Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Golden Christmas Pud Recipe

I took this recipe from the Good Food Magazine some years ago and it says it serves 10-12 people so if you want a smaller one I would halve the quantities.

3 tbsp golden syrup
227g can pineapple rings-drained and chopped
grated zest 1 orange
2oz toasted flaked almonds
2oz dried cranberrries
2oz dried apricots
2oz raisins
4oz freshly grated carrot
6oz butter softened
6oz dark muscovado sugar
3 eggs
6oz self raising flour
1tsp cinnamon
2oz fresh white breadcrumbs

1) Butter 3 pint pudding basin and spoon in golden syrup. Put quarter chopped pineapple and cranberries, a few flaked almonds and a little orange zest into the syrup in the bottom of the basin.

2) In a separate bowl mix the rest of the pineapple, orange zest, almonds, cranberries, raisins, apricots and carrot.

3) Beat butter and sugar in large bowl until light and fluffy. Add eggs one at a time, beating well, then fold in flour, cinnamon and breadcrumbs.

4) Stir fruit mixture into egg mixture and mix well. Pour into pudding bowl and level the top.

5) If microwaving, cover loosely with cling film and microwave on medium for 20 minutes. (Our microwave wasn't a very high powered on so I found it took about 40 minutes checking every 10 mins or so)

6) Or if steaming in a pan of boiling water, butter a piece of greaseproof paper and fold a pleat in the middle. Put over pudding and secure tightly with string . Cover with pleated piece of foil.
Steam for 3 hours checking water level every 30 mins and topping up if necessary.

7) Run a knife around bowl and invert onto a serving plate.

8) Store in a cool dark place for 2 days or freeze for up to 1 month.


Di said...

This sounds yummy Lisa! Now, if I can just find some time between now and Christmas..............!! Thanks for sharing! Even if it's for next year :) Di xx

Zoechaos said...

Sounds delicious! my mouth is watering XOXO Zoe

Elizabeth said...

I've copied it over ... just have to get some of the ingredients and we'll be cooking with gas ... well, microwave actually :)) Thanks for taking the time to post the recipe. Elizabeth x

Artyjen said...

Sounds deeeelish!
xoxo Sioux

Jill said...

Sounds yummy Lisa! If you make one too many could you just send one down here please!! Jill x

brenda said...

First off I want to say thank you so much for your very kind words Lisa, I really do appreciate it. It's been a worrying few weeks and despite the pulls, I have a real feeling of relief.

I have made this recipe in the past, can't recall, but probably got the recipe from the same source and it is delicious.

B x

Emma said...

Ooo, yummy!! Thanks for sharing this gorgeous recipe~might just have to try it out~IF...IF, I get any time! LOL.

I think you might be right about leaving what isn't done but at the moment, not a lot is done at Chez Williams'!! Eeek...

Hope all is good with you and thank you for your lovely comment on my post~I really do appreciate every single word from such a lovely blogging friend!! :)
Love and hugs, Emma xx

Paula Jane Atkinson said...

Gorgeous recipe Lisa!
You have made many pretties since my last visit. Big snowed under at the minute with craft projects as gifts & trying to fit in some "me" time for a spot of quiet reading.

Mrs.B said...

Hi Lisa, just had a catch up after I read this post. This sounds like a fab pudding! will give it a try.
Love the tree card in the previous post. Great colours.
Avril x

Mrs A. said...

Just arrived here from Elizabeth SilverScrapper to read your recipe. It sounds devine. Have unexpected after Boxing day so this pudding will be ideal for me to make now and eat later! Thanks for sharing. Hugs Mrs A.

TangolikeRaindrop said...

this sounds lovely! I am going to have to try it. Merry Christmas! :)