Sunday, 30 August 2009

Last few Photos!

I meant to show you all the photos in one go yesterday but we had both our Mums for tea last night and they arrived half way through my typing so I had to break off.

So, I'll finish them off today and then it'll be crafting from now on, I promise.

The first one is the view from our hotel window. We didn't have a balcony but our windows opened wide and we had a beautiful view, much better than a lot of people who had paid extra for a balcony so we were very lucky.

This lovely animal is a Marmot and they are wild and live high up in the mountains. On our Glossglockner trip Freya counted 19 and if you were quiet they came very close. They look really cuddly.

Of course, I had to find some flowers and this was someone's garden high above the lake. I just wish I could grow a Brugmansia as good at this one. I just get leaves and no flowers. How they manage to keep them through the winter is a complete mystery. It must be taken indoors but I would think it would have to have a room to itself, it was huge!!!!

Half way up Krimml waterfalls, the highest in Europe. Another hard climb but well worth it, the views were stunning and the spray kept you nice and cool on a very hot day.

The mountains appearing out of the clouds. It was amazing being higher than the clouds and standing on the ground.

And last but not least one of our afternoon cakes. The hotel provided afternoon cake everyday and they were always different and always delicious. The interesting thing was that none of them were sweet so you didn't feel they were too naughty!!!!

Thank you for visiting and being patient and for your lovely comments as always .

I hope you are enjoying the Bank Holiday weekend and the weather is better than it is here-Guess what it's raining again. Oh Well, more crafting time.


Jill said...

Once again, fantastic photos. I had a white Brugmansia in a pot for a few years - it had to be kept in the greenhouse during the winter.

Beth Jaffe thequeenofcups said...

Fabulous photos! Love that rainbow, especially. I swear I haven't seen one in years!

Clare (Littlebear) said...

Fantastic pictures and views Lisa, especially the one from the hotel!
It has been raining here too, but I don't mind as I've been crafting!
Clare x

Paula said...

Fabulous photos, Lisa. Looks like you had a wonderful holiday.
I've been having a sort of holiday myself, from the computer. I had a lot on at work all last week & felt too tired & stressed to put the computer on only to discover my net was down :( Then I had to get ready for my sister as she has been staying with me for the Bank Holiday weekend.

brenda said...

Fabby pictures Lisa and the chocholate cake made me remember just how good the pastries were there.

The marmet is interesting, heard the name but don't think I've actuall seen one, looks a bit like a squirrel.

B x

craftimamma said...

More beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing them. I've so enjoyed looking!

Lesley Xx

Beryl said...

Fabulous piccies but very naighty of you to post5 the cake one. k(I've got to lose the holiday bulge pretty quick). I managed to grow a Brugnasia or two at the last house but nowhere the size of that one as I lost them in the second winter. Hey ho.
Beryl xx