Monday, 22 October 2012

A Finished Layout!!

Afternoon lovely Crafters. It's been dark, damp and dismal here all day today but I've been out and about so it's not been too bad and now I'm home it's lovely and cosy with the lights on and the blinds drawn.

I actually managed to finish the Scrapbook page I was working on last week.

It seems to have taken me an age to rip up some paper and corrugated card and spray the background but I guess when it's not your normal style things always take longer as you never know whether it looks OK. I'll let you be the judge of that!!!!!

Short and sweet from me today, my computer died at the weekend and I now have a hand me down laptop with an old operating system that is taking some getting used too. I also have to keep installing all the stuff I had on the old one so things are taking so much longer than normal.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your Monday has gone well so far.

Happy Crafting.


Samantha Elliott said...

Oooo! Well done Lisa. This layout looks great! Love the layering. Gosh you must have taken these pictures on the only day of Summer!! Is that you? I cannot read the writing as it is too small.
I think we had the same dismal weather today....the forecasters fibbed again!

Beryl said...

I love the torn and ripped look but can never seem to get it right myself. I did try it on a card which my daughter saw and promptly pointed out that somehow the paper had got torn!! I think the finished page is lovely - the colours and textures just perfect for the 'watery' photo. Sorry to hear about your pc - beats me how we managed before them.I did seem to have a lot more time to myself
Beryl xx

Michelle said...

It looks STUNNING Lisa! Love the torn bits and your journaling idea. In fact it's all just perfect and it looks like you had a perfect day too!
Much love to a lovely lady
x Michelle

Jill said...

Hi Lisa. Love all that distressing on your LO, it's gorgeous and those photos are so nice.

Been dull and dismal here today, everywhere feels damp! I have been quilting most of today. Would love to get this bedcover sized quilt done so that I can use it on my bed during the winter.
Jill x

Sally H said...

It looks amazing, Lisa! I too have been 'peeling' corrugated card, and it does take an age! Dark, damp and dismal here too. The poor builders have been out there all day in it - a blend of miserable drizzle and cold damp dullness, with dead leaves sticking to everything! Nearly finished thank goodness! Thanks for the lovely comments x

Lisa-Jane said...

I think it looks amazing! Well done! Do you think you will do this style again? I think you should.

Shoshi said...

What a lovely layout, Lisa. The torn papers give it a feeling of seaweed or driftwood, and the colours are reminiscent of the faded shades you get when things are exposed to the sea air... Love it!

Sorry to hear your computer died, and I hope you get something sorted soon. It's only when this sort of thing happens that we realise just how much we depend on them, and on the Internet, isn't it!

Thank you for your sweet words on my blog, and I'm so glad you like my art journal page! Some people do a true "journal" and write their innermost thoughts, but that doesn't really attract me - I've just finished my second one, and have quoted from a favourite poem. Any favourite words or phrases can be a springboard for inspiration!

Not had a too bad week but haven't done much in the creative department until today.


trisha too said...

Beautiful layout, the layers are fabulous--such great texture and colors, Lisa!

Didn't see you woyww-ing this week, just wanted to say I was so glad to see a comment last week about the Little House books, instead of the tv show--the show was okay, but you know the books were WAY better!

#137ish this week

Claire Phillips said...

Ahhh I hate computer problems. I've been makes you realise how much we use them these days, and we are used to them being soooo fast. I love your layout and all the fab torn effects really work well. We are getting back into the swing of things after a lovely break to family in Somerset. Already had to go back up to school with Caleb's glasses this Cheers Claire x

JoZart said...

Hi Lisa, thanks for your message. We're enjoying this short trip to Brighton to see the curly girlies but home tomorrow sadly. I do wish they lived within a day return distance. It was such fun today to Skype The rest of the family in Germany today and I don't think the children could get their heads around seeing us all at once.
Your LO is really excellent especially if it isn't something you do regularly. Sometimes that helps to make it that bit different and special.
Love Jo x

Paula Jane Atkinson said...

It's me that is behind with the blog hop this week, where does the week go??!!
Gorgeous layers & colour mix which work beautifully with the photo as the layers echo the waves.

Emma said...

Love, love...LOVE this layout!! So many gorgeous layers and details to draw your eye into the pictures!! It might have taken longer than you expected but it was so worth it!! FAB!!

Hope you and your lovely family are all ok and sorry to hear about your computer!! :(
Love and hugs and have a lovely evening,
Emma xx