Wednesday, 4 July 2012


Morning lovely Crafters and dear WOYWW friends. Here we are again on another wet Wednesday during a typical British Summer. What I can't understand is why, when it's wet and dismal, should my hayfever be worse than ever this year, it doesn't seem right somehow.

Anyway, in between sneezes and itchy eyes it's time for another lovely snoop at everyone's desk again. If you want to join in all the fun of WOYWW then pop over to see our Desk Headmistress, Julia, HERE.

I took these photos of my desk yesterday afternoon as I knew it wouldn't change before today.

I'm in the middle of creating a flower arrangement for a Wedding cake I'm making next week. The flowers asked for are so large I've had to buy artificial ones this time, no sugarpaste cutters would be big enough. The colour scheme is pink and tangerine with lime green ribbon!!! The first shot is when I'm wiring up my flowers to match a picture of one the table decorations.

And this was was when I suddenly remembered she'd asked for white feathers to to included, good job I remembered. This cake has changed so many times over it's creation I'm just keeping everything crossed that my lady likes it and it's what she's envisaged. I have no picture to work from, which is how I normal work, just lots of scribbled notes as her ideas changed so it's a bit nerve wracking.

On a calmer note, I nipped outside yesterday in a brief burst of sunshine and took some photos of my soggy garden and thought you might like to share one.

I'm going out to lunch with a dear blogging friend today who I haven't seen for a few months. We have lots of crafty chat to catch up with, so but I'm off to do a bit of desk hopping before I go.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Crafting.


Helen said...

Wow, those flowers are nice. It's a bit hard to imagine the colours together but I bet it'll look stunning. Hope we get to see the finished article, and your garden looks lovely.

EllieWee #92 xx

Neil said...

Hi there. Nice to pop in and see your creative world this week. I won't stay long; don't want to give you my cold! Hope you have a good creative week though.
Neil # 33

inkypinkycraft said...

Hve a great lunch with your friend!have great week, hopefully less soggy!!trace. 52

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hi there Lisa good to see you with WOYWW again, and wow do love your garden yes and know what you mean about dealing with folks whose ideas keep changing..and thanks for sharing, happy WOYWW! Shaz in oz.x #73

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I was reading yesterday that the wet weather is extending the pollen season - so that's why your hayfever is bad. I don't normally get it and even I've been suffering recently...
The colours for the wedding cake sound gorgeous - so bright and zingy. Please will you show the finished decoration, I#d love to see it!
And your garden is so lush and beautiful, the colours are very similar to mine excpet the wind has decimated a lot of the taller plants. My nepeta is awesome though, and there have been hundreds of bees buzzing around it, so that pleases me too!!
Have a fab lunch!
HUgs, LLJ #60 xx
PS You can write as much as you like, I love reading your comments :)

Annie said...

Love the look of the wedding cake....please can we see it when it's finished cos I have a similar [but slightly more simple] one to do for 28th.
A x #66

Lisa Jane said...

oh i cant wait to see that cake when its finished .. and your garden looks beautiful.. even when soggy!
Lisa x

Elizabeth said...

Hi Lisa, those flowers are convincingly real looking and what an unusual, but vibrant, colour choice your lady has requested. Love the photo of your garden, it's beautiful. And isn't odd that many of us who suffer hayfever also love gardening ... perverse or what :) Have a lovely day out with your friend, blogging is clearly good for making friends. Happy WOYWW. Elizabeth x #85

Artyjen said...

Your garden looks fabulous ;)
xoxo Sioux

Di said...

Hi Lisa

I'll whisper this - it sounds as if you have a bit of a Bridezilla on your hands :(

And, hands on hips here, I only tidied my desk in case IT support threw a wobbly at the awful tip it was :)

Great photo of your garden - hope you had a fun lunch! Di xx

sandra de said...

I think the cake will be gorgeous, you must post a pic of the final creation. Your garden looks so inviting.
Sandra @99

KatzElbows said...

Gosh, those colours are really going to pop. Although I can't believe you didn't handcut all the flowers! And thanks for showing your soggy garden. At least it seems to be enjoying the rain.

cheers, rachel #53

Clarky J said...

