Monday, 5 July 2010

Looking For The Man With The Umbrella

Happy Monday to you all.

Well, it's certainly cooled down hasn't it and boy was it windy yesterday. I've spent a good hour today fastening things back up in the garden and re staking plants that were leaning at alarming angles.

It's been a very rare day today when I didn't have other things to do and so have spent the whole day crafting, what bliss. This morning was spent spritzing and spraying background papers to replenish my fast dwindling stocks and this afternoon I've caught up on cards I need for this month so for once I feel quite organised.

I haven't managed to take photos of anything yet and it's too dark now so I thought I'd share with you a lovely present my wonderful Hubby made for me. He'd been closeted in his shed for several hours after work and presented me with this last Thursday, complete with all the ribbons in place. When he'd sneaked the box out of my craft room I'm not sure. Apparently, DD helped with the painting of it!! Aren't they a brilliant pair!!

The whole thing revolves so that I can get to each row easily, isn't that ingenious? It now has pride of place in my craft room although I have to admit that I did re arrange the ribbons into colour order. Yes, I know, I'm slightly obsessive!!

Now, you might be wondering where the Umbrella Man comes into all this and who he is!!

I was just wondering whether any of you lovely Crafters out there have the Tim Holtz Umbrella Man stamp that you no longer want and would be happy to give him a new home. I would be willing to part with some pennies!!! I adore this image and would dearly love to have him, but, not having an endless supply of craft tokens, I would never use the other stamps on the sheet he comes from and so can't justify the cost of it.

If anyone could possibly help, please e-mail me and I shall be eternally grateful.

Well, thanks for stopping by and thank you for your lovely comments. I love that you take the time to share your stories and memories with me. I know keeping up with everyone is a full time job and I really appreciate that you take the extra typing time. I feel that I know you all so well now.


chris said...

Hi Lisa, so impressed with hubby;s handy work what a lovely suprise for you.
I dont know of that stamp so sorry I cant help you, but good luck.
hugs chris xxx

Lynda said...

Hi Lisa, Wow what a fabulous ribbon holder - you lucky lucky girl! I've just googled 'the umbrella man' and found the single stamp for sale at this link:-

You never know if it's available in the US you may be able to get it here too. I'll keep looking!

Love Lynda xxx

Sarah Anderson said...

Hi Lisa, thanks so much for visiting my blog. What a great job your hubby did with the ribbons, he sounds like a real sweetie! good luck with your umbrella man hunt :)

Lynne K said...

Wow! Fabulous ribbon holder. You're a lucky lady!

As Lynda says, you can get the umbrella man on his own from Simon Says Stamp. However, also check out their ebay shop, where they have him on Buy-it-now. It's here:

You may find the postage is a bit cheaper from the ebay shop rather than their main website. I have ordered from their ebay shop several times and always found the service to be excellent. In general it has worked out slightly cheaper than ordering the same item here, even taking postage into account, though that might not be true with the current exchange rate. Hope this helps. Lynne xx

Michelle said...

Wow Lisa, is Rich taking orders, it's fantastic! as are your photo's. I will bring the stamp on friday and although I couldn't part with him, you could stamp some to keep you going.
x Michelle

Jill said...

What a lovely hubby you have got there Lisa! I would have to put them in colour order as well, so don't worry you aren't the only one!
Looks as if from the previous posts you might get your stamp. I haven't got any Tim Holtz ones, but whenever I see them I drool over them! Jill x

craftimamma said...

Hiya Lisa, Wow your Hubby and DD are very clever. I think he ought to patent that ribbon storage. It's fab.

Good luck with the Umbrella Man hunt.

Lesley Xx

Karen said...

WOW!!! isn't your hubby clever as well as thoughtful??? I love your ribbon thingy!

Sorry...but I don't have umbrella man :( so can't help you there my lovely XXX

Sally H said...

Lisa it is wonderful! What a star Rich is (and Freya for painting it too)Hope the wind has stopped spoiling your garden x

Jules said...

Hi Lisa

What a fantastic surprise this must have been for you - I think you should start a little shop on your side bar and we can all order one!!

Hope you manage to find your umbrella man!

Love Jules xx

Clare *Littlebear* said...

Hi Lisa,
You have a very clever hubby. This ribbon holder has obviously been very well thought out.
Good luck tracking down the Umbrella Man.
Clare x

JoZart said...

Thanks so much for your comments...and you are welcome to come and play at my craft room any time as long as I can come and mess up those gorgeous ribbons. It looks fab but wouldn't stay like that for long in my place! Isn't DH good to you!