Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Twinkling H20 Bluebell Tutorial

Evening folks. I have been dragged inside by DH as it's too dark now to see anything in the garden, although I love the cool evenings, so I thought I'd do the tutorial for my bluebell card that I've been promising for so long.

I used the Basic Rainbow set of H20's. Initially when I first got these I thought they were very boring compared to all the lush colours in the other fancy sets but now they are my favourites. The colours are so vibrant and I use them for almost everything I do. You need to mist them to activate them and then leave them for a few minutes.

Next spray your background card liberally with water. A good thickness of card works best due to the fact that it will become very wet.

Then comes the technical part....not. Randomly splodge your chosen colours all over the wet card with a good sized paint brush. I limit myself to three colours so as not to muddy them.

Once you are happy spray the card again to make the colours run into each other. Bend the edges of the card up a bit to stop the paint running off the edge and blot anywhere that has run too much.

Either leave to dry, in the scorching weather it won't take long, or use a heat gun.

You then need to ink up your chosen stamp by painting it with one of the H20's. Make sure it is the consistence of cream to get a good stamped impression but don't be too fussy with how they stamp out. I like a variation with some being a bit more watery. You need several flowers.

With the paint that's still on the stamp once you've finished, lightly mist holding your stamp upright and then stamp onto your background. You'll be surprised how many impressions you can get from one inking and then remisting.

Dry the outline of your individual flowers thoroughly, paint them and once dry cut them out.

Arrange them on your background and jobs a good un.

I used the same technique for all four cards I made for Sheena using each set of flowers and it's still one of my favourites and one I shall go back to too again I'm sure. H20's are so diverse, to think all we ever used to was paint with them. Stamping with them is such fun and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

I hope this has been helpful and if you try it please pop over and let me know so that I can come and admire your results.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Crafting.


Lynne K said...

This is a great technique, Lisa, and a gorgeous card! It never occurred to me to use H2Os for stamping with, must try it. LOVE those colours. Hope you're ok and enjoying the weather.

Hugs, Lynne xx

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Wow, that's a great tutorial...even I understand the process there! You're very clever, the result is stunning!
I am looking forward on our holiday as its been a long hot couple of weeks between school and band! I'm meeting up with Rachel and am looking forward to that!
Hugs, LLJ 46 xx

Hettie said...

Great tut Lisa. I have often looked at them but they are expensive as once you have some you will always want more but maybe a rainbow set is a good idea.
Pay day cannot come soon enuff!

Diane said...

Great tutorial, Lisa and well done you for tackling it!
Diane x

Beryl said...

Thanks for the tutorial Lisa. Always good to have something pictorial to refer to when you need some inspiration. Beautiful work.
Beryl xx

Lisa Jane said...

Fab tutorial.. i have some H2o's somewhere must dig them out
Lisa x

Jules said...

Hi Lisa

The finished result is just gorgeous!! Something else for my never ending "must try" list! LOL!

Beautiful colours too.

Hope all is good with you and that you have had a nice weekend.

Love Jules xx

Gay Peplow said...

HI Lisa, Fab tut so clear and easy to follow, this was one of my favourites of your cards, such gorgeous colours. I hope all is good with you? I keep seeing your lovely samples when I watch C&C, :D Hugs Gay x

craftimamma said...

Hi Lisa, I hope you and yours are keeping well. How does the hot weather suit you? If you're anything like me, it doesn't, lol!

Your card is absolutely stunning and thanks for the lovely tutorial. I must get more practice with my H20s because I'm always in awe of the lovely results you achieve.

I only got to watch Sheena's shows this morning (oops, sorry yesterday.... I've just seen the I've had them recorded on the box since they went out live but just not had chance to watch them. I love watching a show when I know you have projects on and trying to pick them out........... I'm usually pretty good at it.

I'm still living in hope that things will calm down in this neck of the woods but no signs as yet :-(. Jamie and Alexa have been living here for past 4 weeks until Alexa's school term ended and last night they finally moved permanently to join his partner Yvonne in Buxton but we have another court date looming as his ex refuses to come to some agreement of rearranged contact hours. To cap it all, Mum had a nasty fall a couple of weeks ago so she's needing more careful watching now.

Take care and thanks again for the H20 tips.

Lesley Xx

sandra de said...

Hi Lisa, these are so pretty, as you can see I am way behind in saying hello. Have a lovely week.

Claire Phillips said...

Great tutorial and a very beautiful card. Just popping round on a catch up as have been tied up decorating the boys room. It's so hot here and painting hasn't been a pleasant job. Now I can get back to my fluff. Hope you are enjoying time over the holidays with your daughter! Cheers Claire x

JoZart said...

Super card Lisa, and great tutorial. That's one way I've never used H2Os so I must get mine out for a fresh airing. Hope you are enjoying the Summer hols with F off school. I always loved the extra time when my girls were little. The new arrival (boy) is due 25th Sept so I'm excited now and hoping all goes well.
Love Jo x

Paula Jane Atkinson said...

Beautiful Lisa.
I am actually enjoying crafting again though only scrap layouts & a few cards.