Thursday, 25 March 2010

I'm Still Here

Did you think I'd left the country or run off with a handsome stranger?

No, I'm still here. It's Spring and that means only one thing in this household.....Decorating!!!!!

Not that I'm complaining 'cos I'm getting a craft room at long last. We have a very small spare room that had a bed in but no one stays over anymore. Ahhhh I hear you crying. It's not that sad, honest, all our family live within a mile of us and so there isn't really the need to sleep over. We had it when Freya was small for emergencies really and it became the junk room. This meant that there was years of "stuff" to sort through before we could even make a start at putting paint on the walls. I have shredded mountains of paperwork, made several trips to the tip with rubbish and filled numerous charity bags.

The walls have been painted a cheery yellow and a lovely wood floor laid. I have a work top to work at and am now having a lovely time filling all the shelves and re arranging long forgotten craft stuff. The days have flown and I have fallen into bed exhausted so just haven't had the time or strength to turn on the computer so I hope you can forgive me. Normal service will resume very soon.

I haven't done any crafting either so have nothing to show you so thought I would just share a photo I took of some very early daffs I have in the Conservatory although the ones in the garden are beginning to put in a very welcome appearance at last.

Thank you for stopping by and I will get round to have a look at all the lovely things I've been missing on your blogs very soon.


Lynne K said...

Hi Lisa,

Glad to see you're ok. Hope you're going to show us some pictures of your lovely new room when it's all finished!

Sandra said...

You have been forgiven ;o) and besides... we all have to wait when a craft room is being born!
Sandra x

Sally H said...

I'm glad you're okay too! Our spare room has been turned back into a bedroom to escape from snoring!!!

Jill said...

Oooh can't wait for photos of the craft room. Mine is just the tiny bedroom. I defy you to get more in yours than is in mine! John says mine is full to bursting, but I love it! Jill x

Lynda said...

You can't be decorating and blogging too! Glad to hear you're ok though.

Love Lynda xxx

Kim Piggott said...

Oh that is wonderful Lisa!
It sounds divine!
Love your beautiful photo!
kim x


Hi Lisa
Just getting around to visiting everyone now that I'm back (cannot believe it's almost a week since we came home - how time flies)!! Hope your decorating is almost finished - how fab that you will now have a dedicated craft room. Have been catching up with what you've been doing, and I do like your alcohol ink projects - it's good to have a play with something new now and again. Hope you and yours are well.
Love and hugs, Sylvia xx

Clare said...

Hi Lisa,
Your room sounds like it will be lovely.
Clare x

Linda said...

I did wonder where you'd gone. A craft room all of your own will be bliss - you'll have to share a photo of it when you've finished it.

Lovely picture - yes it finally looks as though Spring is on it's way even though the rain has fully disappeared yet!

chris said...

Hello Lisa
I am too going to be decorating, but more than anything gardening
as I have a big one!! so I know how you feel.back soon dont work to hard, hugs chris xx

Hope Jacare said...

How jealous am I - a craft room - going green at the mere mention! Have fun organizing - I love regorganizing my craft stuff - sad I know!

craftimamma said...

You're forgiven Lisa as long as you show us your new craftroom when you've got it as you want it, Lol!

The daffie is lovely. A very welcome sight. Mine in the garden are ready to burst now.

Lesley Xx

brenda said...

Hi Lisa

If you don't want the dark stanger, send him my way.

The daffodils are suddenlt putting in an appearance here as well. those in the conservarpty came out last week, but the ones in the more sheltered parts of the gardens have copme on leaps and bounds this week and several are now in full bloom.

It's odd, everything is very late, but such as the daffodils seem to be more spectacular than normal and the blooms huger.

Have a good weekend.

B x

Lesley said...

Hi Lisa, your new craftroom sounds fun and I expect you are finding things you forgot you had! Beautiful daffodil too, ours have been out for a while and they are so cheery xx

Beryl said...

A craft room of your own. I am so envious. No. I'm am so jealous. I'm sure you'll love it.
Beryl xx

Paula said...

Time flies too quickly and sometimes I never find the time to do all the things I want to. My mind is firmly on refreshing the kitchen walls & woodwork, must be a woman thing in the spring. I just wish I could have a home of my own.

Love the gorgeous decorated stool for your new craft room.