Wednesday, 3 November 2010

WOYWW-A Bit Of Cuttlebugging

Happy Wednesday lovely Bloggers. As it's the middle of the week that must mean it's time to visit Julia for WOYWW. I managed to visit quite a few fellow WOYWW's last week, although by no means all of them, but I have to say it's such a great way of meeting new Bloggers from all over the place and I find it a real delight to come across blogs I wouldn't otherwise have found. Last week I discovered a crafter in Calgary who said it was snowing!!! in October!!! and another in Turkey. How diverse is that?

I'm glad to report that the decorating is finished. It looks great, you were all right, the mess was definitely worth while. We have a "Grown Up" bedroom at last and I have my Craft Room back!

Today's photo is of the dining table though. The weather here is so dark and damp this week it's cosier to be downstairs in the warm.

I have been playing with my Cuttlebug and some new embossing folders from Crafts Concepts and this is the result on pearly paper. I thought on cream they'd make nice Wedding cards. It's a lovely image isn't it? This make of folders is new to me but there are some gorgeous designs available.

You can also probably spot my trusty pot of glue which I use a lot, it sticks anything but I also use double sided tape a lot, especially on paper where wet glue tends to show underneath but a lady told me at the weekend that double sided tape doesn't stick and all the cards fall apart after awhile. Shock horror!!!!!! This was terrifying to me as I do sell some cards and also use DS tape on my scrapbook layouts. Anyway I came home and inspected some projects made several years ago and they still seem to be stuck OK but I wondered what anyone else thought!!! Is doubled sided tape not the thing to use? Your thoughts on all things sticky would be really interesting.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your week is going smoothly so far.


Elizabeth said...

Snap! We've both been Cuttlebugging (is there such a word?). Scary tale about the DS tape as I use it a lot for all sorts of projects. Although I don't sell my cards quite a few bloggers do so I wonder what sticky stuff they use - maybe they'll put our minds at rest. Thanks for the glimpse of your table. Elizabeth #98

Sue said...

Hi yua Lisa
glad the decorating is finished, luv that embossing folder, tis gorgeous, have great day,happy WOYWW, sue,(17)x

Artyjen said...

In my humble opinion it all depends on the quality I expect!!! I've never had a problem with the DST from craft creations. Been using it for at least 10 yrs...always re order it from there.
xoxo Sioux

Sally H said...

That is a gorgeous folder! I have started using tape pens rather than DST, purely because it is easier to reposition if I get it wrong the first time. Some DST does go off after 10-12 years - just like sellotape does, but it takes a very long time!

Ciara said...

Hey Lisa,

I tend to use those tape runners, which is still double sided tape but in a fancy dispenser. Never had a problem with it. From what people have said, it sounds like the tape that you use with the big ATG gun is extremely sticky and once it's stuck, it stays stuck.

Something you might find useful with your glue, is one of these fine tip applicators. I just bought one & it seems great so far, the nozzle is incredibly thin:

Your embossing is lovely, very pretty. Glad you have your craft room back & have a nice new bedroom :-)


Jill said...

I have three things to say Lisa!
1. you can't beat a bit of cuttlebugging, always makes you feel good!
2. totally agree about double sided sticky, its rubbish, pass me my ATG gun!
3. YEAH we have also finished decorating (thank goodness!)
Jill x

Jules said...

Hi Lisa

Must be lovely to have your "grown up" bedroom and your craft room back.

I use DST on my creations .. .. but a good quality one. I used this on wedding stationery samples I made years ago and they are still in one piece even today.

Whatever you make will be as good as your raw materials.

Great embossing by the way.

Love Jules xx

Nicks said...

thats how a desk should be, thansk for sharing x

Kathy said...

helloooo. I failed dismally to WOYWW this week (again) Great to see you back and crafting though - and to hear that the decorating is done. I'm absolutely dreading doing our study - you've seen the photos of my crafty stuff and that's only part of what we have in there.

Hope Jacare said...

Lovely emossing Lisa. I have had the DST problem happen to me but not as bad as tape runners - I quickly gave up with them. If I am selling to a shop to sell on I try to remember to use wet glue or the type of DST that you can't tear and is super strong! Cheers Claire x

joey said...

Hiya Lisa

Dull and Dark all the time just now! I love that new cuttlebug folder, gorgeous!!!


JoZart said...

What a fab embossing folder. Must look out for them. Well done on finishing the decorating, it's great when it's done... then everywhere else looks like it needs doing! Heh heh!
Thanks for popping by mine and NO!!! the tools in my 30p trug are all mine! I have more than DH and one of my best gifts from him was a Dremmel and an adjustable workbench /box! Better than the blue and red tights I got one time!
Jo x

Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

Hi Lisa,
Hello from the Philippines! Yes, in WOYWW we meet people (mostly women!) from all over the world! Isn't that fabulous! Yes, the embossing designs would be great for wedding cards and anything dainty!
Patsy from

judith@poppy cottage said...

Hi Lisa, I have that embossing folder too, it's gorgeous isn't it? I use a good quality DST with no problems, I have more probs with wet glue, but each to their own I suppose. Great to see an active desk, Judith xx

Morti said...

That's a lovely embossing folder - and the teal will look lovely with cream.

Ref DST, I've never had any problems in the 20+ years I've been crafting, except when I've used really really cheap nasty stuff. The kind you might find in poundland I mean, on a dispenser, rather than the decent stuff in a roll with plastic backing. Fret not - sounds like someone has been given info that's incorrect but is adamant she's right! Of course, all glue fails eventually....... LOL

akilli melek said...

Hi Lisa, I have found that DST sometimes fails me. Generally it is the cheaper stuff and often when i have had it a long time. I tend to hoard it cos the stuff here in Turkey isnt great. A lot of our houses dont have central heating so can get damp, that is normally when the DST fails. I dont think you should worry too much. hugs from the Aegean. caroline #16

Christine said...

Super embossing and glad you're decorating is all done. It's one of those jobs isn't it, horrible during the process but lovely when finished :-) Christine #7

Neet said...

Hi Lisa

Thanks for your comment on the artwork. Love that CB folder you have - can do some great things with that one.
How nice to have your craft room back AND have some nice decorating to look at - what a bonus.
Thanks for being in touch - nice way to make friends WOW'ing.

Kaz said...

glad my house is not the only one that creates mayhem!! thanks for your lovely comment. Love the embossing too x


KanataNewf said...

Pretty new folder! As for DS tape, as long as it is good quality, really sticky I have never had a problem. I typically use a template transfer tape I buy at Lee Valley when I want something super strong for heavier papers/metal, or I use TomBow Permanent or Glue Pro Permanent.

Chrissie said...

My Cuttlebug never leaves my desk and is used constantly for both die-cutting and embossing.There are loads more embossing folders available now aren't there, some fabby ones too. This paper you used looks great!

Kym's Crafty Cards said...

What a gorgeous embossed folder. As for DST I have bought many types and eventually found a lot after time if cards didn't sell and I still had them a yellow tinge would show through - yuk. I now stick with a £1 a roll DST from Stamp Addicts and I've had no problems with this for over a year now. Thanks for sharing your workspace. Best wishes, Kym xxx (WOYWW No 36)