Wow Lisa you are surrounded with colour inside and out! Im sure the lady will love the cake you are creating - you are so talented - the colour choices are wow! and feathers too??? do share when its done xx Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

Neesie said...

How wonderful to make your own can always have blooms handy. They look stunning plus they wouldn't give you hayfever!
It's such a pity the real ones do make you suffer. My two boys suffer too.
Your garden looks beautiful...a real cottage garden :D
Thanks for sharing ~ enjoy WOYWW
Neesie #29

SueH said...

Oh Lisa, I feel for you working on wedding stuff. It’s rewarding but sometimes you wonder if it’s worth the hassle when they keep changing their minds…….I know from experience. It’s an unusual colour combination you’re working with too. I’m not sure that I would put Pink, Orange and Lime Green together but I expect it will look fab when it’s all finished.

Thanks for stopping by this week and I hope you enjoyed your lunch out

Happy Crafting!

Sue x
# 62

Beautiful garden by the way.....very pretty!

Jill said...

Yeah I have a soggy garden as well Lisa, the ground was squelchy the other day and we are on the side of a hill!! Maybe your hay fever is set off by artificial flowers as well as real ones! Jill x

Emma said...

Thank you for sharing these pics, your garden is beautiful and the decorating looks very interesting, I can't wait to see the finished creation! :)

Hope you've had a wonderful day with your friend and the rain has stayed away!
Take care!
Love and hugs, Emma xxx

Emily said...

Weddings are always so challenging to design for but I'm sure you will do a fab job and the bride will be happy.
Your soggy garden looks fab too. i can't wait to get some colour into my garden but it's last on the list of renovating jobs for this ole house.
Thanks for popping by my blog
Emily #89

MrsC.x said...

hard to imagine the colours together please do share when the cake is finished
TFS Happy WOYWW xx Charlie.xx #72

...the yorkshire fox... said... exciting to be part of the wedding, your work will be in most of the piccy's, your garden is very pretty Lisa, I suppose this weather is perfect for the garden, we have had rain & sun today in Eastbourne and very muggy too...hope you had a nice time with your crafting buddy...Mel :)

okienurse said...

Beautiful flowers. The cake is going to be real gorgeous. Love the pictures of the garden also. Have a great week and I hope the allergies get better. Vickie #36

okienurse said...

Beautiful flowers. The cake is going to be real gorgeous. Love the pictures of the garden also. Have a great week and I hope the allergies get better. Vickie #36

okienurse said...

Beautiful flowers. The cake is going to be real gorgeous. Love the pictures of the garden also. Have a great week and I hope the allergies get better. Vickie #36

Sally H said...

Those cake decorations look fab and your garden is looking wonderful. it is definitely growing weather isn't it? Our foxgloves have gone from 4ft to 7ft in a few days!

scrappyjen said...

Your garden is beautiful! Thanks for sharing. It is wet, hot and muggy in Durham too. Will it ever end! happy wednesday. Off to follow you now! jenx

Fiona@staring at the sea said...

The cake looks like it will be amazing. Sorry to hear you're suffering with hayfever. Have you ever tried light therapy. I bought the gadget last year and my son and I have pretty much sypmtom free since then :o) Thanks for stopping by today xx

Samantha Elliott said...

Good luck with the cake Lisa. Please let us see it if you can. Not that I need a wedding cake again! Heaven forbid!
Lovely looking garden. Not had much chance to do alot in ours this year. Our veg garden is in a very sorry state as we had to start from scratch as the chickens had my last one! Never mind ey - at least we will have potatoes and tomatoes!

Angie said...

That is a great garden shot ...looks like a cottage garden it. Good luck with cake decoration ....she is lucky that you are so abliging.#10

mustavcoffee, Gay Peplow said...

OOh you are brave, taking on flowers for a wedding cake, good luck with that Lisa, especially as your bride seems to change her mind. Your garden looks so pretty and full of flowers, have a wonderful week and hopefully you will see a little more sunshine soon, hugs Gay xx

Shoshi said...

