Wednesday, 20 March 2013


Morning lovely crafters and dear WOYWW friends. Another week has rolled by and still we seem to be no nearer Spring here in the UK, it is snowing again this morning!! I shall enjoy popping over to look at some sunny desks in other parts of the world later to get my weekly dose of sunshine. If you want to join in with this great big desk hop, then pop over to see our lovely Desk Headmistress, Julia, HERE.

I am back on the dining table today, purely so that I can spread out a bit as I'm playing with my new Spellbinders.

They are taking a bit of getting used to as I've only used the really basic shapes before but I'm getting there slowly. You might just be able to see a card emerging through the piles of stuff on my mat.

One thing I love is using the wax paper. You get two wonderful cuts for the price of one and I'm sure there must be something you can do with the wax paper shape. I have tried adding alcohol inks and love the result so just need to find a way to use it now. I think it could find it's way onto a scrapbook LO very soon. You might just see a pile of photos at the back that I've sorted to start scrapping later on hopefully.

We had some lovely sunshine yesterday morning and as you have to make the most of every bit I dashed out to the greenhouse to pot up these plug plants that I have been entrusted with by my Mum. She is waiting to go in for a knee replacement in a few weeks and can't get into the garden so I am babysitting them for her. They are new perennial foxgloves. I have brought them back into the conservatory though as the temperatures still seem too low in the greenhouse and I'd hate them to shrivel!

Before I go I seem to have been bombarded with spam comments recently and wondered if anyone else is finding the same. Blogger used to filter them but it doesn't seem to nowadays. Just wondering!!!!

Well, that's me today so I'll see you at a desk near you very soon.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your Wednesday.


Beryl said...

Mmm. Foxgloves. I had masses in my garden in Wales, wild ones mostly but some cultivated. No room for them here though.Loving the look of those new Spellbinders too.
I do like my Pan Pastels but only do very basic stuff with them. It's amazing what some people do with them though and as you are so artistic you'd probably soon be doing amazing stuff with them too.
Beryl xx

Annie said...

I had lots of spam comments a few weeks back and have gone into my settings and changed posts and comments to registered users only and it seems to have done the trick.....good luck x
A x # 62

CraftygasheadZo said...

Have fun with your dies, well it looks like you are are. I love how people use the left over bits and wax paper from cutting! Great idea. Enjoy desk hopping. Take care Zo xx 87

Lisa-Jane said...

More seems to come through my filter these days, I think the spammers just get wiser before Blogger does! I'm intrigued by this wax paper shenanigans - do they come with the dies or what?

SueH said...

I’ve been getting Anonymous Spam messages recently too. Most go into the spam folder but more and more are getting through recently. I know Angie mentioned the same thing last week.
Your table is looking very busy this week and I’m loving the colours you’re using on that card, beautiful.
Good luck with the plants. I have a little Greenhouse in the garden but mine is just used to storage really now because I wasn’t having must luck growing from seed and would lose them all. It’s not heated and I think it was just too cold in there.
Happy Crafting!
Sue @98

Hettie said...

Foxgloves ey! I tried for years to grow them, despite there being wild ones in the forestry and never got any success, until two years ago. Only thing is they are in the front of the border and I am too darned scared to try and move them!
Lucky you to have new SB dies! I have been tempted on C&C but I want half from one set and half from the other! No money in the piggy bank either!

Ellie Knol said...

about the spam - just see to it that you have your settings not receiving any anonymus comments, that does the trick!

Ria Gall said...

with your wax paper cut out you can put it between two pieces of card and iron it. This will transfer the pattern in wax which will then act as a resist when inking over it.
I will leave you to play!
Wishing you a very Happy WOYWW
Ria #44

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Perennial foxgloves, huh? They sound interesting! Do you know I haven't sown a single seed yet? It's just been too cold in my unseated greenhouse...sigh...
Your quilts for LillyBo were awesome by the way. I loved the colour ways, so gorgeous and very different to the ones I've seen so far! Keep going, girlie! I think that I shall see if any local old folks homes want lap quilts as the postage is getting prohibitive now :(
Fingers crossed for better weather but I think you're in for another dump of snow on Friday? Keep toasty :)
Hugs, LLJ 45 xxxx

Jill said...

Nope still had no snow Lisa! Looks like a very interesting project on your desk I shall look forward to the finished result! Jill x

Jackie said...

Can you explain in detail how the wax paper works please
Jackie 17

MaggieC said...

We cannot get anything in the greenhouse yet as it is unheated. I might sow some sweet pea seeds this week, though as they are hardy. You are lucky living in the beautiful Dales. I spent three years up there (at Bingley College) and we always went off into the wilds at the weekends. The last time we came up there was the year when Yorkshire got flooded - every road we went along was like a river. Looks as though you are having real fun with those wax paper techniques. Thank you for your visit and the Malt Bread is even better the second day - so much that I need to make more already. Have a go. xx Maggie #32

Monica said...

We have a beautiful spring day with a cool breeze to keep the temperature in the 70s. We desperately need a spring shower and there are none on the horizon. I have never thought of cutting up wax paper. i use it to stop pages sticking together when something is sticky.
Monica 127

sara j said...

