Thursday, 27 August 2009

Back From Holidays

Hello out there in Blogland, did you think I'd deserted you.

We got back yesterday from two fantastic weeks in Austria. What a beautiful country with such friendly people and wonderful warm sunny weather. A perfect holiday in every way.

I'm not going to bore you with a holiday diary but if you are ever fed up with a beach holiday then this is the place to go, you certainly won't be bored. We could easily have filled another two weeks, although I think we would have needed two seats each on the plane after all the delicious food and cakes. Warm apple strudel at the top of a mountain in the sunshine,bliss.

We now want to go back and see it again in the snow!!! Time will tell if we make it.

Thank you so much for your lovely comments while I've been away, they are very much appreciated.

Well it's back to the mountain of washing and sorting out so I'll leave you with a photo of another kind of mountain and our beautiful lake.

I've got lots of photos to scrap so will be back very soon.

Thank you again for your patience, I have lots of blog reading to do to catch up with all I've missed.

Thank you for visiting.



Anonymous said...

welcome back ! look forward to the scrap pages !
Kate x

Sally H said...

Good to hear you had such a fab time. Looking forward to seeing more photos. It looks breathtaking! We missed you!

The Stamp Man said...

Hi Lisa

Welcome back, I missed you, but gathered you must have been away. Now I'm really jealous, I love Austria too, have been in the summer, only driven through then but spent more time there in winter and it's something else!! Hope you are going to show us more photos.

Jill x

Clare (Littlebear) said...

Hi Lisa,
Glad to see you back and that you had a perfect holiday. The scenery looks spectacular.
Clare x

Love27 said...

Hi, I've visited your blog and enjoy it. Success for you.

Sarah xx said...

Hi welcome back - what a stunning photo - I bet you have got some cracking others waiting to be scrapped - will look forward to seeing them. xx

Jill said...

Missed you Lisa, welcome back! Pleased to hear you had a nice time and love the photo.

brenda said...

Hi Lisa

I have checkin on on you a few times and wondering about your ealier - were your ears burning ?

I figured you must be on holiday, so pleased you enjoyed yourself. That part of the world is beautiful, only be to Austria in the winter, but Switzerland the Itailian Lakes in the summer and just stunning.

B x

Anne said...

Welcome home Lisa, glad you enjoyed your hols :)

Michelle said...

Glad you've had a good time but pleased to have you back, we missed you.
x Michelle

memory-scrap said...

Well I was starting to get a little worried about you...!!! I certainly needn't have been though, that photo looks amazing you lucky thing. There are so many holiday destinations, like this, I would love to go to, but with the children at the ages they are at the moment, I think my ideals will have to go on hold for a few years and stick to the seaside for now. Not that I mind the beach but I agree there are so many beautiful landscapes inland that are worth a look. Glad you hada great time and look forward to seeing some lovely Austrian LO's (once youve cleared your laundry mountain!!), Love jane xxx