Friday, 27 February 2009

Well, this is my brand new shiny blog so welcome along.
I decided awhile ago that there is this wonderful crafty world out there where you are all sharing ideas, chatting about them and making lots of new friends and I wanted to join in.
It has taken me awhile to pluck up the courage to set up my own blog, but launch day has arrived so here goes!!!!!
I love crafting, particularly Scrapbooking which enables me to use some of the hundreds of photos I take of my family, garden, days out, holidays etc . I never go out without my camera in my bag.
I also love messing about with inks, glimmer mists, cutting paper up and generally trying out all sorts of things and scrapbooking enables me to do that and I usually end up with something that I am reasonably pleased with and that we can keep and look back on to remind us of those special little memories that are otherwise forgotten.
I always found card making a little bit of a chore because I had to give away the end result, although it is always nice to delight the recipient by going to the time and trouble of doing something special for them.
Anyway, I decided to set up my blog and hopefully will be able to meet some like minded folk.
By my next post I should have discovered how to include some photos of my work so that you can see what I have been waffling on about.

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