We don't have snow right now but it's supposed to get down to zero tonight -- brrrr. But the mountains are GOREGOUS, full of sun against a deep blue sky.
I can't wait to get home and try die cutting with wax paper. I don't know why this has never occurred to me. And then to use alcohol inks on top of that!! What a clever woman you are. Best of luck with the cards...thanks for stopping by. See you next week!

jill said...

Not had any problems with spam like you & others. Lovely creative desk. Happy woyww Jill #15

Lisa Jane said...

well what better way to spend a miserable day than crafting .. it was so suny yeterday too!
I must think about getting in my greenhouse ..i didnt really bother last year
Lisa x

Amanda said...

Touch wood no spam yet! I will probably regret saying that lol. Enjoy playing with your new dies looking good so far.
Love Amanda @ 69 X

Redanne said...

Oh I do love foxgloves, hope you do well with those of your Mum's. I love that new Spellbinder die, very pretty. First day of Spring today and more snow is forecast, it really does not seem right.

Yes we did have fun getting painty and messy, I think Lynn will post the results on her blog but if not I will next Wednesday on WOYWW. Thanks for your visit. Anne x #34

Neet said...

What a shame you didn't say 'Hi' to me on the stand. I was wearing my WOYWW badge too. Next show maybe?
Yes, Graeme is good fun and a wonderful boss to work for.
No spam as yet for me (touch wood), sorry to hear you have been having a lot. Maybe go on restricted comments for a while or something until they get tired.
Enjoy your new dies.
Thanks for visiting me and for sharing your artwork. Hugs, Neet xx2

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hullo there Lisa,
A great creative space today, and yes love the new SB but dont have any and shall not unless can really get good prices on them..

re wax paper know there was great Splitcoaster tutorial on using it somewhere last week cant remember where of course and think Elizabeth has also used it, with embossing folders!

re spam agree with you and like others above had to change it so there are no anonymous comments which think you now have done so..

Happy growing, I love foxgloves but never ever grown them, pray mum's surgery is God blessed in eery way..

Thanks so much for popping over and for sharing ~ happy WOYWW! Shaz in Oz.x #25

Anonymous said...

What a great babysitter you are Lisa. :) The dies on your desk are really pretty. Thank you for visiting me today and for the comment on my projects. The fold book pages with all the tags is a work in progress but I have it titled faith seeds right now. I'm thinking on one side will be scripture and the other will be prayers for my family so they can pull one out and know that I'm praying for them every day. I had a million thoughts running through my head for this project and will be making more of them for sure. They are great to hold cards, love notes, and even bills...yuck! LOL! But if we have to have bills, why not make them as pretty as possible, right?! =D Hugs, Sue#126

Darnell J Knauss said...

I'm glad you could come by and sit in the sun for a bit today, Lisa! As I'm telling others, I do feel badly that I picked today to show off the lovely sun and flowers whilst you all are still in the frozen snowy tundra. Yikes. It WILL change, it just must!

You have a lovely card in the making and excellent job keeping Mum's seedlings alive for her! Have a wonderful week! Darnell #42

Kelly said...

No spring in Missouri USA either. We're in for a Winter Storm Watch Thu/ Fri then again Mon/ Tue of next week. I won't complain. We've had next to 0 and could use it on the garden.

Blessings to your Mum on upcoming knee surgery. Kelly - who isn't playing this week... just visiting everyone else.

die amelie said...

Enjoy playing with your spellbinders!!! And thanks for your lovely visit!

Have a wonderful crafty week!

die amelie x

BJ said...

Oh I always delight in seeing a fellow Cuttlebug. Nice new dies there. And is that a Tim Holtz Binder in the background? Looks more colourful that mine, otherwise I'd have thought this was MY desk - LOL. Happy WOYWW BJ#137 and thanks for visiting me.

Stampin Boots said...

Your new dies look lovely have fun playing!

Happy (belated) WOYWW!

StampinBoots x #144

Sally H said...

Love your wax paper Lisa! Hope your plants don't suffer too much tomorrow, with more snow on the way! The whole of blogger seems to be suffering with Spam at the moment. I've had to delete loads from the challenge blog

scrappymo! said...

Looks like lots of fun going on at that desk. Lots of fun colours and pretty shapes.

The foxglove look nice and healthy so you must be doing it right!

Belinda Basson said...

No spam comments on my blog at the moment, lots in my email though... Hope the plants do well and I too am wondering what to do with my wax wrap cuts...

505whimsygirl said...

Can you believe I'm just now getting around to some desks..... I actually did a bit of crafting yesterday (yay) and left computer stuff for today.

It looks like you are having a great time playing with your new dies! I can see you using the wax paper as a layout -- what fun!

Oh, your poor mum. I had my knee replaced in 2010. I must say, I am so very glad that I did it! It was the first time I had any type of surgery so it was quite the introduction! One thing that helped me quite a bit was a machine that I would put my leg in to and it would move my knee for me. I used that machine a lot - and would even fall asleep with it on. She may want to ask her Dr. about it.

Happy belated WOYWW
Kay *48