Gorgeous, Lisa! I have the greatest admiration for people who can arrange flowers. I am absolutely hopeless at it (my hubby, who is much better at it than me, always laughs at me!). Lovely with the feathers, too. I am sure it will be a great success.

Thanks for your lovely comment, and I'm glad you like what I'm doing with our own Jo's lovely fan stamp! Goodie, you want to swap!! Excellent. I'll check my emails in a mo.

Feeling much better today, thanks! Long may it continue!

Happy WOYWW,
Shoshi #25

Joynana said...

The cake flowers are really nice, hope she doesn't change her mind again. But, your garden is just gorgeous. Thanks for stopping by my blog today. #17

Spyder said...

woohoo scary! Aren't we alike! My mum does (I did) flowers and used to do cakes..I did too when my girls were little AND we have an arch in our garden, which looks really soggy at the moment because of all this rain!! Hope the cakes turns out the way you want it to!
Happy WOYWW!
(Lyn) #22

Eliza said...

Those flowers are huge and you do know they give you allergies even the fake ones LOL Lucky you remembered the feathers, good luck with it all. Take a photo and share when it is completed.

Eliza #22

BJ said...

Flowers look great, the colour scheme the lady wants seems "interesting". Your garden is delightful even if soggy, I'd like to wander round there, I can just smell the roses now - mmmmmmmmmm. Thanks for stopping by BJ#18

Beryl said...

Hi Lisa. Tried posting on here last night but the internet went down. (again)
Your garden looks lovely - just the sort of garden I love. I spy a hardy geranium there - the deep pink with a black centre. I have three that colour - all with a different habit and I love them. Managed to bring all 3 here with me. Would love to know which one yours is - just in case it's another one I need of course.
Beryl xx

Minxy said...

Sorry i'm late, don't know where yesterday went, looks like it will be one hell of a cake when finished, i look forward to seeing pics x
Hugz Minxy #19

mamapez5 said...

What an unusual colour scheme you have been asked to work to, but it looks as though you are getting to grips with it.
The rain has made your garden look very green and lush. Here the ground is brown and dry and the tropical flowers are almost harsh in their vibrant colours, but I love them anyway.
I have just made the connection between you and the Stampman ATC swap. I used to do it ages ago, and tried again recently, but lost some cards in the post. But having enjoyed making a few for the WOYWW swap, I thought I might give it another try. My sister, Jean Straw, is a regular contributor too. I'll maybe see you over there soon.
Kate xx 130

akilli melek said...

your garden looks lush. i admire gardens but dont have time or inclination to keep one lol. thanks for popping by earlier
caroline (akilli melek) #86

Anonymous said...

Lovely garden Lisa, very lush after all that rain but it would be nice to get some sun to enjoy it! Very interesting colour scheme you're having to work with! Those flowers look huge in the photo! And I'd happily swap you a week of your rain for a week of my heat and humidity!!

Brenda 7

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Lisa,

I love the looks of your garden! Very lovely. I'd be happy to take some of your rain here. It's so darn dry.

I hope the bride will be happy with her cake - those flowers look very real!

Thanks for visiting me already. I was off celebrating my independence so am visiting today.

Kay #27

Paula Jane Atkinson said...

I look forward to seeing the completed cake, looks like it will be unique

Neet said...

What a beautiful garden you have. Love burgundy and pale pink together bet this is stunning when you have finished.
Good Luck with it.
Hugs, Neet #3 xx


Hi Lisa - I see what you mean about the flowers etc, but I'm sure the finished cake will look sensational - hope you will share some pics.?
No doubt it's raining stair-rods in your part of WY - it certainly is over here!!
Ooooh - thanks for the mention!! Hugs, Sylvia xx

scrappymo! said...

I think her cake sounds very in at the moment!
Your garden is superb I have the cottqge country style of garden too...just love the lush look of yours.

Bridget Larsen said...

Hope you are better this week, its the flu season that we all love to share hee hee. your garden looks so nice
Bridget #6