry and then rub away the dry salt.

This one gives you a lovely texture.

For all these I used two sets, Passion and Ultimate Romance from the new colours that have re released.

Just to inspire you a bit more to have a play here are two cards.
The first stamped onto an H20 clingfilmed background

and the second actually stamped with the paint.

I hope I've given you some ideas to start loving these little pots of beauty again. They are never far from my desk nowadays.

Thanks for stopping by.


Paula Jane Atkinson said...

Delicious backgrounds, Lisa.

Jill said...

Ooh Lisa, what beautiful techniques, thank you.

Yes it's turned a bit autumnal here as well. That reminds me I must put a few more pretty 'trees' onto my blog!

Jill x

Lisa Jane said...

ooh i have some in my drawers.. i must get them out and play .. i love the stamping in the bottom card
Lisa x

Samantha Elliott said...

Wow Lisa. Roll on more miserable weather... These are absolutely wonderful. Love the finished cards there.

Christine said...

Hi Lisa, lovely cards and a fab tutorial and reminder for using H20's. Mine are tucked away somewhere in a cupboard so I will get them out and have a play.
Christine x

Sally H said...

WOW,WOW,WOW, Lisa! Two stunning cards and some fabulous techniques. I don't get my H2Os out very often these days, but I think you have just inspired me to look at them in a new light. Thanks for your lovely comments too x

Elizabeth said...

Hi Lisa, terrific tutorial. I've only tried one so far so will enjoy having a go at the others - using my one and only set, of course. Thanks for sharing. Elizabeth xx

Beryl said...

Hi Lisa. It's been a lovely day here today so can't complain about the weather this end.Lots of sycamore leaves to rake up again though - think that will go on for a while yet.
Your to cards using the H20's are lovely - I've got some backgrounds made - just need to get stamping on them when I'm not up to anything else.
Beryl xx

Lisa-Jane said...

They look great! But I must resist things that twinkle....

ferrellgraph-x said...

Wow! Your backgrounds are spectacular! I can only imagine just how amazing they are inperson!
Kindest regards,

Barb King said...

These are great hints, I've never done any of those, and I use my H20"s all the time on my cards! Thanks, I'll give it a go.