Monday, 23 May 2011

A Finished Corn Field

Evening lovely Crafters. I've been singing "Just blown in from the windy city" all day today. Hasn't it been breezy, although I know we have nothing to complain about compared to those of you who live in Scotland. Are you still standing up there?

It certainly hasn't been a day to be outside gardening, apart from tying things down which I have had to do from time to time so I managed to finish off my Paint Fusion field of Poppies, although now it's finished I'm more happy with the daisies. The poppies still need a bit of work to get right, the petals look a bit flat to me. Still it's a good excuse to do another painting.

I did the ears of corn in the same way that Sheena does the Lavender and I was quite pleased with the results of those.

The whole thing is done on canvas and I created the crackle background with the matt emulsion and PVA glue. It gives a lovely surface to paint on and is very forgiving in that you can correct any mistakes with the acrylic paint while it is still wet by rubbing it away with water without spoiling the background layer, something I am eternally grateful for. I envy people who paint effortlessly, I fiddle around for ages!!

I want to try the poppies again but maybe in a different colour. I have lots in my garden but very few red ones, I love the pinks and mauves of the Oriental poppies so maybe that'll be my next play.

Thanks for stopping by.


mustavcoffee said...

Oh WOW Lisa, This is wonderful, I love the country effect you've got with this gorgeous painting, I wouldn't change a thing, LOL :0) xxx

craftimamma said...

WOW Lisa, this is gorgeous. You are getting really good with those paints. I too love the daisies but that's only because I love daisies anyway.

Hmm, I have to say I'm none too keen on the wind myself. I find strong winds very scary especially as a couple of years ago we had a neighbour's fencing blow right up and land on our roof! We do live in a bungalow but even so it was pretty awesome.

Lesley Xx

Jules said...

Hi Lisa

What an amazing finished project.

All of the flowers in your picture look gorgeous and so does the background and the corn. It is all amazing.

I wouldn't know where to start!!

You certainly are super talented.

Love Jules xx

Jill said...

Wow wow wow Lisa, these are just gorgeous! Just loving everything that you are making at the moment, you are so inovative and I love the way you will have a go at anything - think you and me need to get together and you can give me the confidence to 'have a go'!! Jill x

SueH said...

That’s just stunning Lisa!

I really wish I could paint. I used to be able to do it when I was at school (I did O Level art) but somewhere along the years between then and now, and that’s a lot of years, I seem to have lost the knack along the way.

I’m looking forward to seeing the Purple Poppies…… favourite colour!


Zoechaos said...

Lovely canvas had not thought of preparing a canvas this way thank you. XOXO Zoe

JoZart said...

That is really beautiful Lisa... it is just like the banks of wildflowers near here that have been planted by the National Wildflower Trust (which is 5 mins from us). They seed waste spaces into areas of beauty to propagate species of wildflowers. The daisies, poppies and cornflowers are out in beautiful drifts just now... just lie your painting.
Jo x

Emma said... this stunning piece of art!! Lisa, this is really beautiful and you've done Sheena proud!! :)

Hope it's a little less windy where you are, today...there's a cool breeze here in London but the sun is shining!

Can't wait to see your next masterpiece...
Love and hugs, Emma xx

Lisa Jane said...

oh wow - well i think its faaulous .. i wouldn't be able to do anything like that
Its just amazing
Lisa x

Lynda said...

OMG WOW WOW and WOOOOOOOW what a fabulous canvas Lisa!

Love Lynda xxx

Lesley said...

Oh my goodness me Lisa!!! This is truly wonderful to behold. You certainly have this paint fusion nailed don't you! This is really wall worthy and beautifully done.

Sally H said...

Wow, Lisa! This is just stunning! your painting is pretty amazing, and it looks like you are a natural to me. It has been pretty windy here too. Whips the children up into a frenzy!

Lin said...

OMG gorgeous or what! Love all the beautiful different flowers you have used here. You are so clever with the old fusion technique.


Lin xx

Kezzy said...

Hi Lisa, just catching up since I last commented, I can't believe its been so long, I kept putting it off as I wanted to be able to spend time going through what I missed. Im on my 2nd day of camping for 12 days so I have lots of time lol. Your daises and poppies canvas is fantastically awesome. Around this time a couple of months ago I saw your be inspired on create and craft with Sheena, my OH who was having breakfast nearly jumped out of his skin when I shouted its Lisas garden in blogland, I'm surprised he didn't call for those special people with the white jacket lol. Kezzy x