Sunday, 1 May 2011

Happy May Day

Afternoon lovely Crafters and apologies for my poor attendance this week. It's been a funny week with holidays all over the place and the spectacular Royal Wedding on Friday. Wasn't it just perfect. A day for us all to be so proud to be British. I loved every minute from the beautiful music in the service, the wonderful dresses, didn't Kate look beautiful, to seeing all the happy, smiling people fill The Mall. What a sight!!

My Mojo also seems to have gone on holiday without me so I haven't touched anything crafty all week. I hope it packs it's bags and gets back here soon, I have things I need to do and this lack of enthusiasm is worrying!

So, as you might guess I have nothing crafty to show you today, so instead I'll share the Maypole dancing we went to watch in town this morning. The weather was perfect, if a little breezy and the children had a great time.

I hope what ever you have been doing this long weekend, you've had a relaxing time and enjoy whatever you do tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by and DD would like to thank everyone for the lovely comments you left her for her tin. She is more excited about receiving her own comments I think than actually doing the project.


Lesley said...

Hi Lisa,
What a lovely picture to share with us on this May Day. Indeed Friday was a very special spectacle to watch and enjoy.

Just to say you DD's altered tin is just lovely!

Lesley x

ps hope you find your mojo soon - bet it's hiding behind the sofa...

Jill said...

As a child I so wanted to do the maypole thing, perhaps I still do! Bit late now!!

Think Catherine looked gorgeous and wasn't Will the part in his uniform. Just made me realise that us Brits do pomp and circumstance in a fabulous way! Wonderful day of celebration!

Hope your mojo comes back soon I rely on you being inovative!! Jill x


Hi Lisa - I'm sure Mr. Mojo will not be far away - you are too talented for him to desert you for very long. Love the Maypole photo - although I have seen this Maypole hundreds of times, I have never seen it with the dancers before (shame on me)!! Have a great Bank Holiday Monday. Hugs, Sylvia xxxx

Lynda said...

Happy May Day to you too Lisa - where is this year going! It'll be Christmas before we know it lol.

Love Lynda xxx

mustavcoffee said...

Good morning Lisa, Wasn't the wedding great, quite a magnificent spectacle. They looked a very happy couple, hope they will be too.
I'm sure you will see a colour or shape or new paper and your mojo will come flooding back, never fear:0)
Your photo is wonderful it reminds me that as a child I was so lucky to dance around one myself, quite complicated routines, I'm sure I got it wrong. We made a plait at the top of the pole I remember being so surprised and pleased, the innocence of youth LOL
Enjoy your Bank holiday today:0) xxx

SueH said...

Like you I was glued to the TV watching the wedding. If there’s one we can do well in this country its pageantry and I really hope we continue to deliver such spectral on special occasions think that. Mind you I can’t remember the last I sat in front on the TV for so long, I had a numb bum by the time it was over.

Thanks for sharing your May Day photo…..Maypole dancing is another tradition that I hope is around for a long time.

Happy Crafting (well at least when your mojo returns)

X x x

JoZart said...

I too enjoyed the wedding, even if I did only see a glimpse in a motorway services on the way home from Devon but watched the highlights in the evening. It really showed the best of British. Kate looked so beautiful and they looked so happy too.
Love the maypole dancing... so good to see traditions still being kept up so well.
Jo x

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hi there Lisa my mother always loved May day as she celebrated it as little girl over here with a maypole dance - we dont do it now at all and glad to see it is still done over there. :) Shaz in oz.x

Lin said...

It's years since I danced around a pole, Maypole that is!!! LOL

I can remember the absolute torture of learning the dances and being terrified I would be the one to tangle everyone up in a huge knot instead of the pattern we were aiming for.

Here's hoping your Mojo will hurry back.

Lin xx